Firefox 6.0.1 and 3.6.21 desktop security updates now available

Firefox 6.0.1 and Firefox 3.6.21 are now available as free downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux from As always, we recommend that users keep up to date with the latest stability and support versions of Firefox, and encourage all our users to upgrade to the very latest version. * Latest Firefox: * Firefox […]

Mozilla chair defends Firefox rapid release process

The Mozilla Project’s recently implemented rapid release schedule for the Firefox web browser has met with its share of criticism, from complaints by enterprises to problems with add-on compatibility. However, Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation, defends the project’s move to the accelerated schedule, acknowledging that “these issues are complex and difficult”. “A browser […]

A Windows User’s Guide to Getting Started with Linux

There are countless Windows users who have never once tried using Linux, and in many cases, they are unaware of the benefits they can get from either switching to Linux entirely, or using both operating systems (as I do). The Linux community doesn’t tend to focus its evangelism on winning Windows users over, either. However, […]

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot frozen

Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” has been frozen: now that the beta and user interface (UI) freezes have been announced, any further changes to the range of new features or user interface will require explicit approval by the release team. However, bug fixes will continue to be accepted so that they can be integrated into the […]

Dream Studio 11.04 Official Release is proud to announce the official release of Dream Studio 11.04. This exciting new version of Dream Studio ( has all the features that have made past releases one of the most successful multimedia software packages out there, including: multi-user, pulseaudio-integrated realtime audio via JACK, for use with programs like Ardour; the renowned Cinelerra […]

Wine release 1.3.27

The Wine development release 1.3.27 is now available. What’s new in this release (see below for details): – Support for multisampling in Direct3D. – New version of the Gecko engine. – Improvements to the network proxy handling. – Better write support in MSXML. – Side-by-side manifests for built-in libraries. – Various bug fixes. The source […]

HP’s webOS Decision Sends Shock Waves Through Developer Community

HP shocked a good part of the mobile world last week when it announced it was pulling its fledgling tablet off the market and abandoning webOS altogether. I imagine developers and IT departments that were creating apps for webOS weren’t too pleased — to say the least It has to leave even the most jaded […]

25,000 Danish hospital staff to move to LibreOffice

A group of thirteen Copenhagen hospitals and their almost 25,000 workers will, over the next year, move to using LibreOffice, the community maintained and developed fork of the office suite. The plan, reported by OSOR.EU, is being embarked upon for “long term strategic reasons” and aims to save around 5.3 million euros in proprietary […]

What HP Should Do With WebOS?

HP has announced that it is considering the spin-off or sale of its PC business unit. The announcement was made yesterday, part of the company’s Q3 2011 Earnings results. HP’s PC unit includes the WebOS-based smartphone and tablet computer business. If you recall, HP inherited WebOS, a Linux distribution originally designed for smartphones, but that […]

Twenty years of Linux

Twenty years ago, a computer science student by the name of Linus Torvalds publicly announced for the first time that he had been working on an operating system. At the time, the developer described the operating system, later known as Linux, as “just a hobby”, adding that it “won’t be big and professional like GNU”. […]

phpMyAdmin updates close XSS hole

The phpMyAdmin developers have announced the release of versions 3.4.4 and of their open source database administration tool. According to the security advisory, these maintenance and security updates close a hole (CVE-2011-3181) in the Tracking feature that leads to multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. The exploit was discovered by Norman Hippert and is caused […]

Alfresco- An opensource alternative to Microsoft sharepoint

Alfresco is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software based on open source platform build for Windows, Linux and number of UNIX based operatingalfresco-logo systems. Alfresco is one of most powerful and flexible ECM software available in the market for free or at much lower cost compared to Microsoft SharePoint. “Microsoft SharePoint is web content and document […]

BackTrack 5 R1 released

We’re finally ready to release BackTrack 5 R1. This release contains over 120 bug fixes, 30 new tools and 70 tool updates. We will be rolling out some howto’s on our wiki in the next few days, such as VMWare tool installation, alternate compat-wireless setups, etc. The kernel was updated to and includes the […]

Zentyal 2.2-rc2 available!

Dear Zentyal community, The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the availability of the 2.2-rc2 installer! This is the second release candidate for the 2.2 stable series. This version includes all the bug fixes done since the release of the RC1 and in addition, the “Recover from a disaster” menu is now back on […]

Zorin OS 3.1, the First Update for the LTS Distro, Is Here

The long-term support Zorin OS 3 has gotten its first update. Zorin OS 3.1 provides updated packages, bug and security fixes. It also features some enhancements and improvements, such as customized applications and better art. “We have released the first updated version of our Zorin OS 3 Long Term Support release series,” an announcement on […]

Top 10 Ubuntu 11.10 Features

The first Beta of the Ubuntu 11.10 operating system is knocking on our doors, as it will be released next Thursday, and we though this will be a good moment to list some of the most important features that will be added in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) release. Ubuntu 11.10 is dubbed Oneiric […]

Linux Mint 11 LXDE review

Linux Mint is a desktop-centric distribution based on Ubuntu Desktop, and Linux Mint LXDE is the edition that uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE). The latest release, Linux Mint 11 LXDE, was released August 16, 2011. This article presents a review, the first for an LXDE-based Linux Mint edition on this website. The installation […]

Ubuntu 11.10 Update: New Software Centre Icon, Unity Changes, Window Controls, More

Today was User Interface Freeze for Ubuntu 11.10. It was also Beta freeze. The net result was a lot of updates coming down the update shute thick and fast. Rather than bore you with too much exposition I’ll dive right in to sharing the neat changes today’s flood of updates swept in with it… [Edit: […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 229

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #229 for the week August 15 -21, 2011, and the full version is available here. In this issue we cover: Dash takes shape for 11.10 Unity Ubuntu 11.10 Development update Ubuntu Stats LoCo News Randall Ross: Unity. Simplify Your Life. Elizabeth Krumbach: News is hard, but […]

Announcing the release of Fedora 16 Alpha!!

The Fedora 16 “Verne” Alpha release is available! This release offers a preview of some of the best free and open source technology currently under development. Catch a glimpse of the future: == What is the Alpha release? == The Alpha release contains all the exciting features of Fedora 16 in a form that […]