Free Playable Beta Now Available for Linux Game ‘Hacker Evolution Duality’

A free playable beta is now available for Exosyphen Studios upcoming hacking and simulation game ‘Hacker Evolution Duality’. The game is based on popular Hacker Evolution series of the games and has been completely redesigned to offer an impressive and new gaming experience. About the Game In HED, You have to hack into computers using […]

Windys 1.5.0 Released

Piga Software has released version 1.5.0 of their game Windys, a completely free software fast action retro arcade game featuring a restaurant theme and ASCII graphics. Windys contains a completely original and hyperactive musical score, old school sound effects, ten action packed levels and a pricing scheme that no one can argue with. After a […]

Microsoft’s ‘Linux Threat Level’: Down to Green or Redder Than Ever?

Now that Microsoft wants to be Linux’s new best friend, there’s bound to be no end of sweet nothings and touching gestures emanating out of Redmond. After all, we’re pals now, right? Lo and behold! For all you skeptics who doubted the software behemoth’s amorous words, consider a few phrasing changes it recently made in […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 228

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 228 for the week August 7 – 13, 2011. == Links to UWN == * Wiki page: == In This Issue == * Inclusive membership * Ubuntu Stats * LoCo News * Ara Pulido: Core components in Ubuntu Friendly for 11.10 * Charlene Tessier: Do You Know […]

Debian Project News – August 15th, 2011

Welcome to this year’s twelfth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian named “Best Linux Distribution of 2011” and “Top Production Server Distro” * Bits from the Release Team * Recent improvements with Debian GNU/kFreeBSD * FreedomBox activities at DebConf11 * New website for […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – August 14 2011

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – August 14 2011 == == PostgreSQL Product News == MyJSQLView 3.30, a GUI tool that can be used with PostgreSQL, released. pgpool-II 3.1.0 beta1, a connection pooler and more, released. A German language tutorial for PostgreSQL 9.0 has been released. pgwatch 1.0beta2, a monitoring tool for PostgreSQL, […]

Top 10 Things Linux Users Don’t Understand

Uh-oh, it’s Thursday and time for another Top 10 list. We still haven’t heard from Mr. Letterman’s lawyers, which means so far, so good. A few weeks back when we did our list on the Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Windows, we were taken to task by a commenter for being too hard on […]

Windows for Linux users, Part 1

I’m making a best effort to turn my Windows XP box at work into a usable system. I’m tired of lugging the laptop to the office, and I have neither desk space nor a network connection for it. I’ve run CCleaner and Defraggler. I used the freeware version of Revo Uninstaller to clear out a […]

Blender 2.59

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.59. This is the third stable release of the Blender 2.5 series, representing the culmination of many years of redesign, development and stabilizing work. We name this version “Stable” not only because it’s mostly feature complete, but especially thanks to the 1000s of fixes and feature updates […]

A Visit from the Ghost of Linux Future

Industry pundits may typically favor the start of a new year for making long-term predictions, but here in the Linux blogosphere — where the dog days of summer have us effectively trapped in a small set of heavily air-conditioned bars and saloons — we like August. When else, after all, are the hours so plentiful […]

Ultimate Edition 3.0 Gamers

I would like to announce the release of Ultimate Edition 3.0 Gamers. It is built off Ultimate Edition 3.0 Lite to provide the maximum room for more games. This is not a major distribution as Ultimate Edition 3.0 will be is intended with one purpose in mind and that is GAMES!!! You can read more […]

Get Set for Thunderbird Email, Other Changes, in Ubuntu 11.10

The next major release of Ubuntu is imminent, and it will bring with it some significant improvements and big changes. While some users are still getting to know Natty Narwhal, version 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10, dubbed “Oneiric Ocelot,” is due on October 13th. Several alpha versions of Ocelot have appeared already, but now the new version […]

Ubuntu’s Shuttleworth: patents misunderstood, misused, outdated

Patents are archaic, misunderstood and of little or no help to the entrepreneur, according to Mark Shuttleworth, who leads the Ubuntu Foundation, which is behind the open source operating system. In an interview with TechCentral, Shuttleworth was asked about the escalating patent battle in the mobile industry and he provided some choice quotes. He said […]

Zorin OS 5 Educational

The Zorin OS Team are proud to release Zorin OS 5 Educational, the educational version of our operating system designed for Windows users. This new version of Zorin OS Educational is based on Zorin OS 5 Core and uses the GNOME Classic 2.32 desktop environment. Zorin OS 5 Educational includes dozens of educational programs for […]

wattOS R4 Released

I am pleased to announce the release today of wattOS R4   Also go to wattOS information link at the top, and read biffs blog about wattOS R4 to learn a few more things if you are new to wattOS.   This version has a load of new changes. Below is a brief […]

Ubuntu 11.10 Has a New Login Manager

The brand-new display manager, LightDM, has been introduced by Canonical in the current development release of the Ubuntu 11.10 operating system. With last night’s updates, the current development release of the upcoming Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) operating system got a brand new and slick login manager, called LightDM. LightDM is an operating system’s display manager, […]

New Improved Unity Interface Lands in Ubuntu 11.10

Unity Interface has just received a massive overhaul and the dash looks better than ever. Applications and Files Lenses on the launcher have been removed and are now integrated into the dash only. A new Music Lens has also been introduced for quickly searching and browsing your favorite artists. The Ubuntu Button on top left […]

Bad to worse? New ubuntu unity design ignites heated arguments

The unity shell and the top panel was always a design headache for those who behind the development. The design in its current form itself was criticized by many and was one of the reasons why many people hated unity. The daily builds of the unity 2D had a new iteration of the design apparently […]

Fedora Weekly News 283

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 283[1] for the week ending August 11, 2011. What follows are some highlights from this issue. FWN is back after a few weeks of summer quietude, and we’ve got several weeks’ worth of Fedora coverage for you! Kicking off this week’s issue, announcements from the Fedora Project, including awesome […]

NST Version 2.15.0-2515 Released

We are pleased to announce the latest NST release: “v2.15.0”. This release is based on Fedora 15 using Linux Kernel: “2.6.40-4.fc15 – Rebased from latest Linux Kernel: 3.0” . Here are some of the highlights for this release: * Developed a new interactive dynamic SVG/AJAX enabled Network Interface Bandwidth Monitor application that is integrated into […]