GCC 4.6.2 Released

The GNU Compiler Collection version 4.6.2 has been released. GCC 4.6.2 is a bug-fix release containing fixes for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 4.6.1, with over 110 bugs fixed since previous release. This release is available from the FTP servers listed at: http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html Please do not contact me directly regarding questions or comments about […]

Fedora Weekly News 287

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 287[1] for the four weeks ending October 26, 2011. What follows are some highlights from this issue. We kick off this issue with lots of announcements from, the Fedora Project, including notice of upcoming elections, pre-registration and subsidy requests are open for the next North America FUDCon, the announcement […]

Zentyal Migration Tool for Windows Server available!

Hi Zentyal users, We are glad to announce the availability of a new version of our Active Directory synchronization package for Windows (formerly known as Zentyal AD Sync), which has now been renamed to Zentyal Migration Tool. This first version allows to export basic DHCP and DNS settings from Windows servers to Zentyal, making the […]

Ubuntu 11.10 review

Ubuntu Desktop 11.10, code-named Oneiric Ocelot, is the latest stable release of Ubuntu, a Linux distribution whose development is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., a Linux software provider with headquarters in the UK. Aside from Ubuntu, Canonical also sponsors Kubuntu (based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment), Lubuntu (LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment), Xubuntu (Xfce), […]

The Wine 1.4 Release Criteria

Last week Wine 1.3.31 was released. If you have been wondering when the next stable release, Wine 1.4, will arrive now that many development releases have occurred in the 1.3 series and it’s been more than a year since the last major release (Wine 1.2), here’s some information. Last year at WineConf the plans for […]

LinuxCon Europe: Yocto Project Release 1.1 announced

The Linux Foundation has officially announced the availability of the Yocto Project Release 1.1 at LinuxCon Europe, which is currently taking place in Prague, Czech Republic. The Yocto Project is aimed at embedded device builders who want to quickly get up and running with Linux; it automates the process of creating a Linux system that’s […]

On Governing Open Source, and Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Two years ago at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst predicted that in only a few years, 100 percent of major business software platforms and applications would incorporate open source components. That vision is now playing out, with lots of organizations incorporating open source in custom applications, using pure open […]

Open Source, Open Science, Open Source Science

The digital age has added significantly to the tools available to scientific work, but has also introduced new challenges. Glyn Moody describes the present situation, and suggests that we need true openness with respect to scientific software. One of the key inspirations for the free software movement was the scientific tradition of sharing information and […]

Version 15 of Chrome Browser Arrives With Overhauled Web Store

Google has released version 15 of the Chrome browser, and it arrives in conjunction with a revamped Chrome Web Store. According to a Google blog post: “From sharing photos, to collaborating on documents, to enjoying online games, web apps make the web fun, useful and entertaining. Since the beginning, Chrome has been designed to allow […]

Ubuntu members come from Europe and US and want more representation

Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon has released the results of the survey among Ubuntu members that he launched in early October. According to the survey, almost half of the contributors who officially work on the development and translation of Ubuntu, or provide support and community support, live in Europe. A further third live in the […]

Drupal 7.9 released

Drupal 7.9, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. Several critical bugs with the OpenID have been addressed in this release, among other critical and major bugs, and a few new API features. See…

MyBB downloads were infected

In a blog posting, the MyBB development team has confirmed that the download package for version 1.6.4 of MyBB had been modified to include malicious code. Unknown attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the MyBB web site’s CMS (content management system) to inject and execute PHP code. The attackers placed a contaminated version […]

What Open Source Can Learn From Steve Jobs, Part 1

The passing of Steve Jobs earlier this month triggered reactions that spanned the gamut — from expressions of appreciation and sober reflection to some tasteless extremes of zealotry from a subset of the open source community. We can learn a lot from Steve Jobs, even if we ultimately have different goals. Back in 1997, Steve […]

What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]

Last week the 2011 GNOME User Survey began, which is an independent survey that was devised by members of the GNOME community to collect feedback on their desktop platform. With the GNOME Foundation not interested in hosting the survey, these survey creators came to Phoronix to host the survey. Some of the initial GNOME comments […]

KDE 4: Leader of the Semantic Pack

Semantic computing is the future of computing, and KDE4 has the only working implementation of a semantic desktop. If you want an example of where Linux and FOSS are taking the lead, this is a great one. KDE4 Semantic Desktop KDE4 has been flinging new technologies at us fast and furiously, many in the category […]

Teeworlds – A retro multiplayer shooter

Teeworlds is a free open source fast-paced sidescrolling multiplayer-only computer game. The game features simple cartoon-themed graphics and physics, and relies heavily on classic shooter weaponry and gameplay. The controls are heavily inspired by the First-person shooter genre of computer games.The latest release (0.6.1) was on July 31, 2011, and the game is still under […]

Stable kernel 3.0.8

The 3.0.8 stable update is available. It’s the usual drill, with the usual (though not too large) set of important fixes.

Third Gen System 76 Lemur Laptop Goes on Sale

The third generation model in Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System 76′s Lemur Ultra laptop line is available to buy. The 14.1″ portable starts at $599 for the base configuration, which sports a more powerful Intel i5 CPU clocked at 2.4Ghz than its predecessor (whose base system ran with an Intel i3 @ 1.2Ghz); a bumped-up 720p […]

Microsoft Mole Killed Linux Projects and Fed Patent Trolls for Attacks on Android

WE STRONGLY encourage everyone who is sceptical to read our past posts about Meego and the mole which took over Nokia to pass patents for the cause of attacking Android [1, 2] (an antitrust concern) while also lobbying for software patents in Europe, advertising Windows, and burying/undermining some vital Linux projects including three car projects: […]

PC-BSD 9.0RC1 Available

The first release candidate for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available! This release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-RC1 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Changelog Notable changes in this release: (In no particular order) Added support for installing to BootCamp partitions on Apple OSX systems Added checks for invalid characters in the […]