Zen Cart v1.5.0 RC1 – Release Candidate 1

  Download available here: http://www.zen-cart.com/download/zen…1-20111018.zip Many security fixes included, along with hundreds of bugfixes and feature improvements What’s New Please see the /docs/index.html file in the zip for links to related documentation including a detailed list of what’s new in this version. Validation hashes: MD5: E98B38EF45B8AAD9D3FAA9100E0A6A5E SHA1: 50439DE5153122A3C732C5A964AFB2F75AFA75C3

Android 4.0: New design, new features

The latest version of Android, 4.0, will offer a brand new design, better gesture control and a number of minor improvements, many of which were inspired by iOS, WebOS and especially by Windows Phone 7. A few Windows Phone 7 design ideas, a few WebOS gestures and some iOS for the user interface: for the […]

Adventures in Ubuntu 11.10 Live

The newest release of Ubuntu Operating System, Ubuntu 11.10, was released 5 days ago. Stir is settled down, and it is a time for me to try new flavour of African Humanity. To be honest, ISO image of Ubuntu 11.10 existed on my hard drive since the day of release. I downloaded it from torrent. […]

Sabayon Linux 7 Core Releases

Directly from our Server dept., four new Sabayon 7 releases have seen the light! These releases all go under the “Core” umbrella: they are not meant for beginners, hence the name. SpinBase is a very minimal environment that can be used for many different purposes: didactical, home server deployment, but even for custom Sabayon ISO […]

Open source jobs: What’s hot, where to look, what to learn

What does the future hold for eager, talented software developers, and people with related essential skill sets? The overriding trend, as in all industries, is you’re on your own, chum. But free/open source software (FOSS) offers considerably more richness of opportunity than anything else. Let’s peer into the crystal ball and see what the future […]

Which Ubuntu Variant is Right For You?

With the release of Ubuntu 11.10, the Unity desktop is starting to mature. But what if Unity’s just not for you, but you still want the convenience of Ubuntu’s large community and Debian-based technology? You might start by exploring one of Ubuntu’s official variants. According to Distrowatch, Ubuntu is the basis for seventy-seven distributions. However, […]

FSF Campaign Against Secure Boot

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has started a signature campaign to make people aware of the perils of an upcoming feature in PC hardware namely – Secure boot. What is secure boot ? Secure boot is a hardware feature that allows only signed/verified OSes to boot on the machine. In its benign form, secure boot […]

Blender 2.60

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.60. This is the beginning of the Blender 2.6x series, targeted at including all work that happened in branches or patches past years. Most notable in this release is 3D audio, UI translation, improved weight painting and a lot of animation system updates. […]

LinuxLive USB Creator adds Ubuntu 11.10 support

Version 2.8.6 of LinuxLive USB Creator has been released. Also known as “LiLi”, LinuxLive USB creator is an open source application for creating bootable LiveUSB drives by downloading and installing various Linux distributions. The new version of the Windows-based tool adds support for an additional 20 distributions, including the recent Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” release, […]

How Linuxy Is Android?

The Kindle Fire, the Android-based tablet Amazon revealed in late September, could well be the next step in the ongoing metamorphosis of Google’s Linux derivative into a proprietary operating system. Even if Amazon does not lock down its altered Android platform, it clearly has created a major fork in the Linux road. Modifying Android is […]

It’s Easy To Guess What Angers GNOME Users

The 2011 GNOME User Survey, an end-user survey that was assembled by independent GNOME users and hosted on Phoronix, began less than 24 hours ago and we’re already approaching 2,000 submissions. There’s still one month to go, and from these submission so far when simply dumping the comments it amounts to about 148 pages. However, […]

Apache Disavows Team OpenOffice.org e.V.

Thursday’s story about the future of OpenOffice.org garnered an interesting response from the Apache Software Foundation that, coupled with a broader statement on the ASF blog, disavows any notion of trouble within the OpenOffice.org project. If indeed Apache OpenOffice.org project is doing fine, then questions must now be raised about the role of Team OpenOffice.org […]

Going From “Ow” To “Wow” In Open Source

Venkat Mangudi, an open source evangelist and OSI Days speaker, recalls how his 10-year-old kid made him realise that Linux should be made compulsory in schools. He also explains how FOSS came to the rescue of small businesses, the new open technologies revolutionalising the world and how to overcome the ‘Ow’ of discomfort in open […]

Ubuntu 11.10

Yet another Ubuntu release is upon us. This time around it’s Oneiric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10). Canonical, as you may already know, tends to name its release after various kinds of animals. The ocelot is a dwarf leopard that dwells in South and Central America and Mexico. The other part of the name is the word […]

Introducing Ubuntu 11.10 Without Unity

Now that Ubuntu 11.10 was released, we are proud to announced today, Octomber 18th, the immediate availability for download of a new Linux operating system based on the newly released Ubuntu 11.10 distribution. The new Ubuntu-based operating system introduced here is called Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix and it’s build on top of the Oneiric Ocelot […]

Does the New Ubuntu 11.10 Prevent You From Changing Default Apps?

A big definitive NO should be the answer. But I found this strange new bug with two brand new Ubuntu 11.10 installations of mine. When I tried to change the default application for AVI files from Totem to SMPlayer, an error came up with the warning that says, “Could not set as default. Error while […]

5 Open Source Games Come Together to Form ‘Free Game Alliance’

Free Game Alliance is a collection five free and open source games spread across a variety of genres. All these games are cross platform and works on Linux, Mac and Windows. The initiative was started by Atomic Blue, makers of MMORPG PlaneShift. However, FGA is made by all the projects participating in it. Read more […]

Postal 3, not yet, but maybe in the future

Well i am sure some of you have seen the Phoronix article about Postal 3. Hint: For gaming news don’t trust Phoronix. Thanks to our forum regular Hamish who emailed Running With Scissors they have confirmed that Valves Source Engine does not support Linux but Running With Scissors hopes to find a way in the […]

One Week Left to Submit Sessions to DrupalCon Denver

Session proposals are still being accepted for the next DrupalCon, being held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, March 19 -23, 2012. The conference theme is “Collaborative Publishing for Every Device” and the deadline to submit sessions is Oc…

Stallman on Steve Jobs: Tasteless or Incisive?

Well it’s starting to look like 2011 is just going to be one, long roller-coaster ride. No sooner does the prospect of a quiet day loom on the horizon than something happens to turn the world on its ear once again. In the past two weeks, of course, we’ve had to endure the loss of […]