Calligra Sprint Lays Ground For First Release

In the weekend of November 11, more than twenty Calligra developers braved the fierce weather of Helsinki to meet up again! Well, the weather wasn’t that fierce actually, but it could have been! We met up in the office tower that houses Nokia’s research department during the weekdays for two days of hacking, presentations and […]

Linux Supercomputing Dominance: A Look Under the Hood

A few weeks ago, the top500 Supercomputer list came out, as it does each November. As expected, Linux is still the most used OS for supercomputing, as it has been since taking the list by storm in the early 2000s. While this is certainly a feel-good thing to write about (who doesn’t love being #1?) […]

Clonezilla live clone system with multi-restore

Version 1.2.11-23 of the Clonezilla live CD has been released with an updated software collection. Based on the unstable branch of Debian (known as “Sid”) from 28 November, this update to the open source clone system for hard disk partitioning and duplicating includes the 3.1.1-1 Linux kernel, version 0.2.38 of the Partclone partition image utility […]

Stable kernels 3.0.12 and 3.1.4

The 3.0.12 and 3.1.4 stable kernel updates are out. These are single-patch updates fixing a problem with isochronous USB devices introduced in 3.0.11 and 3.1.3.

25 Ways Open Source is Catching On Beyond Software

At a conference earlier this month, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told attendees, “not just software, but everything should be open source.” Apparently, he’s not the only person who thinks this, because open source philosophy is spreading far beyond the software industry. This month, we’re taking a look at 25 projects that are taking open source […]

7 Enterprise Search Appliances That Can Save the Day

Out of control document management plagues businesses of every dimension. Duplicate documents, multiple file formats, poor filing practices, buried files, and files spread far and wide in multiple repositories are some of the common problems facing users looking for documents both living and archived. The answer is to index those documents into a central database. […]

CrossOver Games 10.2.0 for Linux and Mac has been released

CodeWeavers has released a maintenance update for CrossOver Games, version 10.2.0 change log with some of the many changes made in this releases is provided below. Change Log For CrossOver Games 10.2.0 CrossOver Games Worked around the ‘backwards elbow’ bug in Rift on Lion. Fixed behavior of Plants vs. Zombies in windowed mode. Improved loading […]

Alien Arena, Open Source Game, Gets Four New Levels

Alien Arena 2011 version 7.52 has been released today for windows and linux users! The latest version(7.52) of the open sourced, freeware deathmatch shooter features a host of updates, bugfixes, and features, as well as some new and updated content. Some of the new features in this release: Many new models and textures. Four exciting […]

Wesnoth 1.9.11 aka 1.10-beta2: Development Release

The second beta for 1.10 is ready. Feedl free to celebrate the new release with us in this forum thread. We offer two versions of changelogs: a rather nice to read players changelog that only includes changes every player will probably notice (and often feels empty because devs tend to forget to add their stuff […]


Hey, welcome to iodoom3. From the people that brought you We’re still getting everything set-up, for now please file patches into You can chat with like-minded individuals on, in the #iodoom3 channel. You can subscribe to the mailing list here. You can have a web-forum discussion with coolguys.jpg here. We’re on twitter. […]

Ubuntu will now track Mozilla updates

The Ubuntu developers are now tracking Mozilla’s rapid release cycle, releasing the updated version 8.0 of Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird. Previously, Ubuntu distributions would have stuck with the major version they were released with, say 3.0, and only updated to the minor versions as they arrived, 3.0.1, 3.0.2 and so on. But Mozilla’s switch to […]

WordPress the most popular open source CMS for second year running

According to the fourth annual study by water&stone, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the three most popular among 20 free web content management systems, narrowed down from an initial list of 35. WordPress is in the lead by a long way, followed by Joomla. Having lead the field two years ago and been overtaken by […]

Linux Games Participating in Independent Games Festival, 2012 [Part 2]

This is continuation of our earlier article about Linux Games Participating in Independent Games Festival, 2012. We looked at six Linux games from different genres. Brief overview about remaining Linux games is below. Deepak Fights Robots Deepak Fights Robots is an arcade platformer inspired by the likes of Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man. It features over 180 […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 243

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #243 for the week November 21 – 27, 2011, and the full version is available here. In this Issue we cover: Career Days: From Developer to CEO Wrap-up Official UDS-P group photo and personal photo set Edubuntu Council Elections Ubuntu 12.04 Development update Ubuntu IRCC Nominations Building a […]

MyBB update adds features, closes holes

Version 1.6.5 of the open source MyBB discussion board software has been released. According to its developers, the maintenance and security update includes several important feature changes and closes three security holes. MyBB 1.6.5 adds support for Google’s reCAPTCHA service and brings changes, such as improved search options, to the “Users & Groups/Find Users” panel […]

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – November 27 2011 ==

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – November 27 2011 == FOSDEM 2012 – PostgreSQL Devroom: Call for Speakers is open until December 20, 2011. == PostgreSQL Jobs for November == == PostgreSQL Local == The Call for Papers is open for PostgreSQL Session #3, which will be held in Paris, Feb 2nd, 2012. The […]

GhostBSD 2.5 RC1 is out.

The GhostBSD release is late from FreeBSD 9.0 release status.  —list of bug fixed— Pitivi on i386. The free space output on the GUI and TEXT BASE installer. The third install option on the TEXT BASE installer. Brasero is fix for root on amd64. But still don’t add data on normal user. For more info on […]

VectorLinux 7.0 GOLD has been released!!

The final release of VectorLinux 7.0 (code name ‘GG’) is now available. This release is the result of nearly two years of blood sweet and tears since the very successful release of VectorLinux 6.0. With the enthusiasm of a small group of packagers, our repository now hosts over a thousand up to date packages. VectorLinux […]

Mageia 2 Alpha 1 – ready for testing!

We’re all excited today! We’re at the first milestone on our way to Mageia 2 – Alpha 1 ISOs are ready for download. Now it’s time for everyone to test, test, test and report bugs – so that Mageia 2 will be in great shape for release in May. You will find more info on […]

SME Server 8.0 Beta 7 Release Announcement

SME Server 8.0 Beta 7 Release Notes =================================== 24 November 2011 The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 8.0beta7 which is based on CentOS 5.7 and will be the next major release of SME Server. This is the final planned Beta for SME 8. Bug reports and reports […]