Wine release 1.3.36

The Wine development release 1.3.36 is now available. What’s new in this release (see below for details): – UDisks backend for the dynamic device support. – Polygons and geometric pens implemented in the DIB engine. – JScript now compiles entire functions. – Improved support for vertical fonts. – A few more scripts in UniScribe. – […]

Firefox gets 3D web page inspection

As announced last month, Mozilla has integrated the Tilt 3D extension into the core Firefox code in the latest nightlies, adding yet another improvement to the set of web development tools currently in the pipeline. As with the Tilt 3D extension, web developers can look at a 3D rendering of a web page and easily […]

Easily Edit and Create Custom Launchers, Desktop Entries in Gnome 3 [Unity and Gnome Shell]

Gnome 2 has this excellent feature to create custom launcher from simple right click menu option. Unfortunately this ability has…

10 Indie Games for Linux part 1

In a former article regarding Linux games a reader commented that for Linux there are always the same title and nothing new really comes out. So i’ve decided to explore a bit the indie game market and make 2 post about them, in this one i’ll show you 5 freely downloadable Indie games, in the […]

EeeMC 12.04.24: An Ubuntu 12.04 Based HTPC

Whosa, the developer behind the EeeMC project, announced yesterday, December 27th, the immediate availability for download and testing of the EeeMC 12.04.24 Beta operating system. EeeMC 12.04.24 is now based on the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system and includes the latest MythTV 0.24 open source digital video recorder (DVR) and the powerful […]

Zentyal 2.2 Virtual Machine images available!

Hi Zentyal community members, We have updated our VM images to include the latest Zentyal 2.2 packages. You can download disk images for VirtualBox, VMware and KVM (qcow2 format) as usual. We consider that VM images offer a quick and easy way to have your first experience with Zentyal without having to install it. All […]

Funny money: Louis CK earns $1 million in 12 days with $5 video

Comedian Louis CK has proved a point: People are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for DRM-free content from a performer they love, even though it would be trivial for them to pirate the same content for free. Twelve days ago, Louis CK decided to skip the distribution, DRM, ads and everything else […]

New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 8 Haxāmaniš

Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of “0 A.D. Alpha 8 Haxāmaniš” (Alternate spelling: “Hakhamanish”), the eighth alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. This alpha debuts the mighty Persian Empire, includes support for both saving games and reconnecting to multiplayer games, a […]

How to create a business card with GIMP

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo…

Creating Custom Fancy Address Labels in LibreOffice

There are something like a squillion and one different Avery® and Avery-compatible address labels you can buy, and with the…

Quality In Ubuntu

Quality has always been an important value in the Ubuntu community, but over the last few releases we have faced some challenges in how we can assure and deliver quality. There have been various reasons for this, which include: Fewer automated tests that we would like and limited coverage in key components (e.g. Unity). Out […]

Introducing Ubuntu Calculator Scope for Unity

Following our previous articles, Ubuntu Cities Scope for Unity, Ubuntu Grooveshark Scope for Unity and Pirate Bay Torrents Lens for Unity, today we are introducing the Ubuntu Calculator Scope for Unity. Ubuntu Calculator Scope is a Unity Dash plugin that will allow users to quickly do basic arithmetic operations directly from the search field of […]

SlickPanel – Modern panel that provides tools such as a list of open windows and an indicator bar

SlickPanel is a modern panel that provides common tools such as a list of open windows and an indicator bar. Its goals are: Provide a robust, and quick desktop panel Make it easy to customise and extend, rather than hide options Use modern technologies rather than be backwards-compatible Make it easy to hack on! Read […]

Introducing Ubuntu Social Networking Lens for Unity

Following our previous articles, Ubuntu Books Lens, Ubuntu Cities Scope, Ubuntu Grooveshark Scope, Ubuntu Calculator Scope and Pirate Bay Torrents Lens for Unity, today we are introducing the Ubuntu Gwibber Lens for Unity. Ubuntu Gwibber Lens is a Unity Launcher plugin that will allow users to quickly search for social networking posts from your very […]

Linux Controversies of 2011: Linux Mint is the Most Popular Distro

The decline of Ubuntu and the corresponding rise of Linux Mint is one of the bigger Linux controversies of 2011. Ubuntu’s introduction of Unity alienated a non-trivial portion of the Ubuntu user-base which then went looking for a new home – and found it in Linux Mint. How big was the exodus from Ubuntu to […]

Canonical Releases Beefed Up Database API for Ubuntu One

It’s no secret that Canonical’s Ubuntu One file-syncing service faces stiff competition from better entrenched rivals such as Dropbox. But recent signs indicate Ubuntu developers may be taking the service in a different direction by adding developer APIs. Will this be enough to differentiate Ubuntu One from competitors? Here are some thoughts. Specifically, Ubuntu One […]

Softpedia Linux Weekly, Issue 179

I would like to start this weekly by wishing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers. Thank you for your continued support guys! The following Linux-based operating systems have been announced last week: Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.12, Sabily 11.10 and CentOS 6.2. Softpedia Linux Blog news includes articles about Wine 1.3.35, XOrg Server […]

Red Hat CEO Explains Open Source Success

Red Hat(RHT_) CEO Jim Whitehurst said the company has been so successful in open source software because of its vast army of engineers and because it places support behind its releases. “We have a team of engineers that are behind supporting open source, and we are able to monetize the support and customer service,” Whitehurst […]

Adventures in Self-Publishing: Selecting a Print on Demand Publisher (Part I)

Like just about every other step in self-publishing a book, researching and selecting a print on demand (POD) publisher can be a time-consuming and even bewildering experience. The problem arises not from a lack of choices, but just the opposite. Today, there are scores of publishers to choose from, with significant differences among them in […]

27 top Linux-powered Christmas gifts

It’s no longer hard to find a Christmas gift that runs Linux, thanks to the popularity of Google’s Android. The Tuxy possibilities go far beyond tablets and smartphones, however, as we highlight in a list of 27 top gift picks for 2011. Not that long ago, it was hard to find consumer-oriented devices that ran […]