Apache Software Foundation Lays Out its Plan for OpenOffice

All the way back in June, we covered Oracle’s announcement that it would move OpenOffice.org to a community-based project overseen by the Apache Software Foundation. Oracle, of course, inherited OpenOffice as part of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, in addition to many other open source projects that Oracle suddenly controlled. At the time of Oracle’s […]

Setting Up Unison File Synchronization Between Two Servers On Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how to set up file synchronization between two Ubuntu 11.10 servers with Unison. Unison is a file-synchronization tool similar to rsync, but the big difference is that it tracks/synchronizes changes in both directions, i.e., files changed on server1 will be replicated to server2 and vice versa. I do not issue any guarantee […]

Wesnoth 1.9.13 aka 1.10-beta4: Development Release

The fourth beta for 1.10 is ready. Feel free to celebrate the new release with us in this forum thread. We offer two versions of changelogs: a rather nice to read players changelog that only includes changes every player will probably notice (and often feels empty because devs tend to forget to add their stuff […]

[Native Client] Moon Breakers, New Multiplayer 3D Space Combat Game

Moon Breakers is a new native client game launched last week for Google Chrome. The game features stunning 3D graphics and multiplayer gameplay. In Moon Breakers you play as either a Government or Pirate pilot in single-seat starfighters and engage in epic dogfights in and around the remains of Helium-3 mining operations. Read more at […]

Highly critical zero day vulnerability in Windows discovered

Secunia has reported that an unpatched security vulnerability in the 64-bit version of Windows 7 may be able to be exploited to inject and execute malicious code; currently, the only known exploit causes the system to crash. It is possible to trigger a memory error in the system file win32k.sys by accessing a crafted HTML […]

WebOS: Destined to Fail, or Fuel for FLOSS’ Fire?

After such a tempestuous year as 2011 has been, it’s hard to imagine a more dramatic way for it to go out with a “bang” than with HP’s recent announcement about webOS. Yes, for those who missed it, HP finally ended months of indecision by announcing that it plans to open-source the Linux-based mobile operating […]

Latest release of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is now final and ready to download from their website

Linpus delivers an array of new online features and an especially small and flexible download and installation process   Taipei, Taiwan, November 11th – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, announced today the release of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition. Linpus Lite Desktop is the notebook […]

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 436

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: A dozen mints News: Ubuntu’s GNOME Shell edition, RHEL clones readying 6.2 release, interview with Debian’s Ben Hutchings, Puppy Linux overview Questions and answers: Security self-service Upcoming releases: DEFT Linux 7 Released last week: Pear OS 3.0, Kororaa Linux 16, Chakra GNU/Linux…. Read more at DistroWatch

Android 4.0.3 Platform and Updated SDK tools

Today we are announcing Android 4.0.3, an incremental release of the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform. The new release includes a variety of optimizations and bug fixes for phones and tablets, as well as a small number of new APIs for developers. The new API level is 15. Some of the new APIs in […]

Open source licences: the GPL appears to be declining

According to an analysis by the 451 Group, the proportion of open source projects that uses the GPL family of licences has been declining for several years. According to the market researchers, in the summer of 2008, 70 per cent of projects were GPL- and LGPL-licensed; today it has fallen to 57 per cent. In […]

Skype For Linux With Tabs Support Using SkypeTab NG (Next Generation)

SkypeTab-NG (NG stands for Next Generation) is a tool that adds tabs to Skype for Linux. Besides providing a tabbed chat window, the SkypeTab-NG also embeds both the conversation and the main Skype windows in a single window. SkypeTab is not new, but it was recently rewritten, fixing most bugs from the previous SkypeTab, like […]

Full-featured Ubuntu online installation using kickstart

This is an elaborate fault-tolerant Kickstart script for an on-line Ubuntu installation, optimized for home users, with extensive remote administration support and documentation. Not recommended for beginners. This isn’t just another trivial automated installation script although it started out that way. Basic installation presets led to integrated bug workarounds, setting defaults for many applications and […]

10 Indie Games for Linux part 2

This is the second part of my article regarding Indie games for Linux. In the first part i’ve listed 5 Indie game freely downloadable for Linux, and on this one i’ll present you 5 games that must be bought before you can download them. Today games are: Towns, Eschalon, Survivors of Ragnarök, Atom Zombie Smasher […]

Open Source Projects Focus on a Greener, Safer Planet

In the past, we’ve covered a number of open source projects focused on humanitarian goals, but did you know that open source communities are also increasingly focused on contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet? There are thriving open source communities focused on ecological goals. In this post, find out about some of the most […]

Sabily 11.10 released!

Bismillah Arrahman Arrahim, Assalamo alaykom, The Sabily team is proud to announce the release of the new version of Sabily 11.10, codename “Uhud”. You can download it here: link What’s new: – New “Uhud” pictures and wallpapers, new plymouth and GDM themes – Hijra: Better support for Gnome3; added Gnome shell extension – Thawab: Added […]

Ubuntu 12.04 to Feature Much Improved Power Management

If you’re an Ubuntu user who happens to use other operating systems as well, and you frequently use untethered laptops, you may have concluded that Ubuntu isn’t as efficient at power management as it could be. Power management options are critical in a modern operating system, and they have a direct impact on battery life […]

How to Plan for Business Success in 2012

Did you plan for success last year? Did you write down your plan? If you answered yes to both, that is awesome. Get out your plan, review it to see where you were successful and where you were not as successful, and figure out what you could have done better. Get started with 2012 planning […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 246

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 246 for the week December 12 – 18, 2011. == Links to UWN == * Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue246 == In This Issue == * Ubuntu Precise Open for Translation * Important notice regarding Java packages in Partner archive * Iso Tracker Live and Available for Manual Testing of […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – December 18 2011

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – December 18 2011 == == PostgreSQL Product News == HTSQL 2.2, a high-level query language for relational databases, released. http://htsql.org psycopg2 2.4.3, a Python connector for PostgreSQL, released. http://initd.org/psycopg/articles/2011/12/12/psycopg-243-released/ == PostgreSQL Jobs for December == http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-jobs/2011-12/threads.php == PostgreSQL Local == FOSDEM 2012 – PostgreSQL Devroom: Call for Speakers is open […]

Kororaa 16 (Chum) released

It was a little while in coming, but it was worth the wait! It is my pleasure to announce the release of Kororaa 16 (codename “Chum”) which is now available for download. Features Derived from Fedora 161, this updated release comes with the usual Kororaa extras out of the box, such as: Tweaked KDE 4.7, […]