TeamViewer 7 for Linux released

In our TeamViewer download area you will now find TeamViewer 7 for Linux. The final version includes a selection of new features for Linux, e. g. an integrated screenshot feature and the possibility of saving individual connection settings per computer. You can now establish cross platform connections with other computers running version 7 and hold […]

Three new stable updates

The, 3.0.18, and 3.2.2 stable updates have been released; each contains the usual long list of important fixes

WebOS’ Enyo 2.0 dev platform goes cross-platform, adopts Apache license

HP announced a roadmap for its Linux-based WebOS operating system, which will be released under an open source Apache 2.0 license in September. HP also released an Apache-licensed version 2.0 of its Enyo Javascript development framework for WebOS, adding cross-platform app development across Android, iOS, and desktop browsers. HP announced in early December that it […]

How Small Business PrintedArt Uses Linux and Open Source

Sure, Linux is great for big organizations like Google, Facebook, and others, but what about small business? Take a look at PrintedArt. Founded in 2010, PrintedArt is an online shop that sells limited-editions of fine art photography. It now has three full-time and three part-time employees and eight sales representatives. According to President and CEO […]

Orion: A New, Clear GTK 2/3 Theme

Orion is a new, clear GTK3 theme created by Satya, who’s also behind other beautiful GTK and GNOME Shell / Cinnamon themes like Evolve, Shine, Minty, Ambiance Blue and others. The GTK3 theme is powered by the Unico GTK3 engine, comes with a modified Boomerang Metacity theme and is compatible with GTK 3.2 (both GNOME […]

Fallout Meets Minecraft in New Linux RPG: 3079

3079 is a futuristic and open-world first-person role playing game for Linux. The game is a mix of Minecraft and Fallout style gameplay. Minecraft because of its blocky graphics and art and Fallout because of its open ended sandbox style exlporation based gameplay. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. This game is still under active development, so lots […]

Ubuntu swaps application menus for HUD control system

The Ubuntu operating system is to replace its application menus with a “head-up display” (HUD) box. Users control the HUD interface by typing in the command they want carried out. Developers of the Linux-based software say they will initially offer the HUD as an option, allowing users to “hide” their menu bars. They say that […]

The Latest Ubuntu Interface: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Menus!

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth is getting a lot of notice for a blog post he has up, that defends the Heads-Up Display (HUD) interface that the upcoming version 12.04 LTS version of Ubuntu will feature. Shuttleworth’s post characterizes the interface as a big new step for Ubuntu, and he offers a screenshot and a video illustrating […]

Unigine OilRush Officially Ships Today For Linux

Unigine Corp met their latest deadline and will officially be shipping the gold version of their Unigine OilRush real-time strategy game today for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows gamers. OilRush is the first game coming out of Unigine Corp after their string of impressive multi-platform tech demos / benchmarks (Sanctuary, Tropics, Heaven) and licensing […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 249

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 249 for the week January 16 – 22, 2012. == Links to UWN == * Wiki page: == In This Issue == * Vacant Developer Membership Board seat: Call for nominations * Java packages in Partner archive to be removed on 2012-02-16 * New Forum Council Members […]

GhostBSD 2.5 finally here!

After months of work, the official, final release of GhostBSD 2.5 is finally here! Many bugs have been fixed, many parts of the system updated, tweaked and fine-tuned. We now have two main branches of the system – one is based on GNOME desktop, the other on LXDE. Both fit perfectly on their respective mediums, […]

Joomla! 2.5 Released with Extra Features and Easy Updates

Joomla, one of the world’s most popular open source content management systems (CMS) used for everything from websites to blogs to Intranets, today announces the immediate availability of Joomla 2.5. Along with new features such as advanced search and automatic notification of Joomla core and extension updates, the Joomla CMS for the first time includes […]

Joomla 1.7.4 Released

The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 1.7.4. This is a security release. Note that most users should update their sites to version 2.5.0 instead, which is now released. Version 1.7.4 is only intended for those users who for some reason are unable to update to version 2.5.0. Version 1.7 […]

Mandriva’s financial decision delayed again

Mandriva has announced that it has postponed the decision about the company’s financial future yet again. The company’s COO, Jean-Manuel Croset, has offered little explanation, saying only that the deadline for the decision was “extended by the proposing entity upon request of some shareholders”. The decision is now scheduled to be made on Friday 27 […]

Cinnamon Fork Of GNOME Shell Is Tasty At v1.2

Cinnamon, the fork of the GNOME 3.x Shell by Linux Mint developers to make it more like the GNOME2 desktop, is now at version 1.2. This latest stable, major release does bring some tasty changes. The first major feature of Cinnamon 1.2 are new desktop effects. “Cinnamon 1.2 is a first step towards reintroducing desktop […]

Perl Foundation receives $100,000 donation

The Perl Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language, has announced that it has received a $100,000 donation from the craigslist Charitable Fund. The donation will be used by the Foundation to “improve the Perl 5 Core” and to sponsor Perl-related activities. Discussing the donation, Jim Buckmaster, craigslist CEO […]

Red Hat joins Ubuntu in patching Linux kernel exploit

Red Hat and Canonical have released patches for a vulnerability in Linux kernels 2.6.39 and above that enables attackers to gain root access on a system. Proof-of-concept exploit code was posted last week after “CVE-2012-0056″ was exposed — thanks to Linus Torvalds announcing a kernel patch before Linux distro projects had had time to apply […]

Planet Ubuntu Update

Dear Ubuntu Community, During UDS-P, it was brought to the attention of the Community Council that blogs being syndicated to Planet Ubuntu included former Ubuntu Member blogs. In order to update the what Planet Ubuntu aggregates to the public, the Community Council, with the help of Alan Bell, compared the Planet Ubuntu Blog list with […]

Webmin 1.580 and Usermin 1.500 released

Hi everyone, Webmin version 1.580 is now available for download from . This release includes the following major changes : * Many more German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter. * Catalan updates, thanks to Jaume Badiella. * Norwegian translation updates, thanks to Stein-Aksel Basma. * Added UTF-8 encodings for languages using the iso-8859-2, […]

Debian Project News – January 23rd, 2012

Welcome to this year’s second issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian ahead on web servers * Dummy web server in Debian? * Aptitude strikes back * About donations to Debian * Armhf status in Debian * IGMP denial of service in Linux * Interviews […]