Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity Special Edition

Something of an unusual Special Edition this time, it really is special in that little of this material has appeared in Full Circle Magazine before. For this one, we’re out on a limb, running new articles, albeit on some familiar topics we’ve touched on, for example in the Q and A section of the magazine. […]

Can Linux Mint 12, Cinnamon Spice Up the Open Source Mix?

I’ve been an Ubuntu user for a pretty long time — so long that I no longer remember exactly when I started (all I recall is that it was sometime around version 6.06.) But last week I finally replaced Ubuntu on my production computer with Linux Mint 12. Read on for why, and how it’s […]

The Day Canonical Pushed Kubuntu Out of the Nest

Linux fans have had a hard enough time watching the ongoing woes of Mandriva in recent months, so when the news hit last week that Kubuntu was under threat as well, it just felt like too much. “Today I bring the disappointing news that Canonical will no longer be funding my work on Kubuntu after […]

Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1 released: Got support for 12.04!

Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.0, which released in the end of last year, has been downloaded for more than 100,000 times! I’m so happy to see the result. Thanks everyone for downloading and using Ubuntu Tweak! And Ubuntu 12.04 is under heavily development, I’ve also see that many users have been upgraded. So here comes the Ubuntu […]

Canonical’s New Spin: Ubuntu Business Remix

While Canonical dropped official support for Kubuntu, this morning Mark Shuttleworth announced a new Ubuntu spin: Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix. Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix isn’t too different from the stock Ubuntu, but it just dumps a bunch of packages not commonly used in the corporate/enterprise world (social networking clients, games, etc) while drops in more […]

A First Look At The Ubuntu 12.04 Performance

While there’s still two months left until Ubuntu 12.04 LTS “Precise Pangolin” will be officially released, here are the first benchmarks of this forthcoming long-term support release. Included are desktop and workstation benchmarks along with a look at the boot performance and power consumption. The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS releases are compared to earlier Ubuntu Linux […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 252

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 252 for the week February 6 – 12, 2011. == Links to UWN == * Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue252 == In This Issue == * Ubuntu Global Jam: Call For Events! * Ubuntu 12.04 Development update * Remixing Ubuntu for the Enterprise Desktop * Ubuntu Stats * LoCo News […]

ISPConfig released

ISPConfig is available for download. This release is a bugfix release for ISPConfig 3.0.4. Support for Dovecot 2 on Debian and Ubuntu Linux has been added. Dovecot 2 support on other Linux distributions is experimental. For a detailed list of changes, please see the changelog section below. ===================================================== *** New! The ISPConfig 3 manual […]

PostgreSQL Weekly News – February 12 2012

== PostgreSQL Weekly News – February 12 2012 == == PostgreSQL Product News == pgreplay 1.1.0, a log-file-based statement replayer for PostgreSQL, released. http://pgreplay.projects.postgresql.org/ Postgres Plus Advanced Server v9.1.2 is now Generally Available. http://www.enterprisedb.com/download-advanced-server Scalr 2.5 supports PostgreSQL. http://scalr.net/features/databases/postgres/ Version 1.23.0 of tail_n_mail, a Postgres log watcher program, released: http://bucardo.org/wiki/Tail_n_mail == PostgreSQL Jobs for February […]

NetBSD 5.1.2

On behalf of the NetBSD developers, I am pleased to announce that NetBSD 5.1.2 is now available for download. NetBSD 5.1.2 is the second critical/security update of the NetBSD 5.1 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed critical for security or stability reasons. All users are encouraged to upgrade. For full details, […]

Google Releases Chrome 17 Stable for Linux

The Chrome team is excited to announce the release of Chrome 17 to the Stable Channel for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.  17.0.963.46 contains a number of new features including: New Extensions APIs Updated Omnibox Prerendering Download Scanning Protection Many other small changes Security fixes and rewards: Please see the Chromium security page for […]

PC-BSD 9 review – to FreeBSD what Ubuntu is to Debian

If you’d like to use FreeBSD as a desktop system, you’ll have to invest a lot of time in setting up the operating system and installing all the right packages. Obviously, this is a serious barrier for a lot of Linux users who are interested in trying out FreeBSD. PC-BSD fills in this gap by […]

OpenSUSE Enters The Beer Business With “Old Toad”

Nearly all of the X.Org/Wayland coverage from last week’s FOSDEM 2012 event is available on Phoronix. There’s one other Phoronix point to make from FOSDEM 2012… For those that don’t know, openSUSE is in the beer business. Yes, the Linux project does really sell openSUSE beer. In Brussels this last weekend I was first made […]

The Linux powered LAN Gaming House

LAN parties offer the enjoyment of head to head gaming in a real-life social environment. In general, they are experiencing decline thanks to the convenience of Internet gaming, but Kenton Varda is a man who takes his LAN gaming very seriously. His LAN gaming house is a fascinating project, and best of all, Linux plays […]

The Trouble With Mandriva

Very few of the large, noncommercial distros are failing, observed blogger Robert Pogson. However, “from [Mandriva’s] early days as Mandrake, the ‘insider club’ that paid to use Mandrake for ‘extras’ made the organization dependent on constant growth and the generosity of users. That is hard to sustain, and the cost of advertising and payroll are […]

Patent troll claims ownership of interactive Web—and might win

The city of Tyler, Texas, is better known as the nation’s “rose capital” than as a hotspot of the technology industry. It’s a quiet, conservative city of about 100,000, full of wide streets and big trucks. This week, though, Tyler is the site of a remarkable battle over the history of the World Wide Web—a […]

Stable kernels 3.0.20 and 3.2.5

The 3.0.20 and 3.2.5 stable kernel updates have been released. They are single-patch updates containing the fix to the ASPM-related problem that would significantly increase power consumption on some systems. This patch has been treated with some care: it seems to work, but nobody really knows if it might cause behavioral problems on some obscure […]

KDE Akademy 2012 conference Call for Papers

The KDE Project has announced that the deadline for the Akademy 2012 conference Call for Papers (CFP) will be Thursday, 15 March. This year’s event will take place from 30 June to 6 July 2012 at the Estonian IT College in Tallinn, Estonia. Suggested presentation topics include maturity and innovation, embracing the Qt Project and […]

A Selection of the Very Best Open Source Tutorials and Tools

Regularly, we at OStatic update our collections of open source resources, tutorials, free open source books, reviews, product comparisons and…

FreeFileSync – Visual folder comparison and synchronization

FreeFileSync is an Open-Source folder comparison and synchronization tool. It is optimized for highest performance and usability without restricted or…