Release of pak128.Britain 1.12

A new version of pak128.Britain is now available. This contains the following major additions and changes:
– Lots of new city buildings
– More planes (Milko)
– More modern buses (Mattw62)
– More DMU trains, steam locomotives and carriages (jamespetts)

You Do Not Need to Buy 0 A.D. on eBay

We on the 0 A.D. development team have just learned that copies of 0 A.D. on physical media, such as CDs and DVDs, are being sold on eBay, by independent stores, unrelated to us.

This is probably perfectly legal under the GNU General Public License (G…

Request for LoCo Council Nominations

We on the LoCo Council are being faced with the challenge of replacing two of our current Council members. A special thanks to Paolo and Greg for all of the great contributions they have made while serving with us on the LoCo Council. Towards the end of last October, we put out a call for […]

Installing The PHP WebDAV Extension On Debian Squeeze

Installing The PHP WebDAV Extension On Debian Squeeze

This article shows how you can install the PHP WebDAV extension
for PHP5 on a Debian Squeeze system. The PHP WebDAV extension allows
easy access to remote resources through the DAV protocol from…

LGP Begins Pushing Their Outdated Crap In Ubuntu

Linux Game Publishing is beginning to release their games for sale within the Ubuntu Software Center. To get started, they released Sacred Gold for Ubuntu — a game that was released for Windows eight years ago, wasn’t really popular ever, a…

Mozilla Thunderbird 15 Officially Lands in Ubuntu

Mozilla officially released the Mozilla Thunderbird 15.0 email and RSS client to the world on August 28th, 2012, bringing a few interesting new features.

Blender Conference: last day with 10% discount

Get your ticket now for the the 2012 Conference, celebrating 10 years of Open Source Blender.

PrestaShop and Allied Wallet Make Payment Processing Easy

When creating an online store, new merchants have dozens of major decisions before them. And while some choices require extensive research and time, others are fairly simple to make. For example, designing a store’s layout can often be a tedious … Read more

Switchpro Widget: A Passel of Pretty Little Toggles

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you may remember that I recently took a look at Cloud TV’s HD Widgets, an app for creating your own elegant, translucent widgets to replace ugly stock widgets that appear to permeate today’s Android phones — Motorola, I’m referring to you mainly.

Another French Fashion Mogul Chooses PrestaShop

Bouton de Manchette Paris is a boutique that specializes in selling designer cufflinks. This traditional men’s accessory is becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores all over the world, and this fact spawned the idea for Bouton de Manchette. Charles Belannée … Read more

Join Magento for a Monday Night Networking Event at is coming up fast, and Magento and the eBay family is ready! The exhibit hall will be buzzing with excitement on the first night of, and we have decided to add to the eCommerce energy by hosting a Networking Event on Monday Night!

Wine 1.5.12 Released

The Wine development release 1.5.12 is now available.
What’s new in this release:

Support for disabling individual joysticks.
Better support for D3DX9 constant tables.
Some XRandR improvements.
Various bug fixes.

The source is available no…

Gnome Favour Of Ubuntu Confirmed, Coming This October

There is good news for all GNOME users. It’s official and GNOME Shell edition of Ubuntu is coming this October.

Open Combat Beta Weekend for All!

Have you tried the Evolution of Combat Beta yet? It’s available to everyone this weekend!

Behind the Scenes Video 16: God Wars Remastered!

New graphics, new animations and some handy gameplay in God Wars are all under the spotlight in this week’s Behind the Scenes video.

Sizzling Summer – Promissory Notes Delivered Today!

Been a member throughout August? Check your inventory for your promissory note for 350,000 XP!

Double Spins for Sale this Weekend on Squeal of Fortune!

Yelps is dishing out 100% extra spins on selected spin packages this weekend!

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Community Wallpapers Revealed

The package that comes with the winning wallpapers for the Quantal wallpaper contest has just uploaded to the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal repositories.Here are the 12 winning wallpapers:If you’re not using  Ubuntu 12.10, you can download the wallpapers from HERE (deb – you don’t have to install it, you can simply extract it), or , […]

OpenStack Gains New Leadership, and a SUSE Launches Its OpenStack Cloud

The might of OpenStack’s very big backers has become more and more apparent in recent weeks. Announcements from Red Hat, Rackspace and Canonical in just the past few days show OpenStack to be emerging as the clear leader in open cloud platforms. Now, as GigaOm reports, The OpenStack Foundation has just named its top leaders, […]

Canonical Recently Visited Valve To Talk About Ubuntu

Canonical and Valve are warming up to each other after a recent visit to the Valve headquarters in Bellevue…
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