Lynx Security Exploits Fixed for Ubuntu 12.10

On November 29, Canonical published details about Lynx vulnerabilities for its Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 11.10, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems.

According to Canonical, two security issues were fixed in Lynx. First of all, a heap-based buffer overflow was discovered in Lynx. A remote attacker could have caused a denial of service via application crash, or possibly execute arbitrary code as the user invoking the program.

Secondly, i…

Nadia “14.1″ ISO respins

The ISO images for Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” were updated and labelled “14.1″. All the links were updated on the website and in the announcements to point to the new ISOs. If you’re already running Linux Mint 14, you don’t need to reinstall. The new ISO images provide fixes for the following issues: High CPU […]

Network Mapper 6.25 Gets Even More IPv4 OS Fingerprints

Nmap or Network Mapper, an open source tool for network exploration and security auditing, designed to rapidly scan large networks and single hosts, is now at version 6.25.

This release of Nmap integrates all of the IPv4 OS fingerprint submissions since January, more than 3,000 of them, bringing the total to 3,946.

The latest fingerprints added to the application includes Linux 3.6, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Mac OS X 10.8, and a ton of new WAPs, printers, route…

Dell launches Ubuntu-powered Sputnik for developers – Update

Dell has released an Ubuntu-based developer laptop. The machine sports an Ivy Bridge i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and several customised tools that allow developers to manage their development environment and port it between machines
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Wave Control Pro: Smartphone Wizardry Worthy of Obi-Wan

It’s the holidays, and if your Android smartphone is feeling a bit neglected, I’ve got the perfect gift for it. Forget automating your life with remote-controlled garage door openers, motorized big-screen TV mounts, and electrically driven drapes — that’s all so last-century. Controlling your phone with a wave of your hand is where it’s at this holiday, in my opinion.

New Google Chrome Stable Version Launched for Linux, Features Security Fixes

The stable branch of Google Chrome, a browser built on the WebKit layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 23.0.1271.95.

Unlike the previous stable version, Google Chrome 23.0.1271.95 only comes with a few changes and updates.

Highlights of Google Chrome 23.0.1271.95:

• The browser now needs UTF-8 appended to locale;
• A duplicated wallpaper loading request is now detected;
• A…

LogicalDOC 6.6 Introduces Dashlets

LogicalDOC, an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable document management software, which can improve the efficiency of a company by helping users find, manage and share documents, is now at version 6.6.

Highlights of LogicalDOC 6.6:

• A customizable user dashboard with Dashlets has been added. A Dashlet is a small window dedicated to a specific function the user can place in his personal dashboard;
• The performance of the preview on multi-page documen…

Dell’s Ubuntu Ultrabook goes on sale in the US

… Project Sputnik, as it was called, proved popular and Dell decided to release the creation as a product; the XPS 13 Developer Edition is now available in the US and Canada, and will be available from early next year in other markets, Dell said.The $1,549 Dell XPS 13 comes preloaded with Ubuntu 12.04, the […]

DocBook Doclet 6.0.3 Is Available for Download

DocBook Doclet, a tool that is used to create DocBook XML and class diagrams from Javadoc comments, is now at version 6.0.3.

DocBook Doclet 6.0.3 can be used to convert HTML files to DocBook and transform DocBook XML into various output formats.

The application has a complete DocBook distribution containing schemas and the DocBook XSL stylesheets and it also integrates Apache FOP as the XSL:FO processor.

Highlights of DocBook Doclet 6.0.3:


Paris Yorker : high end e-commerce Made In France

Paris Yorker sells, exclusively on the Internet, cashmere sweaters made in France. Live in October 2011, the site has been developing steadily, seeing its orders increase. The streamlined design of this e-store is particularly easy to navigate, with each product … Read more

Powerful Text Editor for Programmers, RText 2.0.5, Launched with New Features

RText, a powerful, cross-platform programmer’s text editor written in Java designed to be easy to use, highly customizable and flexible, is now at version 2.0.5.

Highlights of RText 2.0.5:

• Code folding was added for HTML, JSP, and PHP;
• NSIS syntax highlighting and code folding were added;
• A “Projects” docked window was added. This feature is useful for organizing small programming projects while working in RText;
• Code fold…

Distribution Release: Rocks Cluster Distribution 6.1

Philip Papadopoulos has announced the release of Rocks Cluster Distribution 6.1, a CentOS-based open-source toolkit for real and virtual clusters: "The latest update of Rocks, code name ‘Emerald Boa’, is now released. Emerald Boa is available for CentOS 6.3 (Rocks 6.1). The Rocks-supplied OS rolls have all updates….

OpenELEC 3.0 Beta 2 Released with Further Improvements

OpenELEC, an embedded operating system built specifically to run XBMC, the open source entertainment media hub, is now at version 3.0 Beta 2. Just a few days after the previous update, the developers have come up with another version. It’s still in the beta stages, but there are plenty of changes to go around. …

Fedora 18 on Its Way, Finally

The Fedora 18 release date has been delayed about half dozen times in last couple of months. Other than a few snide remarks, Fedora has mostly been given a pass since one of the features causing delays is the new installer – and no one wants that too early. However, the release team recently released […]

Calibre 0.9.8 Has Support for New Kobo Firmware

Version 0.9.8 of the Ebook reader and management software Calibre was announced on November 23, marking an important milestone for this amazing software.

If you have an e-book reader, the Calibre software is a must-have. It does so many things for the…

Genode OS 12.11 Is Now Self-Hosting

Genode OS, the very interesting research operating system, is out with a new release that boasts some interesting features…

Magento For A Cause: Healing Hoboken


The destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy has left many families, communities and businesses on the East Coast struggling to rebuild their homes and neighborhoods in the midst of the busy holiday season for families and businesses. As part of our ongoing commitment to our valued merchants, customers and partners, eBay Giving Works and PayPal have committed to financial donations. With so many impacted by Sandy, the Magento team also wanted to do our part to help with the rebuilding effort.

Magento territory sales manager Chris Simmons, a NJ native, wanted to help his fellow New Jersey Tech Meetup members around their initiative by working with the Magento team to donate a Magento Enterprise Edition eCommerce platform license. With over 50% of Hoboken flooded by Hurricane Sandy impacting schools, homes and hospitals we couldn’t’ be more honored to lend a hand in supporting fundraising to rebuild Hoboken. In addition to the Magento effort, our integration partner Red Stage Networks has pledged to donate development efforts to help build out the site. has raised over $26,000 to date and is over a quarter of the way to their goal of raising $100,000 to donate to the Hoboken Relief Fund. You can do your part in helping the cause by purchasing a t-shirt or hoodie online or making a donation of your choice


Fall 2012 eCommerce Forums Roundup

As 2012 comes to a close, so do our Fall eCommerce Forums. Magento eCommerce Forums give retailers the opportunity to meet eCommerce experts from our ecosystem in their hometown. Attendees learned how our Solution, Industry, and Hosting Partners work …

Do you want a serious—I mean serious—developer laptop? Then Dell and Ubuntu have the system for you in the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition.

Do you want a serious—I mean serious—developer laptop? Then Dell and Ubuntu have the system for you in the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition.

Development Release: OpenELEC 3.0 Beta 2

Stephan Raue has announced the availability of the second beta of OpenELEC 3.0, a Linux-based embedded system built to run the XBMC entertainment media hub: "The OpenELEC team is proud to release the second beta of OpenELEC 3.0!. Internally this is known by the less-catchy name OpenELEC 2.95.2…..