Checking In On Nouveau Gallium3D For Mesa 9.1

Up this holiday weekend on Phoronix are benchmarks of the open-source Nouveau Gallium3D when comparing the driver’s state on the Git branches of Mesa 9.0 and Mesa 9.1-devel. While checking in on the latest Mesa Nouveau code, three NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards were benchmarked from a development snapshot of Ubuntu 13.04. Read more at Phoronix

Nine Years Later, ResidualVM Sees Its First Release

Nine years after the project was conceived, ResidualVM saw its first stable release last week…

14 Years & Kicking: FreeDOS Is Still Alive

FreeDOS, the open-source DOS operating system, is still alive and seeing activity around the GPL-licensed project though the FreeDOS SVN code repository hasn’t seen any activity in nearly one year…

From Zero to 300 and Climbing…

Reblogged from LibreOffice Brasil Blog: What has been coded in 2012? A lot. (Brazilian developers State of the Union 2012) It could not last too much to show up. In 2012 we were able to gather a group of volunteers developers interested in working in the code, re-factoring important parts of the code and fixing […]

Full Circle Podcast Episode 32, The Year That Was….Well Nearly!!

Full Circle Podcast Episode 32, The Year That Was….Well Nearly!! In this episode Les brings everyone up-to-date with where he’s been, there’s a “Special Announcement” and the lads take a look back at 2012, “A Year in Tech”   File Sizes: OGG 17.9Mb MP3 57.3Mb Running Time: 59 minutes 22 seconds Feeds for both MP3 and […]

Git Released as GPLv2, Download Now

Git, a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency, is now at version releases go, Git is quite a large one, with tons of changes and updates. Highlights of Git• “git log -p -S<string>” did not apply the textconv filter while looking for the <string>. This problem has been fixed;• In the docume…

GNU Automake 1.13 Drops Support for Old Intel C Compiler Versions

Automake, a tool for automatically generating files compliance with the GNU Coding Standards, is now at version 1.13.Highlights of Automake 1.13:• The byte compilation of ‘.el’ files into ‘.elc’ files is now done with a suffix rule;• Elisp files placed in a subdirectory are now byte-compiled to ‘.elc’ files in the same subdirectory;• The parallel testsuite harness (previously only enabled by the ‘parallel-tests’ option) is now the…

NetBSD 6.0.1 Released for the Masses

NetBSD, a free, fast, secure, and highly portable UNIX-like open source OS available for a wide range of platforms, from large-scale servers and desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices, is now at version 6.0.1.NetBSD 6.0.1 is the first maintenance update in the 6.x branch, and implements quite a few critical fixes, either with regard to security or for stability reasons, plus some new features and enhancements.Highlights of NetBSD 6.0.1:• Proce…

Intel Mesa Patches For ARB_texture_multisample

Patches surfaced on the Mesa mailing list on Saturday morning for supporting the OpenGL ARB_texture_multisample extension within core Mesa and the Intel i965 DRI driver…

Views Expressed Over The Health Of GTK+

After pessimistic views regarding the health of the GTK+ tool-kit project were recently shared on IRC, Alberto Ruiz took it upon himself to create some statistics about the development of this critical component to GNOME to show in fact things aren’t e…

Which Distros Work on New Windows 8 Machines

Which distribution can I download and install that will just work out of the box on my new certified Windows 8 machine? That’s a question many Linux users, new and otherwise, are probably asking themselves about now. Thank goodness Matthew Garrett stepped up to the plate with a post to let us know. In a […]

Free Software Foundation Thinks It Can Stop SecureBoot

The Free Software Foundation is now soliciting donations and signatures for a pledge in hopes that it can stop UEFI SecureBoot and other “restricted boot” systems from becoming too common…

Automake Looks To Drop MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME

Automake 1.13 was released on Friday with a number of major changes to this component of the GNU build system. With Automake 1.14, there’s already a number of additional changes being considered…

FOSS Movie Trailer Features Linus Torvalds Dissing Apple

Are you ready for a movie about the growing influence of open source software, featuring cameos from movers and shakers including Linus Torvalds and Jono Bacon? You can watch an interesting trailer for one on Indiegogo, where the filmmakers are seeking to raise $150,000 to finish the film. The filmmakers have already interviewed many open […]

KDE Commit-Digest for 16th December 2012

This week’s KDE Commit-Digest starts with two stories: insights about Google Code-In work on KDE-PIM and interesting recent events in the spotlight. Of course, there is also a summary of development effort:

2012’s 5 Most popular Linux stories

From Goobuntu to Mint to Windows 8, the un-Linux, here are the year’s most popular Linux stories Read more ….

How to configure 2 disks in mirror mode on Linux

I’ve just recovered 2x 500 GB sata disks from an old installation, so I opened up my new Desktop and connected them to my main Linux machine, these 2 disks have been used for around 3 years on the the other installation, so I prefer to use them in a mirrored configuration, or RAID 1, […]

Install Microsoft Office 2010 in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and Linux Mint 14/13

Some newbies may find it difficult to install Microsoft Office 2010 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint using Wine. In this brief tutorial, we will try to facilitate the installation process for you by giving all steps needed supported by screenshots to enjoy running Office 2010 in your system. But expect some bugs to arise while running Office […]

GitLab 4.0, a Clone of GitHub, Is Available for Download

GitLab, a fast, secure and stable solution based on Ruby on Rails & Gitolite and distributed under the MIT License, is now at version 4.0.GitLab doesn’t shy away from the fact that it is inspired by GitHub and the project it’s even hosted there. According to one of the developers, Valeriy Sizov, GitLab is made by people from all over the world and take pride in the fact that critical issues are fixed within 24 hours.Highlights of GitLab 4.0:&bull…

Download Your Podcasts With gPodder 3.4.0

gPodder, an application that downloads and manages free audio and video content (podcasts), allowing users to listen directly on a computer or on a mobile device, is now at version 3.1.2. gPodder 3.4.0 has been dubbed Quiet Earth and it features quite a few new features and updates.Highlights of gPodder 3.4.0:• Users can now check for new episodes via “Pull down to refresh”;• Subscribe to a new podcast list is now a QML Sheet;• &ls…