Huge Google Chrome Dev for Linux Update Released, Features New Task Manager

Google Chrome, a browser built on the WebKit layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 26.0.1397.2.

The dev version of Google Chrome is now out for Linux users, and it’s one of the biggest releases so far, at least in the dev branch.

Highlights of Google Chrome 26.0.1397.2:

• Right-aligned search token has been implemented;
• Filemanager uses a smart link to the Files App help page;…

239 News Stories & 20 Articles About Linux This Month

It was another exciting month on Phoronix with having published 239 original news articles and 20 featured articles…

Dropbox Uploader Bash Script: Useful For Servers, Raspberry Pi And More

Dropbox Uploader is a bash script you can use to access your Dropbox files from the command line, without having to install the Dropbox client. The script can upload, download, delete, share or list the files available in your Dropbox account.The script is useful in many situations, including: automatic backups, access Dropbox from an ARM […]

Stellarium 0.12.0 Has a New Rendering Engine

Stellarium 0.12.0, a free open-source planetarium app that shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what can be seen with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope, has been officially released.

Highlights of Stellarium 0.12.0:

• A new rendering engine has been implemented. Users can now see shadows on planets surfaces;
• A new key-binding engine has been added and all key bindings can now be edited;
• Improvements to scripting engine have bee…

New Linux CPU Hot-Plugging Works Out “Nightmare”

The current Linux kernel CPU hot-plugging support has been described as “an increasing nightmare full of races and undocumented behaviour”, but fortunately it’s in the process of being re-developed…

CS Memory Accounting For Radeon Gallium3D

With the Radeon Gallium3D driver (and Mesa/Gallum3D drivers in generally) finally moving on to properly handling more visually demanding and modern OpenGL games and other workloads, it’s time for CS memory accounting to be implemented within the open-s…

At Mobile World Congress, Expect Firefox OS Phones

                Mobile World Congress–one of the biggest events showcasing mobile devices and platforms and applications for them–is coming up in February, and among the sights and sounds slated for the event, you can expect Firefox OS phones. Among several previews of the conference, Computerworld notes that Chinese phone […]

Qt 5.0.1 Released with 400 Improvements

Qt, a cross-platform application and UI framework with APIs for C++ programming, is now at version 5.0.1.

Qt 5.0.1 is the first maintenance release and comes with a whopping 400 improvements, compared to Qt 5.0.0.

According to the developers, it also adds a MinGW 4.7 pre-build binary installer, which has been highly requested.

“As always, Qt 5.0.1 maintains both forward and backward source compatibility with Qt 5.0.0. However, to fix a bug we dete…

RazorSQL 6.0.3 Improves Table Tool Cells

RazorSQL, an SQL query tool, database browser, SQL editor, and database administration tool for multiple platforms, including Linux and Solaris, is now at version 6.0.3.

Highlights of RazorSQL 6.0.3:

• Editing the table tool cells now adjust margins with font size increases;
• Sybase IQ – default result set holdability has been changed to forward only;
• The query results have been converted to the local database, if a local schema name is e…

With E17 Out, Enlightenment E18 Is In Development

The first point release of the Enlightenment E17 desktop was released today. In addition, an early development snapshot of E18 was released too…

GNOME: Help GNOME to collect information on keyboard layouts

GNOME needs your help to make its software available to all! GNOME is used on computers all over the world, in countries that use different languages and sometimes even alphabets. We offer everyone the opportunity to have a localized version of GNOME …

UEFI-enabled Samsung laptops get bricked with Linux

A number of Samsung laptops are dying after they are booted with a live-usb image of Ubuntu 12.04 using UEFI, according to information at the Ubuntu bug reporting site. Read more ….

Automated Testing Hackfest

We all want more quality. We all wasted too many hours trying to fix broken software and we all know that new users struggle the most when facing crashes or other unexpected results. We probably all also agree that testing is a good idea and if it’s automated, then that’s even better. Automatically exercising large […]

Aeon Command: Yet Another New Game For Linux

Aeon Command is a space war strategy game that’s now been released for Linux…

Squid-cgi Exploits Repaired by Canonical for Multiple Ubuntu OSes

On January 30, Canonical published in a security notice details about a squid-cgi vulnerabilities for its Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 11.10, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating systems.

According to Canonical, squid-cgi could consume excessive system resources, leading to a denial of service attack on it and other hosted services.

It was discovered that squid’s cachemgr.cgi was vulnerable to excessive resource use. A remote attacker could exploit this flaw to pe…

Running Contao 3.x On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Wheezy/Ubuntu 12.10

Running Contao 3.x On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Wheezy/Ubuntu 12.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run a Contao 3.x web site
on a Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu 12.10 system that has nginx installed
instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronou…

Liferea 1.10 RC1 Adds Google Plus Functionality

Liferea, a free news aggregator capable to store articles for offline reading and with full synchronization with Google Reader and TinyTinyRSS, is now at version 1.10 RC1.

Liferea 1.10 RC1 is a minor release in the development branch and it features a few changes and updates.

Highlights of Liferea 1.10 RC1:

• The application has migrated to GSettings;
• The .desktop category has been changed to News;Feed;
• Slider and time displ…

MySQL 5.5.30 Officially Released

MySQL, one of the most popular open source databases in the world, has just reached version 5.5.30.

As usual, any new version of MySQL brings lots of improvements and version 5.5.30 makes no exception.

Highlights of MySQL 5.5.30:

• mysql-libs and mysql-libs-advanced have been removed from the spec file;
• A bit more intelligent processing of .in files in mysql-test/collection has been implemented;
• While converting directory na…

64-bit ARM (AArch64) Support Merged Into LLVM

GCC has had support for 64-bit ARM, a.k.a. AArch64, going back to last summer for using the open-source compiler with next-generation ARMv8 hardware. Being merged today is finally support for the LLVM compiler infrastructure with an experimental 64-bit…

Heroes of Newerth 3.0 Has Many Game Changes

Heroes of Newerth, the game that’s had a Linux client available from the start and back in 2009 excited many Linux gamers as we gave away thousands of early access keys to the game, has released a major new version of the game…