Every Install Should Be Minimal

It used to be a bit of an art to strip down Red Hat or CentOS down to the absolute minimum needed for a server install. I’ve ranted at length about how the default install for servers included a full blown Gnome desktop, including games. Thankfully, CentOS 6 has a special iso download, which I […]

PRIME/DMA_BUF Support For Wayland

Kristian Høgsberg has published initial support for Wayland to support buffer sharing that’s compatible with PRIME/DMA_BUF…

The Magento Community is on the Run!

The Magento Community is continuing the tradition of spreading the Magento spirit throughout Vegas before Imagine even begins. They are organizing a group to run together in the Rockin Rabbit 5k/half marathon taking place in Boulder City, NV on Sunday…

Play HTML5 Games In Your Login Screen With MDM

MDM, the Mint Display Manager, now offers an awesome features for artists and web developers that want to design attractive login screens for Linux. Read more ….

Distribution Release: Grml 2013.02

Michael Prokop has announced the release of Grml 2013.02, a Debian-based live CD with a collection of specialist GNU/Linux software, tools and scripts designed for system administrators: "We just released Grml 2013.02 ‘Grumpy Grinch’. This release brings the Grml tools towards the upcoming Debian stable release (‘Wheezy’), provides….

Nouveau vs. Radeon 2D Graphics Performance

Earlier today were the results from a 9-Way Low-End NVIDIA/AMD GPU Comparison On Open-Source Drivers using the open-source Radeon and Nouveau Gallium3D drivers. For those more concerned about the 2D Linux desktop performance, here are some results for …

The Origins of Gielinor

Watch our amazing motion comic for all the backstory you’ll need for The World Wakes.

AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 Released For Linux

Two weeks after the release of Catalyst 13.2 Beta 6 for Linux users, AMD has released the seventh beta of the forthcoming Catalyst 13.2 Linux graphics driver…

Distribution Release: Zorin OS 6.2 “Core”, “Ultimate”

Artyom Zorin has announced the release of Zorin OS 6.2 "Core" and "Ultimate" editions. Although both are based on Ubuntu 12.04, only the "Core" variant can be had for free while the "Ultimate" edition, with extra tools and enhancements, is a commercial product that cost €10 to download…..

NetBSD Is Paying For DRM With KMS/GEM

When it comes to kernel mode-setting and open-source graphics drivers, the BSD operating system with the best support is presently FreeBSD. For those, however, using NetBSD, improvements are forthcoming with an investment by the NetBSD Foundation…

Google Working On Android Based On Linux 3.8

Google recently opened up a public code repository that contains their experimental work to re-base Android off the recently released Linux 3.8 kernel…

WIth Apps and an OS-Agnostic Attitude, Chromebooks Can Challenge Microsoft

Slowly but surely, Google is chipping away at advantages that proprietary operating systems have over its still relatively young Chrome OS. Meanwhile, Chromebooks, portable computers based on Chrome OS, have become popular in the market. In fact, Acer’s President recently told Bloomberg that its C7 Chromebook accounted for 5 percent to 10 percent of Acer’s […]

Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Jolla’s Sailfish at MWC

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Firefox OS, Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets and Jolla’s Sailfish OS have been getting attention. Mitchell Baker, Mark Shuttleworth and Marc Dillon represented their companies in a panel discussion about their products Read more at H-online

GnuTLS Vulnerability Plugged in All Supported Ubuntu OSes

On February 27, Canonical published in a security notice details about a GnuTLS vulnerability for its Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS operating systems. According to Canonical, GnuTLS could be made to expose sensitive information over the network. Nadhem Alfardan and Kenny Paterson discovered that the TLS protocol as used in GnuTLS was vulnerable to a timing side-channel attack known as the “Lucky Thirteen” issue. A …

Low-End NVIDIA/AMD GPU Comparison On Open-Source Drivers

For those looking to purchase a low or mid-range graphics card for use with the open-source graphics drivers — rather than being bound by NVIDIA’s proprietary driver or AMD’s Catalyst — here’s a comparison of nine different discrete graphics cards wh…

SNA Sandy Bridge Is Quick To Beat UXA Too

There were huge SNA performance gains on Ironlake over UXA in the most recent testing that happened last night. Curious to see how the SNA 2D acceleration architecture is working for Sandy Bridge graphics hardware, for which it was originally intended,…

How To Skip Certain Errors In MySQL Replication

How To Skip Certain Errors In MySQL Replication

MySQL replication is nice, however it can happen that it stops
because of an error, and restoring a working replication can be hard –
you need to set locks on the master to get a consistent MySQL dump…

Facebook Render Bug Repaired in Google Chrome 27.0.1423.0 Dev for Linux

Google Chrome, a browser built on the WebKit layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 27.0.1423.0.

The dev version of Google Chrome is now out for Linux users, and it’s quite a big one if we take a look at the new features.

Highlights of Google Chrome 27.0.1423.0:

• Facebook is now rendered correctly;
• The cancel string is now showing on the button from the uninstall dialog;

The Binding of Isaac to Arrive on Steam for Linux

The Binding of Isaac, a game which challenged the preconceptions about indie games and which showed that just two developers can really make a mark, will be arriving on Linux.

The Binding of Isaac is a game developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl and features randomly generated dungeons, random items, enemies and bosses. You will not play the same game twice, but be warned, the difficulty of this title goes through the roof.

The other part of this information i…

Ubuntu Touch Will Work on Kindle Fire HD and 30 Other Devices

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview has been released for some time now, but it’s only working on a very select number of devices. The community has stepped in and the number of devices has increased exponentially.A lot of people have gone out of their way to port the new Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview for their devices and so far, there are 36 projects opened.Canonical also published a comprehensive porting guide and has invited everyone with the necessary knowledge to part…