RAR 5.00 Beta 2 for Linux Released to Fix Issue with Damaged Archive

RAR, a powerful archive manager that can be used to reduce the size of files and to decompress RAR, ZIP and other format, has been updated to version 5.00 Beta 2. Every new version of RAR comes with a lot of new features and it brings a new format to the market. Yesterday the developers released a huge update to the famous archiving manager, but a couple of problems have arisen. Highlights of RAR 5.00 Beta 2: • When adding an incompressib…

Lightworks Linux Beta Is Finally Public

After years of waiting, there is finally a publicly available beta of the Lightworks high-end non-linear video editing software…

Install Pepper Flash Player For Chromium In Ubuntu Via PPA

As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player versions are available on Linux only through Google Chrome, while other browsers are stuck with version 11.2. If you want to use Chromium browser instead of Google Chrome, here’s an easy way to install Pepper Flash Player.The latest Adobe Flash Player that’s bundled with Google Chrome […]

Inspect and Create MKV Files with MKVToolNix 6.2.0

MKVToolNix, a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux and other platforms, has now reached version 6.2.0.

Highlights of MKVToolNix 6.2.0:

• The option “–engage remove_bitstream_ar_info” has been fixed. This means that the application will now work on AVC/h.264 tracks, read from Matroska/MP4 files;
• The memory required to store the cues during muxing has been reduced;
• The “CTS offset” field is now read as a si…

CAST’s Marc Jones: For Fed’s Open Source, It’s Trust and Verify

CAST Software is a software analysis and measurement firm that uses an automated approach to capture and quantify the reliability, security, complexity and size of business applications. A main company objective is increasing software assurance around reliability and security of applications delivered to the U.S. government.

DragonFlyBSD 3.4 Has New Packaging System, USB, Compiler

We knew it was coming and now DragonFlyBSD 3.4 has been officially released. DragonFlyBSD 3.4 brings with it a new packaging system, a new USB stack, a new default compiler, performance improvements, and more…

Blender 2.67 RC Has Subsurface Scattering

Blender Foundation, the developer of Blender, an integrated 3D creation software suite, has announced that their software has reached version 2.67 RC.

Highlights of Blender 2.67 RC:

• A border has been added for the compositor viewer node. This means that border rendering and cropping are finally working properly;
• Subsurface scattering has been implemented and can be used for materials like skin and milk;
• Camera and object motion has bee…

Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.9 (Stable) in Ubuntu 13.04/12.10 and Mint 14/13

A stable version of Linux Kernel 3.9 has been released recently which brings more new features such as SSD caching, full support for Chrome OS, better support for ARM SoCand, faster LZO compression, and  more drivers for better support for modern computers. Linux 3.9 has also brought improvements to networking, storage, virtualization, power management, etc. […]

rekonq Web Browser 2.3.0 Improves Private Browsing

rekonq, a web browser for KDE based on WebKit that features a minimal look and has a lightweight approach, has reached version 2.3.0.

rekonq 2.3.0 has been released with a large number of changes and improvements.

Highlights of rekonq 2.3.0:

• Bookmarks and history panels have been added;
• Contextual menus are now working in the web view;
• Activities that can open windows are now supported;
• Activity daemon suppor…

OpenWrt 12.09 Features New Linux Kernel and Raspberry Pi Support

OpenWrt, a highly extensible GNU/Linux distribution for embedded devices, built from the ground up to be a full-featured, easily modifiable operating system for routers, is now at version 12.09.

OpenWrt 12.09 comes with new supported routers, as usual, but it also implements a number of critical fixes.

Highlights of OpenWrt 12.09:

• Support has been dropped for legacy Broadcom target;
• Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.3;

Project Manager LibrePlan 1.4 Imports Microsoft Format

LibrePlan, a collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects that has a rich web interface which provides a desktop-like user experience, is now at version 1.4.

Highlights of LibrePlan 1.4:

• LibrePlan will be integrated with Atlassian JIRA, one of the most used commercial issue trackers;
• The TimEnterprise connector has been implemented (a time tracker tool that is widely used in The Netherlands);
• Users can now import Microsoft …

Clonezilla Live 2.1.1-25 Stable Is Available for Download

Clonezilla Live, a Linux distribution based on DRBL, Partclone and udpcast, that allows users to do bare metal backup and recovery, is now at version 2.1.1-23.

Clonezilla Live 2.1.1-25 should have been a new development version, but the developer has decided to turn it into a stable one. There’s nothing too fancy about this latest version, but people should upgrade nonetheless.

Highlights of Clonezilla Live 2.1.1-25:

• The underlying GNU/Linux operat…

FileZilla 3.7.0 RC1 for Linux Has an Improved Interface

FileZilla, a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of features and an easy-to-use graphical interface, has just reached version 3.7.0 RC1.

FileZilla 3.7.0 RC1 is a huge update and it brings a few new useful features. Here are a few highlights.

• The total transfer speed is now shown as a tooptip over the transfer indicators;
• A list of supported protocols is now provided in a tooltip;
• Reworded text is now di…

Areas Where LLVM’s Clang Still Needs Help

While LLVM’s Clang C/C++ compiler already has feature complete C++11 support and the developers have already been working on C++14 features, there are some open projects where the GCC alternative is in need of some assistance…

phpMyAdmin 4.0.0 RC4 Fixes XML Import

phpMyAdmin, the popular tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL databases, has just reached version 4.0.0 RC4.

There aren’t many changes from the previous release, but an RC means that they are getting closer to a stable version.

Highlights of phpMyAdmin 4.0.0 RC4:

• The codemirror has been activated in the query window;
• The XML Import function is now working properly;
• Users are now allowed to crea…

BSD Release: DragonFly BSD 3.4.1

Justin Sherrill has announced the release of DragonFly BSD 3.4.1, a UNIX-like operating system created in 2003 as a fork of FreeBSD 4.8: "Version 3.4 of DragonFly BSD is officially out." Big ticket items of the release include: "Experimental packaging system – dports uses the FreeBSD ports system….

SolydXK Added to Distrowatch Database

Today’s Distrowatch Weekly brought the news that a new distribution has been added to the official Linux database. You know what that means. It’s time to boot ‘er up. SolydXK is a Debian-based distribution aiming to easy to use, stable, and secure. Founders believe SolydXK would be suitable for home and small office settings. SolydXK […]

Calling Advanced Magento Developers


The checkout series of courses are designed to help advanced Magento developers dive into the architecture for specific areas of the checkout process. This knowledge enables the developer to customize and extend the checkout process for your business needs according to best practices. The following courses are now available:

Magento Checkout – Part I: Shopping Cart & Price Calculations

Learn To:

  • Identify and describe key elements of Magento Shopping Cart architecture
  • Customize/extend the process of adding products to the Cart
  • Use “Quote”, “Quote Item”, and “Quote Address” operations for creating new extensions and customizations
  • Identify and describe the “Total Models” schema in Magento
  • Use the “Total Models” architecture for extending/customizing the price calculation in the Magento Shopping Cart

“I was impressed by the amount of planning that had gone into creating this course, and I’m very happy with the new skills the instructor was able to teach me.” – Julian Read, Web Developer

Magento Checkout – Part II: Onepage Checkout

Learn To:

  • Trace the flow of steps and data during Onepage Checkout
  • Describe how to perform several types of customizations

Special Checkout Bundle: Purchase Checkout I, II, III and IV together and get 20% off (regular price $1550 – discount for the bundle $1250) * Next Checkout I series kicks off on May 6!

Magento Checkout – Part III: Shipping

Learn To:

  • Create new shipping method
  • Customize/extend/debug existing shipping methods
  • Customize shipping rates calculation

“Fast-paced; attention-grabbing and highly technical. This course knocked my socks off!” – Phillip Jackson, Senior Interactive Developer, Something Digital

Magento Checkout – Part IV: Payments

Learn To:

  • Create new payment method
  • Customize/extend/debug existing payment methods


*Purchase at least one (1) seat in each of Magento Checkout Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV within the same shopping cart and receive a fixed amount shopping cart discount of $300. This is an automatic discount and no coupon code is required. This discount cannot be combined with any other Magento U discounts or promotions.


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 314

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #314 for the week April 22 – 28, 213, and the full version is available here. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Released The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Scorpionfish. Not. Pablo Rubianes and Marcos Costales appointed to the Loco Council Welcome New Members and Developers Community […]

Wayland 1.2 Release Planned For June, XWayland

An extensive list of plans for the Wayland/Weston 1.2 release were shared by the project’s founder, Kristian Høgsberg…