AMD Sea Islands Support Comes To Radeon Gallium3D

Two days after AMD’s massive Radeon DRM driver patch-set that provided initial dynamic power management support as well as initial Radeon HD 8000 “Sea Islands” graphics processor support, the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver has been updated on the user-space…

How To Create A Fiber Channel SAN Using SCST With QLogic HBA On Linux Debian 6

How To Create A Fiber Channel SAN Using SCST With QLogic HBA On Linux Debian 6

I created this how-to as none of the other instructions on the
internet work correctly. This is done specifically  for Ubuntu and
Debian and is based on the 2.6.32 …

What can you do with a headless Ubuntu 64-bit server in 35 minutes?

There is an internet service that provides a Ubuntu server for use for 35 minutes.This article asks the question “What can you do with a server for 35 minutes?” Read more ….

Mozilla Firefox 23.0 Now In Beta With New Features

Mozilla has put Firefox 23 now in their beta channel for those wanting to test this next feature update to the open-source web-browser…

AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D Performance Has A Long Way To Go

With Fedora 19 presenting a nice “out of the box” experience for AMD Radeon HD 7000 series graphics using the open-source RadeonSI Gallium3D driver, benchmarks of the open-source driver were done and compared to previous generations of AMD hardware. Sa…

Ruby 2.0.0-p247 Is Available for Download

Ruby, an object-oriented language for quick and easy programming, has just reached version 2.0.0-p247.

Ruby 2.0.0-p247 is a stable release in this branch and comes with new features and improvements, in response to the increasingly diverse and expanding demands for Ruby.

Highlights of Ruby 2.0.0-p247:

• A vulnerability in Ruby’s SSL client, that could allow man-in-the-middle attackers to spoof SSL servers via valid certificate, issued by a trus…

Distribution Release: DoudouLinux 2.0

Jean-Michel Philippe has announced the release of DoudouLinux 2.0, a major new release of the project’s Debian-based distribution designed for children between 2 – 12 years of age: "We are very pleased to announce the release of DoudouLinux 2.0, with many long-awaited new features. Now you can discover….

KDE 4.11 Beta 2 Released with Experimental Wayland Support

The KDE Project just announced the immediate availability for download of KDE Software Compilation 4.11 Beta 2.

The beta version of the new Workspaces, Applications, and Development Platform are now available for testing.

Highlights of KDE 4.11 Beta 2:

• Qt Quick has been improved in Plasma Workspaces;
• The Nepomuk semantic engine has received further optimizations;
• Kontact has been improved and has received a new theme edito…

Wimlib: ImageX / DISM Alternative To Manipulate WIM Files In Linux [Ubuntu PPA]

Wimlib is a library that allows creating, modifying, extracting and mounting WIM (Windows Imaging Format) files. It comes with a free implementations of ImageX called “wimlib-imagex”, available for both Linux and Windows.WIM is a file-based disk image format developed by Microsoft for Windows Vista and later. The Windows Setup DVD uses such files for the […]

KDE 4.11 Beta 2 Is Now Available For Testing

The second beta of the KDE 4.11 Software Compilation has been released…

GhostBSD 3.1 Is Here For GNOME2 On FreeBSD

GhostBSD 3.1 has been released as the easy-to-use desktop FreeBSD spin with your choice of the GNOME2, Openbox, and LXDE desktop environments…

Canonical to push for Mir in Ubuntu 13.10

Canonical’s plans to push Mir, albeit using the XMir compatibility layer, into Ubuntu 13.10 so that the technology can be tested by users before its inclusion in next April’s 14.04 Long Term Support release     Read more at H-online

Burner Delivers on Phone Privacy Once You Get It Lit

If you’ve ever hesitated when giving out your phone number to someone, Burner may be for you. The app provides disposable, short-term phone numbers that you can use if you feel the need for some number privacy and don’t want your real number known. Use the temporary number, or "burner," for as long as necessary and then "burn" it when you’re done to eliminate excessive interruptions in your life.

Xfce4 Composite Editor: Easily Change Compositor Settings Not Available Via Window Manager Tweaks [Xfce]

Xfce4 Composite Editor is a tool that lets you easily tweak various Xfce window manager compositor settings that are not available in the Window Manager Tweaks settings panel.The tool has been created by Keith Hedger, the Xfce Theme Manager developer, and it allows changing the following composite settings:shadow opacity;Shadow delta X, Y, width and height;move […]

Second Beta of Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.11

Dot Categories: KDE Official NewsThe second beta of the 4.11 releases of Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform is available. The beta 2 release announcement has highlights, links to release details and download instructions. The development focu…

LibreOffice 3.6.7 RC1 Updated with New Features

The Document Foundation has announced that the first RC1 version for LibreOffice 3.6.7 is now available for the Linux platform, bringing a lot of bug fixes and improvements. The new LibreOffice 3.6.7 RC1 has arrived just a couple of weeks after another stable, and more advanced version, 4.0.4, was released. Highlights of LibreOffice 3.6.7 RC1: • The complete names of the areas are now added in the pivot table; • Various typos have been cor…

Nouveau Gets H.264/MPEG2 Decoding From VP2

Patches published this week allow for H.264 and MPEG2 video decoding on certain NVIDIA GeForce GPUs via the VP2 PureVideo HD hardware engine…

Ubuntu Planning on Shipping Mir in 13.10

In Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, the giant, insane, cyborg bear named Shardik is known by the forest dwelling people around his territory as Mir, the world beneath the world. Ubuntu’s naming of Mir probably leans more towards the African heritage deriving the name from “Mayor”, or “Leader”, but personally I like the insane bear […]

New MintBox 2 is on its Way

Last year the Linux Mint project in association with CompuLab introduced the mintBox, a tiny Linux Mint computer about the size of a cable modem. “It’s tiny, it’s silent, it’s extremely versatile,” so said Clement Lefebvre, founder of Mint. Well, today, Lefebvre previewed the next generation of MintBox. In June 2012 the original mintBox shipped […]

How to replace Ufw with Firewalld in Linux Mint 15

Firewalld and Ufw, the Uncomplicated FireWall, are two firewall management applications installed in some of the most popular Linux distributions. Ufw is the default firewall application installed in distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu, while Firewalld is the default in Fedora, where it replaced the old firewall application when Fedora 18 was released. It is […]