GStreamer 1.0.9 Officially Released

GStreamer, a development framework for creating applications such as media players, video editors, and so on, has finally reached version 1.0.9. The GStreamer project has announced that a new API and ABI-stable 1.x series, which makes up the GStreamer multimedia framework, has been released. This is rather small update, which is in contrast with the 1.1.3 version launched yesterday and which featured a large number of changes. “When we asynchronousl…

KTAP Tracing Expands On The Linux Kernel

The KTAP scripting dynamic tracing tool for Linux has seen its second major release…

qBittorrent 3.0.11 Improves Upload Speed

qBittorrent, a multi-platform BitTorrent client developed in C++/Qt4 by Christophe Dumez, that is designed to run on all major platforms, is now at version 3.0.11.

qBittorrent 3.0.11 brings a few much-needed fixes, and this release seems to be more for maintenance and less for new features.

Highlights of qBittorrent 3.0.11:

• More fine tuning of upload slots has been done;
• Edit and rename functions have been enabled via F2 or by double c…

Monitoring Software Zabbix 2.0.7 Is Available for Download

Zabbix, an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution, released under the GPL (free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use), is now at version 2.0.7. Zabbix 2.0.7 is not a large release, with a small number of fixes and just a few new minor features. Highlights of Zabbix 2.0.7: • The performance of Oracle back-end has been improved; • Updating the configuration cache is now working better; • The …

Meet PrestaShop Russia: the most flexible e-commerce software was presented to Russian market

On Friday, 26 July PrestaShop Russia presented the progressive e-commerce solution to the Russian audience. It was the first conference dedicated to the future plans and further work directions. The overall atmosphere was very friendly everyone got answers to their … Read more

Korora Linux: More Than Just Another Fedora Clone

Korora Linux has the potential to grow in popularity among users looking for a better, more user-friendly Linux distro that reaches beyond Fedora’s enterprise appeal. Korora 19, released on July 2, is an interesting Linux OS based on Fedora, the community version of parent company Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux. Korora is packed with lots of additional packages, however.

Canonical Starts Work On Mir Multi-Monitor Handling

One of the feature limitations of using the Mir Display Server up to this point has been when using multiple monitors (or say a laptop connected to a projector) the only display configuration possibility is using a cloned mode whereby the screens are t…

QuiteRSS 0.13.2 Is Yet Another Google Reader Alternative with Great Potential

QuiteRSS, an RSS/Atom feed reader written on Qt/С++ that is loaded with tons of useful features, is now at version 0.13.2.

QuiteRSS 0.13.2 may not be a stable version just yet, but it comes with feed and news filters, proxy configuration, feed import wizard, automatic update, OPML important and export capabilities, and a lot more.

Highlights of QuiteRSS 0.13.2:

• Network requests now provide users with options when updating feeds;
• The st…

GNOME: GUADEC 2013 Starts Tomorrow

By Jan Symon (Jan Symon) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jan Symon (Jan Symon) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Members of the GNOME project are gathering in Brno, Czech Republic, for their annual European conference (GUADEC). The event starts on Thursday 1 August. There will be four core days of presentations, including talks on Linux gaming, Wayland, design, GTK+, documentation, LibreOffice, application sandboxing, and much much more. The full schedule can be found on the GUADEC website.

This is the main GNOME event of the year and, as with every year, is set to be educational, inspiring and a lot of fun.

For those who are already in Brno, a welcome event is being held today Ventana Café between 16:00 and 21:00. This is right across the the street from this year’s venue at the Faculty of Information Technology. Drinks and snacks will be provided, and conference badges will be handed out.

If you won’t be at GUADEC this year, don’t worry: you can follow all the action online. There will be regular reports on (subscribe here). You can also keep track of the conference on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Just follow the GNOME account, and look out for the #guadec hashtag.

MediaTek mints Big.Little quad-core SoC, octa-core coming

MediaTek announced a quad-core system-on-chip with dual ARM Cortex-A15 and dual Cortex-A7 cores that is said to be the first Big.Little SoC to operate all four cores simultaneously. The tablet-focused MT8135 is further equipped with a new PowerVR Series6 G6200 GPU from Imagination Technologies, and will be followed by an eight-core “True Octa-Core” Big.Little SoC […]

What If Ubuntu Edge Misses Fundraising Goal?

It’s beginning to look as if the naysayers are right about Mark Shuttleworth’s hopes to raise $32 million to produce about 40,000 Ubuntu Edge devices. It ain’t going to happen, unless he manages to pull another rabbit out of the hat. Right now, his Indiegogo campaign is stalled at a little over $7 million, where […]

MySQL 5.6.13 GA Officially Released

MySQL, one of the most popular open source databases in the world, has just reached version 5.6.13. As usual, any new version of MySQL brings lots of improvements and version 5.6.13 makes no exception. Highlights of MySQL 5.6.13: • Program options can no longer be specified in full or as any unambiguous prefix; • The C API libmysqlclient shared-library .so files is now at have version 18.1.0; • InnoDB no longer fails to open a t…

Network Intrusion Prevention System Snort Gets Performance Improvements

Snort, an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) developed by Sourcefire, which combines the benefits of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection, is now at version

This is not a large release, but quite a few fixes and improvements have been implemented. Users have been asked to update to the latest version.

Highlights of Snort

• Several performance improvements have been implemented in ord…

SeaMonkey 2.20 Beta 3 Improves Private Window Functionality

SeaMonkey 2.20 Beta 3, a web browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing suite, has been released.

SeaMonkey 2.20 Beta 3 shows that the developers are very serious and that they are pushing a lot of updates for this software.

Highlights of SeaMonkey 2.20 Beta 3:

• Some private windows are no longer appearing in the Undo close window list;
• The Private Browsing shortcut key has been changed because it conf…

NVIDIA Buys PGI Compiler Company To Help OpenACC

NVIDIA announced earlier this week that they have acquired The Portland Group (PGI), a company well-respected for their code compilers…

Canonical Explains the Ubuntu Forums Intrusion Step By Step

Canonical has decided to finally shed some light on Ubuntu Forums hack from last week and the company has detailed the intrusion step by step. The Ubuntu Forums were hacked last week and 1.82 million accounts got compromised. Canonical has taken this intrusion very seriously and has released a comprehensive statement, after it managed to get everything running again. Long story short, the hacker managed to get his hands on a moderator account, which he then used to ga…

New Google Chrome 28 Stable Version Released on All Platforms

Google Chrome, a browser built on the Blink layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 28.0.1500.95.

It’s been a while since Google released a stable version of its Internet browser. Even so, the current release integrates most fixes and not a lot of new features.

Highlights of Google Chrome 28.0.1500.95:

• Origin bypass in frame handling has been fixed;
• A type confusion in V8 has been co…

Google Details PNaCl Native Client LLVM Bitcode

Google has begun making public the details concerning their Portable Native Client (PNaCl) implementation…

Distribution Release: Superb Mini Server 2.0.5

Superb Mini Server (SMS) 2.0.5 has been released. SMS is a Slackware-based distribution designed for servers and featuring Webmin, a web-based system administration utility. From the release announcement: "Superb Mini Server version 2.0.5 released (Linux kernel 3.4.55). SMS-2.0.5 features the latest LTS Linux kernel 3.4.55 and brings several….

Linux Is Still A Lemon On The 2013 MacBook Air

While the 2013 Haswell-based Apple MacBook Air has been on the market for the better part of two months, the Linux kernel still isn’t playing nicely with this very light laptop that under OS X boasts a long battery life…