Ubuntu: 1968-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Several security issues were fixed in the kernel. Read more ….

Development Release: Matriux 3 RC1

Prajwal Panchmahalkar has announced the availability of a release candidate for the upcoming new version of Matriux, a Debian-based security distribution designed for penetration testing and forensic investigations: "Matriux is primarily designed for security enthusiasts and professionals, but it can also be used by any Linux user as….

Dropbox 2.4.0 Arrives with Better Upload and Download Speed

Dropbox 2.4.0 final, a client for an online service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, no matter the platform, is now available for download and testing. A new stable version of Dropbox has been released after numerous development versions that brought a number of new features and changes. According to the developers, this is mostly designed for the Mac, featuring Import from iPhoto, Mavericks support, and a few others. Other …

WordPress 3.7 Beta 1

I’m pleased to announce the availability of WordPress 3.7 Beta 1. For WordPress 3.7 we decided to shorten the development cycle and focus on a few key improvements. We plan to release the final product in October, and then follow it in December with a jam-packed WordPress 3.8 release, which is already in development. Some […]

Ubuntu: 1969-1: Linux kernel (OMAP4) vulnerabilities

Several security issues were fixed in the kernel. Read more ….

Nouveau Keeps Pushing Forward With Improvements

While the Nouveau driver has been developed entirely through reverse-engineering the NVIDIA binary blob and is largely developed by community-based developers (many of whom are students), they have made a lot of progress in recent months in pushing for…

Gallium3D’s LLVMpipe Is Good Enough For Teaching

While Gallium3D’s software-based LLVMpipe driver that runs off the CPU isn’t good enough for real-world gaming use or other cases, it can be a good driver to use for learning OpenGL and experimenting…

Distribution Release: Raspbian 2013-09-25

Eben Christopher Upton has announced the release of Raspbian 2013-09-25, a Debian-based distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board mini-computer. It can be downloaded either as a standalone product or as part of NOOBS 1.3, a beginner-friendly compilation of several popular operating systems for the "Pi". From the….

GNOME Software preview on Fedora 20 alpha

GNOME Software is a Fedora project, so I don’t think it is available on any other distribution at this stage. It’s definitely not available on pre-release editions of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. Here are some screen shot of it, which I took from a test installation of Fedora 20 alpha. Read more ….

Ubuntu 13.10 final beta: Ubuntu for smartphones is almost here

There are lots of interesting things ahead for Ubuntu desktop users in the next release, but what’s really going to be important is how well Ubuntu does on the smartphone. Read more ….

Magento’s Guide to Shop.org


With more than 4,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 100 speakers headed to Chicago next week for Shop.org’s 2 ½ day Summit, there are a lot of events to keep track of. We want you to spend less time with your nose in the schedule and more time learning how to rock retail, so we created our own Shop.org Guide.

Monday, September 30
Check-in, throw on your favorite outfit, and then run over to Public House at 7:00 pm. Drinks and food are on us – including the secret signature cocktail from our partners at Guidance. (Tip: RSVP here to guarantee your spot!)

Tuesday, October 1
This is a big day. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • 7:45 am: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to fill up now. (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 8:15 am: Kick off the Summit with the opening keynotes from NRF and Tory Burch. (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 10:15am: Word of mouth is crucial. So crucial, that we’re spreading the word about Jonah Berger’s presentation on “Why Things Catch On”. (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 1:00 pm: Swing by the Expo Hall to get some one-on-one help on your website fro, the pros at Precision Dialogue and e-Tailing Group.
  • 1:30: You’ve got 15 minutes to get to the next session, but stop by Magento’s booth (#603) on the way for a chance to play #MagentoMania. (Unless you don’t want $500, in which case, nevermind?)
  • 1:45: Find out what 15 things you can do to make more money next week in this breakout session with Razorfish, Mass Relevance, and more. (Room E353)
  • 3:30: One more breakout session before the reception. You can do this! We recommend this one. It’s all about the experience. (Room E450 A)
  • 6:00 pm: You did it! Now go celebrate your hard day’s work. Head over to the Field Museum for the reception. There are even free shuttles from Lakeside Center.

Wednesday, October 2

  • 7:45: You’re two days into this event. Breakfast is crucial. (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 8:15: Soak up some words of wisdom from the woman herself, Shop.org’s Vicki Cantrell. Then enjoy the comfort of your seat a little longer and stay until 9:30 to learn more about the importance of your Digital DNA. (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 10:15: Where do you go from here? Good question. Find out in this panel with OpenSky, Long Future Media, Wanelo, and Trunk Club. Bonus: You can still stay in your seat! (Lakeside Ballroom E354)
  • 12 pm: Have you played #MagentoMania yet? Swing by while everyone else is off at lunch for your chance at $500 (booth 603).
  • 1:15: We think Nike’s done a pretty good job at… well, everything. American Express, Saks, and HSN aren’t too shabby either. Learn how to connect customers to what they love from this expert panel. (Room E450 A)
  • 2:15: Time for an afternoon pick-me-up. Productivity: Brought to you by coffee.
  • 3:00 pm: Last breakout session of the event! We recommend checking out this promising session with Threadless, Sephora, and more. (Room E451 AB)

Whew, that’s a lot of great sessions. See you Monday night at Public House!



Distribution Release: Parted Magic 2013_09_26

Patrick Verner has announced the release of Parted Magic 2013_09_26, a specialist live CD that comes with a collection of utilities for disk management and data rescue tasks: "Parted Magic 2013_09_26. This version of Parted Magic includes a new GUI for Secure Erase, a GUI for ddrescue, it….

The State Of Open-Source ARM GPU Drivers

Rob Clark of the fast-growing Freedreno project provided a status update earlier this week at the X.Org Developers’ Conference concerning his open-source ARM Qualcomm graphics driver, the Lima driver for ARM’ Mali, GRATE for NVIDIA’s Tegra, and Etnaviv…

Full Circle Magazine #77 has arrived!

  Full Circle – the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our seventy seventh issue. This month: * Ubuntu News * Command & Conquer * How-To : Python, LibreOffice, and Lazarus. * Graphics : Blender, and Inkscape. * Review: Elementary OS * Book Review: Instant XBMC plus: […]

How to install phpIPAM (IP Address Management) application on ubuntu 13.04 Server

How to install phpIPAM (IP Address Management) application on ubuntu 13.04 Server Read more ….

MATE 1.8 and Cinnamon 2.0 Confirmed for Linux Mint 16

In a recent announcement about a new Update Pack for the Linux Mint Debian Edition operating system, Clement Lefebvre has revealed that the upcoming Linux Mint 16 distribution will include Cinnamon 2.0 and MATE 1.8. It’s official! The highly anticipated Linux Mint 16 (Petra) will include the yet-to-be-released Cinnamon 2.0 and MATE 1.8 desktop environments, as the Linux Mint developer revealed in a recent blog post “LMDE ISOs will be updated with Update Pack 8 after the Mint 16 r…

XBMC Prepares Support For Running Emulated Games

Work is being prepared to merge support into the XBMC multimedia software so that support for various emulated/retro gaming platforms can be played and presented directly within the XBMC software…

Wine 1.7.3 Brings New Gecko Engine Based on Firefox 24

Alexandre Julliard has just announced a few minutes ago, September 27, that yet another development release of the powerful Wine software is available for download and testing. Wine 1.7.3 introduces a brand-new version of the Gecko engine, which is now based on the recently released Mozilla Firefox 24 web browser. Initial support for the Direct3D command stream has been added, as well as support for the IPHLPAPI functions on the Android platform.Moreover, this developme…

Texinfo 5.2 Gets More Options

Texinfo, the official documentation format of the GNU project that was invented by Richard Stallman and Bob Chassell, is now at version 5.2.

According to the developers, Texinfo 5.2 uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats, both online and printed (dvi, html, info, pdf, xml, etc.)

Highlights of Texinfo 5.2:

• The new commands @inlinefmtifelse, @inlineifset, @inlineifclear have been added, for more brace-delimited alternative…

Wine 1.7.3 Readies D3D Command Stream Improvements

Wine 1.7.3 is now out as the latest bi-weekly development release of Wine. This time around it does some preparation work on the Direct3D command stream support…