Silly Names, GNOME Wayland, & SUSE Growth

Today’s highlights include another silly-names-of-open-source post, this time by Bryan Lunduke. Sam Varghese spoke to Nils Brauckmann, SUSE president, about their latest successes. Nick Heath is reporting of more Munich Open Source migration. covered a post by Matthias Clasen on Wayland in GNOME and Michael Meeks blogged on his response to the UK Cabinet […]

Qt For Tizen Alpha 6 Arrives

The sixth alpha development version of Qt for Tizen is now available…

How to use KVM from the command line on Debian or Ubuntu

There are different ways to manage virtual machines (VMs) running on KVM hypervisor. For example, virt-manager is a popular GUI-based front-end for VM management. However, if you would like to use KVM on a headless server, GUI-based solutions will not be ideal. That is when virsh comes in handy. virsh is a command-line tool for […]

Grive Tools – Ubuntu Google Drive Client version 1.5 released

The Fan Club is proud to announce the release of Grive Tools version 1.5. The new version features improved Ubuntu desktop integration for Unity, KDE, Gnome and LXDE. Translations for Afrikaans, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese has also been added. Read more ….

App Converter Bridges Tizen-Android Divide

The first Tizen phones may still be on the horizon, but at least one software provider is already planning ahead. Infraware Technology debuted software that can port Android apps to the Tizen mobile OS without additional development or customization. Both Android and Tizen are based on Linux, of course, but that doesn’t mean their native apps are compatible.

Announcing Trusty Tahr Beta 1

The first Beta of Trusty Tahr (to become 14.04 LTS) has now been released for testers and early adopters. This beta features images for Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu and the Ubuntu Cloud images. These are not to be used as stable systems but please do test for bugs to […]

Mesa 10.1 Has Been Delayed

Ian Romanick of Intel has decided to delay the release of Mesa 10.1 due to outstanding patches that have yet to be merged and fully tested…

PeaZip | Advanced File and Archive Manager for Linux

Most of the Linux distributions comes pre-installed with an archive manager such as “File roller”, which is quite good archive manager and it supports variety of archive file formats. However, the graphical user interface didn’t change a bit since a long time and it lacks of some necessary functions you might need for compressing and extracting […]

Behind the Scenes – March 2014

This lore-packed March brings Grandmaster questing, the return of Zaros himself, the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest and tons of tweaks from your feedback.

13-Way R600/RadeonSI GPU Comparison With Mesa 10.1 On Ubuntu 14.04

With the imminent release of Mesa 10.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS landing this updated open-source 3D graphics stack at the last minute, here are some benchmarks of this preliminary open-source GPU driver stack of Ubuntu 14.04 with Mesa 10.1 and the Linux 3.13 kernel. With Mesa 10.1 there is now also Unigine Heaven & Valley benchmarks that are now compatible with the Radeon Gallium3D drivers.

Ubuntu Derivatives Do Their 14.04 LTS Beta Releases

The Ubuntu flavors that participate in doing development builds are today releasing their first beta of the 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr” release…

Debian Ported To OpenRISC Architecture

A Debian port is now available for OpenRISC…

Development Release: Xubuntu 14.04 Beta 1

The Xubuntu development team has announced that the first beta release of Xubuntu 14.04 is now ready for download and testing: "The Xubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Xubuntu 14.04 Beta 1. This is the first beta towards the final LTS release, and with it….

Google Issues Clarion Call for Project Ara Devs

Google is ramping up its plans to bring the Project Ara modular smartphone to market by scheduling its first developer conference. The company will hold the conference on April 15-16 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. A limited number of developers will be able to attend the conference in person, but anyone can participate online through a live stream and interactive Q&A.

Google’s Coreboot Bay Trail “Rambi” Support Improves

After Google landed “Bay Trail” support in Coreboot and then followed up with more Bay Trail changes for a forthcoming Chromebook with one of these low-power processors with in-house graphics, the support for this “Rambi” device is being rounded out…

Intel Broadwell “Gen8” Support Comes To VA-API

The Video Acceleration API (VA-API) library now has support for Intel’s upcoming Broadwell (Gen8) graphics processors for GPU-based video encode/decode support…

New $25 Firefox OS Phones Make Waves in Barcelona

                    At the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this week, there was much news on the open source phone front. As we repoorted, Nokia announced the Nokia X and X+, four-inch phones running Android that will become part of Microsoft’s mobile portfolio when its acquisition […]

MWC Update – Question Closed

The Firefox stand has been crowded and loud this week, but the most clear voice from our floor has been a single chorus of collaboration. Our celebration of 16 launches across 15 countries with four global operators and as many … Continue reading

Qt 5.3 Alpha Released

Digia has released the first alpha release of the Qt 5.3 tool-kit this morning…

Qemu 2.0 Might Arrive in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Testers Wanted

Serge Hallyn from the Ubuntu Virtualisation team has proposed recently the inclusion of the soon-to-be-released Qemu 2.0 application in the forthcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) Linux operating system.

The developer has already started to build Ubuntu package for the Qemu 2.0 application based on the current Git HEAD, which can be found at, along with LXC, Eucalyptus, and libvirt packages.

“We are hoping to g…