How to Change Umask Value Permanently in Linux

The following tutorial will teach all Linux users how to permanently change the Umask value in their operating systems. It is recommended especially for fresh installations (see below why).

What is Umask? Well, we can tell you that UMASK stands for User Mask or User file-creation MASK, and it is the default permissions base used for newly created files and folders.

The above translates into the ability of any Linux-based operating system to add a default set of permissions for new files (in…

Microsoft’s Merry-Making MS-DOS Code Caper

Well it’s the end of another March here in the Linux blogosphere, and that can mean only one thing: the arrival of another April Fools’ Day. As if on cue, Microsoft recently made an eminently Fools’ Day-worthy move. “On Tuesday, we dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows,” wrote Roy Levin, managing director for Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

GNOME: Karen Sandler Steps Down as GNOME Foundation Executive Director

Karen Sandler

Karen Sandler has been serving as GNOME Foundation Executive Director since June 2011. Today she announced that she will be leaving the post, to take up the position of Executive Director at the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Announcing her departure, Karen said: “Working as the GNOME Foundation Executive Director has been one of the highlights of my career.” She also spoke of the achievements during her time as Executive Director: “I’ve helped to recruit two new advisory board members… and we have run the last three years in the black. We’ve held some successful funding campaigns, particularly around privacy. We have a mind-blowingly fantastic Board of Directors, and the Engagement team is doing amazing work. The GNOME.Asia team is strong, and we’ve got an influx of people, more so than I’ve seen in some time.”

“With all these achievements, I think it’s time for me to hand the reins over to someone new, who can bring their own personal strengths to the role.”

Though Karen will no longer be the GNOME Foundation Executive Director, she will still be a part of the GNOME project. She has announced her intention to run for the Board of Directors, and wrote “I will stay on as pro bono counsel, and of course I’ll continue volunteering in other ways.”

Thanks and good wishes from the GNOME community have already started to pour in. Emmanuele Bassi, a Foundation Board member, said “I’d like to thank you for your great, indispensable work over the past few years. Your enthusiasm and involvement in GNOME have been incredible and inspiring.”

Meanwhile, the GNOME Foundation Board has already started to consider potential candidates for a new Executive Director, and interested parties should email Arrangements have also been made to ensure that the Foundation continues to run smoothly.

Distribution Release: Grml 2014.03

Michael Prokop has announced the release of Grml 2014.03, a Debian-based live CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software designed for system administrators and suited for administrative tasks including system rescue: "We just released Grml 2014.03 – Ponywagon. This Grml release provides fresh software packages from Debian testing….

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 552

This week in DistroWatch Weekly:
Reviews: Welcoming Tanglu 1.0
News: Ubuntu GNOME gains LTS status and discusses GNOME desktop versions, PC-BSD corrects update issue, SliTaz gains ARM port and Digital Era offers tips on staying safe on-line
Tips and …

Free to Play HiScores, Action Bar Sharing and Clan Messaging

Free players are back on RuneScape’s HiScores. You can also share your best action bar setups with friends, and broadcast important messages to your clan!

Solomon’s General Store – Shadow Heroes

Visit Solomon’s General Store today and pick up the Shadow Heroes; four new shadow-themed outfits inspired by some of RuneScape’s greatest heroes!

Beautiful Zukitwo Theme Is the First One for GNOME 3.12

Zukitwo, a beautiful theme designed for GNOME 3.12 that makes use of the GTK2 engine Murrine and the GTK2 pixbuf engine, is now at version 2014.03.29. The Zukitwo theme has been updated shortly after the release of GNOME 3.12 and it’s probably the first theme to support the new version of GNOME. A lot of other themes will probably follow soon, but coincidentally Zukitwo is also one of the best ones around. According to the changelog the GNOME 3.12 update is practically the only thing t…

Mozilla Supports LGBT Equality

Over the past few days we have been asked a number of questions about Brendan Eich’s appointment as CEO. This post is to clarify Mozilla’s official support of equality and inclusion for LGBT people. Mozilla’s mission is to make the … Continue reading

WordPress 3.9 Beta 3

The third (and maybe last) beta of WordPress 3.9 is now available for download. Beta 3 includes more than 200 changes, including: New features like live widget previews and the new theme installer are now more ready for prime time, so check ‘em out. UI refinements when editing images and when working with media in the editor. We’ve also brought […]

Podcast – Fate of the Gods

A Q&A podcast with the Fate of the Gods team. Listen now on RuneScape’s PodBean page!

KDE to Attend Freedesktop Summit 2014

Next week, from Monday the 31st of March to the 4th of April (Friday), developers from the major Linux desktops (GNOME, KDE, Unity and RazorQt) will meet in Nuremberg for the second Freedesktop Summit.
The summit is a joint technical meeting of develop…

GNOME: FreeDesktop Summit Underway in Nuremberg

Developers from the major Linux Desktops (GNOME, KDE, RazorQt and Unity) are currently meeting in Nuremberg for the second FreeDesktop Summit.

The summit is a joint technical meeting from developers working on ‘desktop infrastructure’ on the major Free Desktop projects and the event aims to improve collaboration between the projects by discussing specifications and the sharing of platform-level components. GNOME developers are in attendance, and one report is already online. More updates will be posted to Planet GNOME.

Like last year, the event is supported by SUSE.

Check the report from last year to get an idea of what this event is about.

Distribution Release: Musix GNU+Linux 3.0.1

Marcos Guglielmetti has announced the availability of Musix GNU+Linux 3.0.1, an update to the Debian-based distribution designed for musicians: "The development team of Musix GNU+Linux is proud to present version 3.0.1 Stable. This is a bugfix release related to installation fail due to lack of grub package. Also,….

KDE Ships Release Candidate of Applications and Platform 4.13

KDE has announced the Release Candidate of the 4.13 versions of Applications and Development Platform. With API, dependency and feature freezes in place, the focus is now on fixing bugs and further polishing. We kindly request your assistance with find…

GNOME 3.12 Released, ‘Sup Apache, King of Office

There was so much news today, I couldn’t fit it all into one post. Several interesting software topics surfaced today as well. First up, Glyn Moody asks, What’s Up with Apache Web Server? Jack Germain test-drove a new Linux office suite. And GNOME 3.12 was released! GNOME 3.12 was announced today at the home of […]

PHP session data is not deleted when using custom session management on debian (and ubuntu)

PHP session data is not deleted when using custom session management on debian (and ubuntu)
On debian systems (as far as I know this applies to ubuntu, too) the garbage collector for PHP sessions is disabled by default.
The corresponding setting in php…

Rounding numbers to special values in PHP – e. g. “nice prices”

Rounding numbers to special values in PHP – e. g. “nice prices”
Sometimes you need to round numbers to special values. Maybe you have a shop and want to calculate your selling prices automatically, but you don’t like prices like 12.52 USD.
Here’s a sma…

World Wine News Issue 366

WWN Issue 366 was released today.

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The Final Beta Is Out For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”

The final beta release is out of the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” Long-Term Support release… Read more at Phoronix