Merchants of Kaidan Trading Game to Arrive on Steam for Linux Soon

Merchants of Kaidan, a trading game developed and published by Forever Entertainment S. A. on Steam, will arrive on Linux soon.Many of the titles that are accepted into the Early Access Game program prove to be quite successful because they are usually FPS’ or some sort of an RTS. This is a trading game and this type of genre hasn’t been proven just yet.Merchants of Kaidan is a challenging trading game fused with lots of RPG elements. You start very humble, one cart, a purse of gol…

GNOME: GUADEC 2014 Core Days Finish


The main part of GUADEC 2014, the premier annual GNOME conference, has just ended in Strasbourg, France. The core days are made up of talks, keynote presentations, as well as the GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting.

The GUADEC core days have been packed with exciting, interesting talks. There were presentations on important initiatives in GNOME, such as Wayland and continuous performance testing. GTK+ had a strong presence, with talks on GTK+ dialogs, CSS, and the GTK+ Scene Graph Toolkit. There was also a whole day of talks on GTK+ applications.

The final core day ended with an enthusiastic lightning talk session (these are short, five minute talks on a subject of the presenter’s choosing), followed by a conference closing which included a standing ovation for the local organising team. The final day also included the third GUADEC keynote, delivered by Matthew Garrett, on the future of the desktop.

GUADEC would not be complete without social events, of course, and this year’s event was no exception. Highlights included a a snooker and pool evening and the regular GUADEC football match, which was followed by a picnic.

Another regular feature of GUADEC is the annual pants award, where one individual is picked out for their special efforts over the year. This year, that award went to Alexandre Franke, who was the brains behind this year’s GUADEC, and who also works to coordinate GNOME’s presence at FOSDEM.

GUADEC has been fantastic, as usual. There have been a lot of important, exciting discussions and talks, and the conference has been an opportunity to make important plans for the future. Though the core days are now over, the GNOME community will be busy in Strasbourg for three more days, as the schedule switches to working sessions (known as BoFs, or Birds of a Feather sessions).

Many thanks to the sponsors of this year’s GUADEC: Google, Red Hat, Igalia, SUSE, Ubuntu, Seafile,, and GitCafe. This wonderful event would not have been possible without your help.

Qt 5.4 Going Into Feature Freeze Next Week With Exciting Changes

The Qt 5.4 feature freeze is set to go into effect on 8 August with already there being a large number of changes for this next major Qt5 tool-kit release…

Manjaro Openbox 0.8.11 Preview Is Now Ready for Testing

A preview version of Manjaro Openbox 0.8.11, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories that are completely compatible with Arch, is now available for download and testing.

The Xfce flavor was the first to get a new preview version of the new 0.8.11 development branch, but now we can also test the Openbox release. This flavor should be even lighter than Xfce and that will be immediately noticeable on low-end systems.

The developers have updated the Lin…

Updated Source Engine Benchmarks On The Latest AMD/NVIDIA Linux Drivers

Benchmarks of Valve’s Source Engine games (and other Steam titles for that matter) aren’t done in all Phoronix driver tests and graphics card articles for various reasons, among which is that there’s other more GPU-demanding OpenGL tests to utilize for…

openSUSE Factory Adopts Rolling Release Model

The openSUSE developers have announced that openSUSE Factory, the development distribution of the project, has switched now to a rolling release model.

This rolling release model has been proposed for numerous other distros in the past and some teams decided to adopt it, while others kept the old system in place. But what is a rolling release? Basically, the developers don’t push big updates to the operating system with incremental versions and just update the OS whenever there is something w…

Eye of GNOME 3.13.3 Features Improved GUI Test Handling

Eye of GNOME, the official image viewer for the GNOME Desktop environment that can support a variety of image file formats, has advanced to version 3.13.3. Eye of GNOME can be used to view single image files as well as large image collections, and if the appropriate plugins are installed on the system, the application will be able to open even more image formats. According to the changelog, the deprecated GtkMisc and GtkAlignment usage has been dropped, the GUI test handling has been improve…

OpenSUSE Factory Turns Into Rolling Release Distribution

OpenSUSE “Factory” up to now has referred to the development version of the openSUSE Linux distribution while being announced by SUSE today is that it’s also going to serve as an independent distribution under a rolling-release development model…

Canonical Closes Jinja2 Exploit in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

A Jinja2 exploit has been identified and repaired in the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system by Canonical developers.

Only Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been affected by this problem, which was just a security issue. As usual, it’s a good idea to update the system even if it’s not a major problem or vulnerability.

“It was discovered that Jinja2 incorrectly handled temporary cache files and directories. A local attacker could use this issue to possibly gain privileges,” re…

Data Crow 4.0.1 Can Help Users Organize Their Collectibles

Data Crow 4.0.1, a media cataloger and organizer that can be used to manage all your collections in one product, has been released and is available for download.

Data Crow is an application that helps people keep track of their collections. Basically, this is a product that will allow its users to manage numerous kinds of items. It’s also capable of connecting to online sources and provide more information about your items. It needs Java 1.6 (or higher) from Oracle, but that’s just a small bu…

Darkwood Survival Game Gets a Linux Version

Darkwood, a top-down survival game developed and published by the Acid Wizard Studio, has arrived on Steam for Linux.

The developers say about the game that it’s a survival, exploration, and fear title set in mysterious woods somewhere in the territory of the Soviet Bloc. There’s an abundance of survival titles now on Steam and especially in the Early Access Game program.

Fortunately for Darkwood, this doesn’t seem to be your regular survival game. The fact that it has a top-down perspective…

“The World’s Most Highly-Assured OS” Kernel Open-Sourced

The seL4 kernel that’s an advanced, security-enhanced version of the L4 micro-kernel has been open-sourced by General Dynamics C4 Systems and NICTA…

Pulstar Twin-Stick Shooter Arrives on Steam for Linux

Pulstar, a fast and fun twin-stick shooter game developed by Concave Studio, Colorful Media, and Emagica, has arrived on the Linux platform.

The game has been out on Steam for a month, but now the developers have decided to also embrace the Linux platform.

“Pulstar is a fast paced arcade game that brings back the basic of its genre. No nonsense, just kill as long as you can to gain the highest score as possible! This concept gives Pulstar the challenge and high replay value real fans …

How to Play Hearthstone on Linux, Updated Tutorial

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the latest title from Blizzard and it’s developed for Windows, Mac OS, and iPad. There is no Linux support, but that doesn’t mean that Linux users can’t play it. It just takes a little bit of determination. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been out for quite some time and we made a short tutorial a while back, teaching Linux users how to make the game work on the open source platform. There is a twofold problem with this game. Hearthstone doesn’t run on…

Manjaro KDE 0.8.11 Preview 1 Is a Beautiful and Unique KDE Experience – Gallery

A preview version of Manjaro KDE 0.8.11, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, is now available for download and testing. Until now, only the Xfce flavor for the upcoming Manjaro 0.8.11 OS could be tested by users, but the KDE version has been made available as well. The Manjaro KDE flavor is different from most of the other distros out there and the devs have made a real effort so that their distro feels unique. Mos…

NVIDIA Is Working Towards VDPAU H.265/HEVC Support

NVIDIA is working on adding HEVC/H.265 video decoding support to VDPAU…

Meet Peach OSI 14.04, a New Linux Distro Based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS – Screenshots

Peach OSI, a new Linux distribution based on Xubuntu that aims to be friendly towards new users and to provide all the software that regular users need, has been released.

Peach OSI has been in the works for a couple of years, but only now did the developers release a stable version of the distribution. It’s based on Xubuntu, but the main interface is somewhat different from what you can find in that particular Ubuntu flavor. In fact, it resembles Mac OS X a little bit, although it’s very cro…

Hybrid RAID 1 (Mirror) of RAM drive & SATA HDD Using LVM with LUKS [and systemd unit file] on Fedora Linux

Hybrid RAID 1 (Mirror) of RAM drive & SATA HDD Using LVM with LUKS [and systemd unit file] on Fedora Linux
The IT industry has a continual balance between security and usability. Within this balance, performance usually affects usability. In the re…

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 376

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #376 for the week July 21 – 27, 2014, and the full version is available here. In this issue we cover: Finalized UOS Date: 12th – 14th November 2014 Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS released Ubuntu Stats Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour Elizabeth K. Joseph: The Official Ubuntu Book, […]

Manjaro 0.8.10 Gets Its Fourth Update Pack, Drops Linux Kernel 3.4.x

Manjaro 0.8.10, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, has received a new update pack, the fourth one so far.

Manjaro 0.8.10 was made available on June 9, so it’s a relatively new version, but the developers have been working hard to release a lot of updates for it. The update packs arrived in quick succession and all of them have been quite substantial.

In fact, Manjaro has to be one of the most updated Linux distrib…