The United States Postal Service notified merchants that it will be releasing an update to its postal rates API effective January 24, 2014. Details on the API changes are provided on the USPS web site.

Magento reviewed and tested the proposed changes with the latest versions of Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Community Edition, and Magento Go. Based on this work, we don’t expect Magento merchants to experience any issues with the API update.

Magento Platinum Industry Partner WebShopApps conducted their own tests of Magento Community Edition version 1.4 to 1.8 and Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 through 1.13 against this change. WebShop Apps concluded that “based on this research, we expect there will no interruption of service to USPS users on Magento.” Additional details of their findings can be found on the WebShopApps blog.

While the API changes won’t disrupt existing services, they will enable a previously announced price increase and changes to some of the services offered. As WebShopApps notes, notable changes include:

  • Price increase details as announced in the Sept 25, 2013 USPS press release require no action. Customers will automatically see the updated rates.
  • Standard Post service has been removed for zones 1 – 4, for both rates and labels. Customers who rely on this shipping method should ensure this will not have any negative repercussions.
  • Additional services offered by USPS include: “Priority Mail Express 1030 AM Delivery” and “First Class Metered.” Please note that these new services will not be automatically supported by Magento.

If you have additional questions about the USPS API or associated service changes, we recommend that you contact the USPS directly.


New eBay Enterprise and Magento Solution Powers Omnichannel Growth for Mid Sized Retailers


Imagine a new retail enterprise solution that leverages new technologies while maintaining a low total cost of ownership and an accelerated time to market. Today, that possibility becomes a reality with eBay Inc.’s new retailer solution.

Specifically geared towards enabling omnichannel success for mid-sized retailers, the new solution leverages existing gateways within eBay Inc.’s latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition and provides access to eBay Enterprise’s omnichannel enabling capabilities. Working jointly, Magento and eBay Enterprise can now provide emerging retailers with the same capabilities leveraged by the top 100 Internet Retailer companies.

“As our customers scale beyond $100 million dollars in revenue, flexibility and extensibility of ecommerce technologies become mission-critical to survival and success,” said Roy Rubin, chief operating officer of Magento. “We are excited to announce that new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers now have an unprecedented competitive edge in the marketplace with eBay Enterprise’s comprehensive omnichannel solution suite.”

More specifically, the new joint solution combines the highly flexible, open source front end customization of Magento Enterprise Edition with eBay Enterprise’s modular omnichannel solution suite that includes a retail optimized order management platform comprised of: distributed order management, omnichannel inventory visibility, store based fulfillment and drop ship management. The joint solution can also include modular options from eBay Enterprise’s Demand Generation, Fulfillment and Customer Service capabilities.

Additionally, the joint solution will be supported by a robust partner program leveraging Magento’s massive partner and developer network and specifically aligned to the unique needs of mid-sized retailers, and is available to both new and existing Magento Enterprise Edition customers.

“By integrating Magento with the eBay Enterprise omnichannel solution suite, new and existing Magento merchants can take advantage of our leadership in large scale retail technologies, and get access to the solutions they need to grow without having to re-architect or re-evaluate their existing storefront implementations,” said Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise. “Retailers large and small understand the importance of swift technology enablement as a strategy to win in an increasing competitive environment.”


Expanding Opportunities for Magento Merchants, Partners and Developers

Today marks a new chapter in the evolution of Magento. What started out as a simple vision to enable retailers to drive online sales has evolved into the world’s leading ecommerce platform. We are proud of what we have accomplished as an ecosystem and we are excited about our future as we continue to transform the retail landscape.

Today, we’re announcing that Magento has become part of eBay Enterprise. By combining the extensive capabilities of our leading organizations, we are bringing the ecommerce technology, multichannel operations and marketing services capabilities of eBay Inc. together under one umbrella. Moving forward, retail and brand partners of all sizes will find an unmatched portfolio of offerings that seamlessly deliver integrated commerce solutions to drive their revenue and growth. For Magento, it’s business as usual.

The organization will report into Mark Lavelle, who was most recently Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at eBay Inc. Mark has particular talent in imagining the future of online commerce, developing thoughtful strategy and finding untapped business value in new areas, something we know all of us will benefit greatly from. Mark will report directly into Chris Saridakis, President of eBay Enterprise.

We’re excited about the future of our combined organizations. In the coming months, you will be hearing more about how we plan to deliver more ways for our clients to compete and win in the ever-changing retail landscape.

image Roy
COO and Co-founder
image Chris
eBay Enterprise


cloud.IQ Offers Conversion Tools to Turn Abandoned Carts Into Sales for Online Retailers


Over 70% of shoppers recently admitted to sometimes abandoning carts while browsing online (OnePoll). This problem can be fatal for eCommerce businesses which have to offer their customers the best user experience possible, or risk losing sales to the competition. To solve these issues for online retailers, Magento Silver Industry partner cloud.IQ developed a cloud-based tool to remarket shoppers and ultimately, convert more sales, and cloud.IQ has already helped many businesses turn these abandoned carts into sales.

In August 2013 Alpine Elements started using cloud.IQ’s cartRecovery tool to track and recover abandoned carts by automatically remarketing, across multiple channels, to customers who drop out during the checkout phase. “Since implementing cartRecovery we have experienced at least a 25% increase in bookings, which is hugely significant,” says James Hardiman, founder and director of Alpine Elements. “We figured that people browsing online might abandon their basket on our site for a number of reasons. There are specific challenges for the travel sector. Many holidays are high value, can be complex and so people shop around more; people often want to talk to someone as there are the inevitable questions around quality of accommodation, insurance and more that need to be answered.”

For some customers, it’s even unleashed a new source of revenue. Outdoor clothing retailer SealSkinz implemented cartRecovery and consequently managed to avoid creating a website, full of so many features, that it would inevitably have become clunky and slow. The cartRecovery tool was an “absolute no brainer” in terms of return on investment, says Jez Wilson, Head of eCommerce at SealSKinz. Now 10-25% of SealSkinz’s total revenue comes from the sales made from originally abandoned carts.

Wilson also said, “Online retailers can reduce cart abandonment by improving their site layout, but there will always be those customers who drop out of a sale before it is completed. Not everyone will respond to re-engagement, but by placing a simple tag on our site and sending automated emails we have increased our sales.”

Across the board, the cloud.IQ reports that their tools have boosted their customer’s revenue by 5%.

To get merchants started, the free app audits a website’s abandoned shopping cart traffic and, using certified analytics, identifies the areas of a website which work best. If you want to upgrade to a complete remarketing campaign, there’s just a small, fixed fee but cloud.IQ will do all the set up and are on hand to support 24/7 after implementation.

Find out more about cloud.IQ here and download the free cartRecovery tool from Magento Connect here.


Signifyd Boosts Client’s Business With a Cloud-Based Fraud Prevention Solution


Every eCommerce business deals with fraud and chargebacks, and, for many businesses, managing fraud is still a very manual process that is not only frustrating, but cuts into the bottom line. To solve these issues for their client, GSM Nation, Magento Silver Solution Partner Signifyd used a cloud-based solution to automate the fraud prevention process. Here are the top results.


1. 80% Decrease in Manual Order Review: Signifyd’s solution saved GSM Nation hours of manual researching on Google, Facebook, and other sites. It scoured the web and combined public records, the social graph, device fingerprints, IP geolocation, proxies, issuing banks (BIN), cross merchant blacklists, search engines, maps and more. Signifyd then provided a single score that indicated the riskiness of a transaction, and all of the raw data to help with any remaining manual reviews. Click image to enlarge.

2. 20% Reduction in Fraud and 10% Increased Revenue:
GSM Nation was declining good transactions, such as orders from international customers and orders with different bill-to and ship-to addresses, because they were afraid those orders might be fraud. Signifyd’s solution validated these transactions almost instantly, which, in turn, increased revenue substantially. Signifyd also offers a Guaranteed Payments program to cover chargebacks.

3. Reduced Chargebacks to less than 1%: Signifyd detected when a fraudster bought something and notified GSM Nation immediately, using the same enterprise-grade technology in use by top Fortune 1,000 merchants.

Signifyd’s solution can also be integrated in minutes, not hours or days, with no upfront fees. This is a great option for businesses that don’t have technical support or developer resources because these solutions integrate with online stores in minutes. GSM Nation easily installed Signifyd through its extension in Magento Connect, at no charge.

For more on how Signifyd boosted GSM Nation’s business with their fraud prevention solution, join their webinar, “How to Reduce Manual Reviews and Reduce Fraud Using Signifyd with Magento,” on October 1, 2013, at 11:00 am (PDT). Register

Signifyd, one of the most widely adopted fraud prevention platforms, is also a Magento Silver Industry Partner. The first 100 customers who sign-up now for a two week free trial using Signifyd on the Magento Enterprise or Community Edition, will get up to 100 transactions per month free through January 1, 2014.


Enter To Win At The 2013 Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards


Magento Gold Industry Partner Canada Post is holding their second annual Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards event on September 25th in Toronto to recognize Canada’s leading online retailers—and reward the best of them with $1 million worth of total prizes!

Hundreds of Magento merchants are using their new extensions to provide shoppers with more choice and flexibility when it comes to shipping, delivery, tracking and returns. Enter now for a chance to win!

Award categories include:

  • Best Multi-Channel Retailer (Large and Small)
  • Best E-tailer (Large and Small)
  • Most Innovative Retailer (Large and Small)
  • Consumer Champion (as voted by Canadians)

Top four reasons to enter:

1. Serious prizes! Canada Post is providing $1 million in total prizes to the winners in the form of shipping contracts and marketing packages.

2. Opportunity to connect. Join e-commerce experts in the perfect environment to generate new ideas, potential partnerships and key business contacts.

3. Promote your brand. Showcase your business to media and would-be investors. Finalists will be recognized and honored for their hard work, entrepreneurial vision and contribution to Canada’s economy—whether they’re retail giants or small start-ups.

4. Entry submission is free. But don’t wait! The July 12th deadline for applying is fast approaching.

Watch the announcement of winners at last year’s Awards Gala

To learn more or apply, visit In the application, type in “Magento” as the e-commerce technology.

For more details about the Canada Post E-commerce Award application process, click here.


WebShopApps Earns Platinum Industry Partner


Magento welcomes WebShopApps as the newest Platinum Industry Partner. Established in 2008 and a Gold Industry Partner since 2011, WebShopApps has been a consistent, innovative leader in the development of eCommerce shipping solutions, with their products in use on a large number of sites worldwide. Because of their success in the Magento community, they have been hand selected to join as a Platinum Industry Partner.

“We’re truly honored to be a Platinum partner of Magento’s and feel this speaks to our years of dedicated work within the Magento community,” says WebShopApps owner Karen Baker. “But it’s also a direct reflection of the support and loyalty we’ve received from the many thousands of merchants who have utilized our products over the years. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to each and every one of them.”

WebShopApps has marketed over 40 advanced shipping extensions to date, and they show no signs of slowing down in 2013. At this year’s Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference, WebShopApps announced a partnership with the logistics company Cerasis on a new freight shipping extension, and also demonstrated an all-in-one, cloud-based shipping interface called ShipperHQ.

Visit WebShopApps at

Or learn more about ShipperHQ at


Magento Is The Leading eCommerce Platform For Alexa’s Top 1M Sites


The February 2013 edition of Tom Robertshaw’s quarterly eCommerce survey reports that Magento is the leading eCommerce platform among Alexa’s top one million sites for the third year in a row.

The survey analyzed the platform signatures of the Alexa top one-million websites and found that 26% of them are using Magento. Not only is this a 30% increase in market share since the February 2012 report, it is almost triple the number of sites using the second and third place platforms. This year, the survey also looked at the top 100,000 busiest sites and found that Magento powers 28% of the store sites on that list, which is more than double the number of stores using our closest competition.

“Our business keeps growing for one simple reason,” says Magento founder, Roy Rubin. “Our customers are succeeding.”

Thanks again to Tom Robertshaw for this survey, and to all of the merchants, developers, partners and community members who have found success on Magento platforms.

About Tom Robertshaw’s Survey:

The survey takes the list of the top 1 million sites as provided by Alexa (an Amazon-owned company). It then fetches the HTML document for the home page and analyses against a library of over 225 platform signatures that have been written. The accuracy of the survey is being improved with each edition as signature rules are added and reviewed.

Want to know more about how leading companies are succeeding with Magento? Read our Customer Success Stories.


AdRoll Becomes a New Magento Silver Industry Partner


Magento is proud to announce AdRoll, one of the most widely-adopted retargeting platforms, as a Silver Industry Partner and a Silver sponsor of this year’s Imagine eCommerce conference.

AdRoll helps businesses of all sizes re-engage potential customers who’ve already expressed interest in a brand with precise display ads across the web and on Facebook with Facebook Exchange (FBX). With their LiquidAds dynamic ad product, AdRoll takes personalization to the next level – enabling advertisers to retarget visitors with ads featuring the exact products they were recently browsing and recommended products for that specific person. AdRoll makes sophisticated advertising technology that previously required extensive integration and large budgets easy-to-use and cost-effective.

AdRoll’s extension will allow Magento users to:

  • Easily create an AdRoll account, place the necessary SmartPixel on their site and set up conversion tracking to measure advertising success in minutes
  • Seamlessly import a site’s product information without the need for a feed or any integration work
  • Produce stunning LiquidAds with the products users last viewed with no extra technical legwork or financial commitment.

In the ever-changing world of ad tech, it’s become clear that retargeting is a critical part of a marketer’s toolkit and will only continue to grow in importance over the next few years.

Check out AdRoll’s Integration on Magento Connect Today!


aheadWorks Becomes a Platinum Industry Partner


Magento welcomes aheadWorks to the Industry Partner Program as a Platinum Partner. With over 100 high-grade extensions and themes used by more than 25,000 Magento merchants, and 40+ official partners in 100 countries, aheadWorks is one of our most active partners. aheadWorks is committed to serving Magento merchants with continued releases of easy-to-use modules for Magento Community, Enterprise and Go.

Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states, ‘Platinum Partnership is much more than a shiny badge on the website. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and theme development.”

“We participate in many Magento events and are always ready to support the Magento ecosystem,” said Rabzonov.

Magento merchants are also welcome to take advantage of these aheadWorks services:

OnPulse (Magento mobile administration)

aheadCommerce (storefronts for tablets)

aheadMetrics (the ecommerce store analytics)

aheadWorks is a sponsor of 2013 Imagine eCommerce Conference. If you are going to be at Imagine you can meet the aheadWorks team in the Imagine Marketplace.


From First Click to Final Ship: New Shipping & Delivery Extensions Available


Magento knows that creating a seamless, end-to-end online shopping experience for your customers is critical to the success of your online store. It is important to think beyond set-up and marketing and consider what happens after your customer completes an online transaction.

Shipping, delivery and tracking are part of the operational logistics behind eCommerce that can help your business stand out from the competition. Magento has partnered with Canada Post, the only company to deliver to each of the 15 million Canadian business and residential addresses, to provide more choice and flexibility when it comes to shipping, delivery, tracking or returns for Canadian online shoppers. New extensions that connect with Canada Post are now available on Magento Connect.

By empowering online shoppers with greater transparency and control over decisions related to these key areas, you can help enhance long term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Canada Post’s strategic integration with the Magento platform will better enhance the Canadian consumer’s online shopping experience. This means your customer never has to leave your online store, from first click to the last leg of item delivery.

So what can you expect from the new Magento Canada Post extensions?

  • Set accurate customer expectations from the onset: discourage shopping cart abandonment with transparent total rates and expected delivery dates in the checkout process.
  • Choose from various convenient, local delivery options: Canada Post delivers to over 15 million addresses across Canada, so customers can get their package right to their doorstep. Because your customers lead different lifestyles, they can also choose to have their item delivered to the closest Post Office of their choice. Integrated with Google Maps, Canadians can choose from one of the 6,500 postal outlets across the country.
  • Keep customers up to date with tracking details throughout the process: We know there’s a lot of anticipation attached to receiving an item after purchase. Do you want to spend less time and money answering the question – where’s my item? Now, you can empower customers to get real-time tracking information about their parcel’s whereabouts. Customers don’t have to leave your online store to get the tracking information they want about their shipment.
  • Simplify tasks through automation: Now you can print shipping labels directly within your Magento admin panel, helping to further simplify shipping logistics for your business.
  • Keep customers satisfied: Provide your shoppers with simplicity and convenience with self-serve return labels within the online store. Making the return process easy will give shoppers a reason to come back to your online store another time.

You can choose from two Canada Post extensions from Magento Solution Partners. To learn more about the new features and functionalities, visit

Register for the Canada Post webinar on March 20th at 9AM PST



Shave Hours Off Your Fulfillment Time With ShipStation!

ShipStation, based in Austin, recently joined the Industry Partner Program as a Silver partner to help bring value to our Magento community. As a web-based shipping application, ShipStation helps thousands of merchants, most of who ship through multip…

Forrester Research Recognizes Magento Solution Partner Precision Dialogue in New Report


Magento congratulates Gold Solution Partner Precision Dialogue for being recognized as a “strong performer” in a Forrester Wave Report.

Forrester Research, Inc., a leading global research and advisory firm, recently released a report titled “The Forrester Wave™, Customer Engagement Agencies” (Q4 2012). The report focuses on a new breed of company that has emerged in recent years, customer engagement agencies (CEA).

Forrester defines CEAs as agencies that focus on defining customer-oriented business strategies and mapping them to tactics and execution. They help clients maximize customer profitability and optimize customer experiences by applying data and analytics to every interaction.

Forrester invited more than 50 agencies that deliver cross-channel, data-driven customer engagement strategy and services to participate in the study. Precision Dialogue was one of only 13 companies to be featured in the final report. Using a combination of client surveys, detailed case studies and executive briefings, participants were evaluated based on current offering, strategy and market presence.

Precision Dialogue (known as Metrics Marketing before November 1st) finished as a “strong performer.” The report provided the following assessment of Precision Dialogue’s capabilities: “Clients praise the agency’s strategic thinking across marketing, operations, and customer management, which it supports with rigorous ROI-backed business rationale.”

Precision Dialogue received the highest scores among all participants for business strategy capabilities and among the highest scores for analytics capabilities and technology integration. Precision Dialogue is the only Magento Solution Partner to be recognized in Forrester’s Customer Engagement Wave Report.

To download a complimentary copy of the report, please visit

Congratulations Precision Dialogue!


BareBones WorkWear Gets Smart (& Targeted) with their Offers

On their Magento site, BareBones WorkWear recently deployed Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted extension and almost immediately saw increases in conversion rates and average order values (AOVs). In this spotlight, Barebones’ CIO Steve Wylie talks to us about his experience with Fanplayr, a Magento Gold Industry Partner.

Tell us about BareBones WorkWear

We’re a retailer that has provided useful apparel, footwear, and accessories for work, life, and outdoor for over 15 years. We have five retail stores in Northern California and a successful online store at

Why did you select Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted Offers Platform?

BareBones pricing policy is a no-nonsense, every day discounted price. We don’t raise our prices, just to offer a discount. When we do offer purchase incentives, we want to make sure programs are well thought out, targeted at specific customers segments and that we maintain visibility and control over coupons collected and redeemed. Fanplayr gives us all this and more.

What has your Fanplayr deployment strategy been?

We first added Fanplayr’s tracking code to our site, and after three weeks we received a detailed report outlining detailed profiles of visitors’ behavior, for both those that converted and those that did not. We then set up campaigns targeted at profiles that would most likely be persuaded into purchasing through offers. We were also able to exclude segments that we felt did not need purchase incentives. We also added minimum purchase incentives at strategic points during the sales process.

Do you view Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted as a strategic tool?

Absolutely. Unlike other discount campaigns, with Fanplayr we can pinpoint who and when to target, with complete visibility into the effectiveness. We can make real-time adjustments to live campaigns without disrupting traffic flow. Since launching Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted platform, we’ve seen significant improvements to our conversion rates and average order values. We’re also pleased with Fanplayr’s performance-based pricing model where we pay only on successful purchase transactions. In a short period of time, Fanplayr has become an instrumental marketing tool for us.


Generate More Product Reviews for your Magento Shop, for Free!

Product reviews help establish consumer trust. They are essential for creating user generated content and increasing sales. The problem is that most sites aren’t able to convert their shoppers into reviewers. Most sites are only able to turn about 1% of their shoppers into active reviewers.

Yotpo is a new Magento Silver Industry Partner, specializing in social reviews. They boast an impressive 10% conversion rate of shoppers-to-reviewers. And they do it for free.

How does Yotpo do this?

Their most effective feature is called Mail After Purchase. This feature automatically emails shoppers, at a set time after purchase, encouraging them to leave a review. Yotpo has developed proprietary technology that enables shoppers to leave reviews inside the emails, making the process easy and effective. This feature alone is responsible for over 90% of reviews. What’s more, it helps turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers, by referring them back to the shop.

In addition to generating many more reviews for shops than other review systems, Yotpo has figured out how to use these reviews to help shops generate more sales.

Yotpo encourages reviewers to post their reviews directly to their social networks. This maximizes the visibility of the reviews, and promotes the shop being reviewed to new prospective buyers. Moreover, Yotpo allows shop owners to connect their business’ social pages to Yotpo, and automatically publish new reviews to their community. This encourages social conversation which drives both new and return customers to the site.

Yotpo provides Magento shop owners with deep analytics to help them better understand their customers. Furthermore, they provide useful moderation options: shop owners can choose which reviews to publish and which to hide. A nice bonus is that Yotpo is already translatable into many languages, and they provide an easy platform for shop owners to translate the widget into the language of their choice.

For more information, please refer to Yotpo’s extension page in Magento Connect:


Participate in Payment Fraud Study and Win an iPad 3 or iPad Mini


Your participation is requested. SignatureLink, a Magento Gold Industry Partner, is conducting a comprehensive payment fraud survey and analysis for the eCommerce industry. This brief, multiple-choice survey is your opportunity to contribute to an educational study of Magento users. You will also learn how your business stacks up against the Magento ecosystem in regards to fraud practices.

The survey results and analysis will be used to update and educate the entire Magento community on current payment fraud trends, technology, and best practices. All participants will receive an advance copy of the completed survey with analysis and a VIP invitation to attend a webinar in which the results of the survey will be discussed. Additionally, the survey results and study will be the topic of a breakout session at this year’s Imagine eCommerce Conference, April 8–10 in Las Vegas.

In appreciation for your participation, SignatureLink will randomly select two survey participants to receive a new iPad 3 or iPad Mini. The winning participants will receive notification within five days of the survey closing date. Your company name, website address, and personal contact information collected in the survey will not be shared, disclosed, or sold to any outside party. Your email address will be used only to verify your submission and send notification if you are selected as a winner.

To complete the survey, visit


Strengthening our Solution Partner Program


Enterprise Edition: Driving Magento’s Growth

Throughout Magento’s history, we’ve pushed ourselves to evolve our product and service offerings in order to support the growth and success of our customers. In the past couple of years, much of our growth has been driven by the widespread adoption of our Enterprise Edition offering. This product’s unique combination of features, flexibility and low total cost of ownership has attracted businesses ranging from industry-disrupting startups to established brands transacting hundreds of millions of dollars online. And our being part of eBay Inc. is accelerating this growth by opening up new opportunities for our customers and partners to access industry-leading capabilities and resources.

Innovation to Support Customer Growth

To help support the continued growth and success of our Enterprise customers, we are introducing innovations across every area of our business in the first half of 2013. The first of these moves is focused on strengthening a key driver of customer growth and success: the Magento
Solution Partner Program.

As our merchants’ needs become increasingly sophisticated, they need to feel confident that they can find the right Solution Partner to help them build, deploy and grow their online business. We’re strengthening our Solution Partner program to ensure that every Magento Solution Partner has demonstrated:

  • a strong knowledge of eCommerce and the Magento platform
  • a broad set of design, development, integration and marketing skills
  • and a record of successful Magento implementations

Raising the Bar for Solution Partners

We’re raising the bar for our partners by requiring them to meet more rigorous criteria, and by providing them with the resources they need to deliver the best possible Magento Enterprise implementations. The updated program includes:

  • rigorous training and certification requirements for every Solution Partner
  • ongoing monitoring of partner quality based on their customers’ satisfaction level
  • and improved tools for helping merchants identify the best partner to meet their needs

Introducing Magento Associates

We recognize that there are hundreds of system integrators worldwide that work with Magento but may not meet the requirements of the updated Solution Partner Program. We’ve created the Magento Associate program as a way for these companies to create or maintain a relationship with us while strengthening their Magento practice.

Our goal is to help Magento Associates develop the skills they need to become Magento Enterprise experts and engage in Enterprise implementations. These companies may or may not have the goal of joining the Solution Partner program, but we will provide them the resources and opportunity to do so if they choose.

By building both our Solution Partner and Associate programs, we’ll maximize the opportunities for the healthy growth of our ecosystem, while ensuring that only the most qualified companies are designated as Magento Solution Partners.

Looking Forward

Our commitment to customer growth success doesn’t stop there. In the weeks leading up to the 2013 Imagine eCommerce Conference we’ll be rolling out other enhancements to our product and service offerings that will set the foundation for our next wave of growth and the growth of our customers. Stay tuned for details on these efforts in the weeks ahead.

These new additions to the Magento family will continue to further position Magento Enterprise Edition as the solution of choice for innovative, agile online merchants. Our thanks to the merchants, Solution Partners, Associates and community members whose passion and commitment continues to fuel the growth of Magento.


BoostMyShop Offers an End of Year Treat

BoostMyShop is a Magento Silver Industry Partner for the second consecutive year.

Founded in 2009, the French based company solidifies its standing on the cutting edge of Magento extensions, zeroing in on the logistical solutions for stock managemen…

Pay and Get Paid Globally


Skrill is a Magento Silver Industry Partner and offers payment solutions to fit the needs of all sizes of shops. There are 2 payment solution options available from Skrill on Magento.

For merchants processing over €50,000 per month, Quick Checkout Enterprise (QCE) offers a one-stop-solution for all domestic and international payment processing.

QCE is a white-label payment processing solution, for global businesses that require best-in-class platform functionality, customisation and a reporting/analytics interface. QCE is connected to multiple card acquirers throughout Europe and offers a full suite of local payment options, as well as mail order/telephone order (MOTO) payments.

Popular features include:

  • 100 payment options
  • Multiple card acquirers
  • Authorize and capture
  • PCI-DSS level 1 security
  • Sophisticated risk and anti-fraud tools
  • Virtual terminal available for MOTO transactions
  • No merchant bank account required.

For those processing under €50,000 per month, the ideal solution is Quick Checkout (QC) which enables merchants to be up and running within 72 hours, through a single integration and contract. This customisable and flexible PCI certified solution allows seamless direct payment processing.

  • 100 payment options
  • PCI-DSS level 1 security
  • Full chargeback protection available
  • No merchant bank account required

Contact Skrill for more information:


Magento For A Cause: Healing Hoboken


The destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy has left many families, communities and businesses on the East Coast struggling to rebuild their homes and neighborhoods in the midst of the busy holiday season for families and businesses. As part of our ongoing commitment to our valued merchants, customers and partners, eBay Giving Works and PayPal have committed to financial donations. With so many impacted by Sandy, the Magento team also wanted to do our part to help with the rebuilding effort.

Magento territory sales manager Chris Simmons, a NJ native, wanted to help his fellow New Jersey Tech Meetup members around their initiative by working with the Magento team to donate a Magento Enterprise Edition eCommerce platform license. With over 50% of Hoboken flooded by Hurricane Sandy impacting schools, homes and hospitals we couldn’t’ be more honored to lend a hand in supporting fundraising to rebuild Hoboken. In addition to the Magento effort, our integration partner Red Stage Networks has pledged to donate development efforts to help build out the site. has raised over $26,000 to date and is over a quarter of the way to their goal of raising $100,000 to donate to the Hoboken Relief Fund. You can do your part in helping the cause by purchasing a t-shirt or hoodie online or making a donation of your choice