Australis UI Lands In Firefox Nightly, Install It In Ubuntu (PPA)

Australis, a new Firefox user interface, has finally landed in Firefox Nightly.The first thing you’ll notice when using Australis is its curved tabs and the clear distinction between foreground and background tabs. But that’s not all. The bookmarks bar was separated from the location bar and merged with the bookmarks menu, the forward button only […]

Australis Mate 1.6 Distribution (Based on Ubuntu 12.04)

Australis Mate 1.6 is developed by Jay Conway & Jesse Avalos. Australis L.T.S Mate edition is built from the L.T.S core of Ubuntu 12.04.2 using the Mate desktop. Australis guys hope to provide an of out box experience for the new Linux user and current with added stability of the Long term support mode. Also […]