Behind the Scenes – November 2014

Double XP weekend! The final part of the Elf City! New Treasure Trails! A brand new quest! It’s a RuneScape November worth shouting about.

BTS Video 123 – Broken Home

Mod Ollie and Mod Jack reveal the sinister secrets of Broken Home – RuneScape’s repeatable horror quest – in today’s Behind the Scenes video.

BTS Video 122 – Halloween Event

Join us – if you dare – for details of this year’s RuneScape Halloween event – Death’s Door – in our latest Behind the Scenes video.

BTS Video 121 – Beast & Ghost Drop Tables

Improved drop tables for beasts and ghosts are coming, and Mod Deg takes us through the mighty fine new rewards in today’s Behind the Scenes video.

Behind the Scenes – October 2014

Smarter summoned creatures, Ironman mode, better drops from beasts and ghosts and a Halloween quest and event are coming to RuneScape this October.

BTS 119 – Ironman Mode

The Ironman challenge is officially coming to RuneScape! Compete in hiscores and display exclusive titles to show off your skill and self-sufficiency.

BTS Video 118: Elf City Q&A with Osborne & Elfborne

Osborne meets Elfborne as the gates of Prifddinas get ready to open. Go Behind the Scenes for a final Q&A before the year’s biggest RuneScape update.

BTS Video 117 – Rune Value Improvements

Get more for your runes in next week’s Player-Power-voted Rune Value Improvements update. Mod Deg tells Behind the Scenes all about it.

Behind the Scenes – September 2014

Awesome RuneScape updates abound this September, with the Elf City, Grouping System, Rune Value Improvements, Pure Resets, Ironman modes and more!

BTS Video 115 – Barbarian Assault Rework and the Clan Cup 2014

Mod Ollie takes us beneath the Barbarian Outpost and Mod MattHe gives us the lowdown on the Clan Cup.

BTS Video 114 – Plague’s End

RuneScape’s longest-running quest series wraps up next week with Plague’s End. Mod John A and Mod Osborne tell us more in this week’s video.

Behind the Scenes – July 2014

Legacy Mode, a terrifying arachnid boss who drops level 90 two-handed weapons, Twitch integration and more are coming to RuneScape this July.

BTS Video 109 – Legacy Mode Beta

Take a Behind the Scenes tour of Legacy Mode’s key features – along with some of the combat tweaks coming with it – before the beta launch on Monday.

BTS Video 99 – Pranking JMods!

We have a special Behind the Scenes for you this week as we reach level 99 in Video Making.

Behind the Scenes – April 2014

This April, RuneScape sees a monkey vs cabbage throwdown, a quest heading back to Ashdale, high-level divination and a bunch of your voted-for updates!

BTS Video 97 – Fate of the Gods Part 2

In the second part of our Behind the Scenes video on the Fate of the Gods, we get a first look at the realm of Freneskae.

BTS Video 96 – Fate of the Gods Part 1

Zaros is back! Find out more with our latest Behind the Scenes video.

BTS Video 95 – One of a Kind

Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Raven to talk about One of a Kind – the lore-packed Grandmaster quest coming next week!

Behind the Scenes – March 2014

This lore-packed March brings Grandmaster questing, the return of Zaros himself, the Mahjarrat Memories miniquest and tons of tweaks from your feedback.

BTS Video 93 – Revolution

Revolution’s coming next week, and Mod Dean’s here to take it through its paces in our latest Behind the Scenes video.