Behind the Scenes Video 45: Wilderness Warbands

Behind the Scenes went into the Wilderness to find out who’s been setting up camp there, what they are protecting, and how you could get some amazing loot!

BTS Video Special: Introducing RuneScape 3

In last week’s Behind the Scenes video, we promised you something special, and here it is. Hold onto your hats as Mod Pips and Mod Mark give you the exclusive first information about RuneScape 3!

Behind the Scenes Video 44: Making The Origins of Gielinor

Behind the Scenes enjoyed The Origins of Gielinor so much they just had to find out how it was made!

Behind the Scenes Video 43: Combat – The Evolution Continues

Behind the Scenes went to see what was going on with the Combat team and what they’ve been doing with your feedback!

Behind the Scenes Video 42: The World Wakes

Behind the Scenes was up early, and just in time for The World Wakes! Join us as we finally got all the information on what may be the most important quest yet!

Behind the Scenes: March 2013

This month we march forward into battle with a ferocious group of conflict-oriented updates, including new combat abilities and a massive addition to the Wilderness.

BTS Video 41: RuneScape 2007 – Incoming!

Behind the Scenes was in the right place at the right time, and caught Mark and Monkey as they revealed all about their excellent adventure to Old School RuneScape servers!

Behind the Scenes Video 40: Community Management 2013

Behind the Scenes caught up with some of the Community Management team to find out what makes them tick and what they have planned for the RuneScape Community in 2013!

Behind the Scenes Video 39: Slayer Tower

Behind the Scenes went in search of why Mod Osborne wants us to take up contracts on the creatures in the Slayer Tower.

Behind the Scenes: February 2013

‘The World Wakes’ is the title of our epic upcoming Grandmaster Quest, and the world will certainly wake when it sees the great content we have planned for February! A new distraction and diversion, a rework of the Slayer Tower (with brand new Sla…

Behind the Scenes Video 38: Sinkholes

This week, Behind the Scenes asks JMods to give us a demonstration of Sinkholes. What we got wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but was amusing all the same!

Behind the Scenes Video 37: Demon Flash Mobs

Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Wilson, who revealed all about some demons who decided to outdo the goblins with their version of a flash mob!

Behind the Scenes Video 36: Desert Tasks

Behind the Scenes went in search of what goes into the Desert Task Set (or Achievement Diary) and we caught up with Mod Twigs and Mod Hulme and got them to reveal all!

Behind the Scenes Video 34: the Kalphite King!

Behind the Scenes kicks off 2013 with a brand new boss. We get you the lowdown on the Kalphite King!

BTS#33 – God Statues

God Statues is the latest Distraction and Diversion coming to RuneScape. Check out this week’s Behind the Scenes for all the details.

Behind the Scenes Video 32: Recruit a Friend

There has never been a better time to recruit a friend to RuneScape. Check it out in this week’s Behind the Scenes Video!

Behind the Scenes Video 31: A Stray in a Manger

The excitement continues to build for Christmas and – in this week’s Behind the Scenes Video – we talk to Santa about what’s in store this year in RuneScape!

Behind the Scenes Video 30: Player-Owned Ports

The long-awaiting Player-Owned Ports BTS Video is here! New port, ships, crew, resources…find out all you need to know about Player-Owned Ports in Behind the Scenes Video!

Behind the Scenes: December

We have a special month planned for December, with Player-Owned Ports, a TzHaar Grandmaster quest and a Construction D&D, all wrapped up with a Christmas event. Plus, we have some unique promotions and bonus reward weekends to put some festive che…

Behind the Scenes Video 29: The Brink of Extinction

An epic storyline, new armour, a new training area, loads of XP. Sounds like a recipe for a new Grandmaster quest!