BTS Video 66: Divination – Part 2

Part 2 of our Divination BTS Video Special!

BTS Video 65: The Death of Chivalry

Behind the Scenes previews the latest RuneScape quest!

BTS Video 64: Divination Part 1

Part 1 of a Divination BTS Video Special with Mod Mark.

Behind the Scenes – August 2013

Divination, a quest and an improved Loyalty Programme!

BTS Video 63: Runescape 3 Goes Live

Mod Mark discusses RuneScape 3 in Behind the Scenes Video 63, four days on from the big release.

BTS Video 62: Get Ready for RuneScape 3

Take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes video and find out what our JMods are doing to prepare for RuneScape 3. Also, read on for our top tips on getting ready for launch.

BTS Video 60: Bringing Home the Bacon

For today’s Behind the Scenes video, we wrestled the details of the new quest Bringing Home the Bacon out of the JMods involved.

Behind the Scenes: July 2013

Bacon, bosses and bonuses are boundlessly abundant in this BTS. Better bring it on!

BTS Video 59: Vorago

This week, we meet Mod Chris L for details of the biggest boss fight yet: Vorago!

BTS Video: The 6th Age – Part 1

Mod Mark and Mod Osborne spill the beans on what the 6th Age is all about in the first of two exclusive videos!

BTS Video 58: Transport Update

This week, Behind the Scenes catches up with Mod Srowley to find out all about getting around RuneScape.

BTS Video: Community Management

Today we sit down with Mod Jane and Mod RichardB from the Community Management Team to chat about our recent RS3 Q&A sessions, the importance of your feedback, and more!

BTS Video 57: Tool Belt Update

This week we catch up with Mod Avatar, who’s updating the tool belt to hold hatchets and pickaxes all the way up to dragon!

BTS Video: Your RS3 Questions Answered

Today we wring the answers to your most pressing RuneScape 3 questions out of Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod Conor! There’s also an Around the Campfire Q&A this evening if you have more questions.

BTS Video 56: Triskelion Treasures

Mod Hew takes us on a treasure hunt with the new Crystal Triskelion content, and Mod Osborne takes on our first Behind the Scenes Challenge!

BTS Video: RuneScape’s Story So Far

In today’s Behind the Scenes video, Mod Osborne gives you a crash course in the history of the RuneScape world, leading up to the 6th Age.

RuneScape 3 Q&A – Submit Your Questions

In next week’s Behind the Scenes video, Paul M will be chatting to the guys behind RuneScape 3. Read on for details of how to submit your questions for them!

Behind the Scenes: June 2013

June brings a real carousel of cracking content – including a new dungeon, new level 90 ranger weaponry and a funky little update we’re calling the Crystal Triskelion.

BTS Video 55: Order of Ascension

This week, Behind the Scenes delves into a dangerous new slayer dungeon for rangers and gets a first look at the Order of Ascension!

BTS Video: NIS Progress

It’s time for a look at the progress of the New Interface System with Mod ThatJim!