BTS Video 54: God Emissaries

This week, Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Osborne to ask about God Emissaries – the awesome lore update coming to RuneScape soon!

BTS: New Website and New Hi-Scores

This week, we catch up with Mod Lee and Mod Glacian on the new website and new high scores coming with RuneScape 3!

BTS Video 53: Harvest Heaven

Mod Moltare takes us through the new plants and produce coming to the Farming skill.

Behind the Scenes Video: RS3 Audio

The orchestral music coming in RuneScape 3 is pretty awesome, but as Mod Lord tells us in today’s Behind the Scenes, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

BTS Video 52: The Nexus

Today, we catch up with Mod Krista for the full scoop on the new Prayer training method: The Nexus!

RuneScape 3 Global Reveal

As excitement for RuneScape 3 builds, Behind the Scenes now comes to you twice a week. In today’s video, RS3 is unveiled to the world!

BTS Video 51: RS3 Orchestral Music

We caught up with Mod Lord for full details of the stunning orchestral music that’s going into RuneScape 3.

Above the Lore: Lore Podcast with Mod Osborne

Following on from the success of Mod Osborne’s RuneRadio interview, we have decided to start a new series of lore podcasts, which will be played out on RuneZone’s RuneRadio every other Thursday!

Behind the Scenes: May 2013

It’s springtime, and RuneScape will soon be blossoming with fresh new content in the merry month of May. There’ll be a scarily fun, social Prayer training method for low-level players; emissaries of the RuneScape gods who want you on their side fo…

BTS Video 50: Instanced GWD & EoC Updates

For our 50th Behind the Scenes Video, we chatted with Mods Chris L and Avatar about the doozy of a combat update we’ve got coming next week!

BTS Video 49: Pirates, Gnomes or Dwarves?

This week, Behind the Scenes gives you the chance to vote on which of three RuneScape quest series you’d like to see continued: Pirates, Gnomes or Dwarves.

Behind the Scenes Video: RuneScape 3 Q&A

We grill Mod Mark and Mod Conor with your burning RuneScape 3 questions!

BTS Video: RuneScape 3 Q&A

We grill Mod Mark and Mod Conor with your burning RuneScape 3 questions!

Behind the Scenes Video 48: The Benefits of HTML5

Mod Conor takes us through the amazing improvements that RuneScape’s new HTML5 engine will bring, and we take a look at the shiny visual improvements the graphics team have been making to the Duel Arena!

Behind the Scenes Video 47: Castle Wars

This week, we catch up with Mod Asherz for full details of the amazing graphical and gameplay improvements we’re making to Castle Wars. Also, Mod ThatJim gives us a first look at RS3’s amazing new interface.

Behind the Scenes Video: Extra Bonus Edition

2013 has already been a big year for RuneScape announcements, and in this extra bonus edition of Behind the Scenes, it’s time for another one.

Behind the Scenes: April 2013

We’ve got a great month of updates planned, dedicated to you and your feedback from the forums. You typed, and we listened. Minigame reworks, XP updates, reward increases, a new armour system and significant changes to the combat system await!

Behind the Scenes Video 46: Dungeons & Imps

This week, Behind the Scenes meets up with Mod Ollo for details of new off-hand weapons and shields in Daemonheim, and an imp who just loves charms. We also bring you details of RS3 beta programme registration!

Behind the Scenes Video: Bonus Edition

In last week’s Behind the Scenes video, we promised you something special, and here it is. Hold onto your hats as Mod Pips and Mod Mark give you the exclusive first information about RuneScape 3!

Behind the Scenes Video 45: Wilderness Warbands

Behind the Scenes went into the Wilderness to find out who’s been setting up camp there, what they are protecting, and how you could get some amazing loot!