BTS Video 58: Transport Update

This week, Behind the Scenes catches up with Mod Srowley to find out all about getting around RuneScape.

BTS Video: Community Management

Today we sit down with Mod Jane and Mod RichardB from the Community Management Team to chat about our recent RS3 Q&A sessions, the importance of your feedback, and more!

BTS Video 57: Tool Belt Update

This week we catch up with Mod Avatar, who’s updating the tool belt to hold hatchets and pickaxes all the way up to dragon!

BTS Video: Your RS3 Questions Answered

Today we wring the answers to your most pressing RuneScape 3 questions out of Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod Conor! There’s also an Around the Campfire Q&A this evening if you have more questions.

BTS Video 56: Triskelion Treasures

Mod Hew takes us on a treasure hunt with the new Crystal Triskelion content, and Mod Osborne takes on our first Behind the Scenes Challenge!

RuneScape 3 Q&A – Submit Your Questions

In next week’s Behind the Scenes video, Paul M will be chatting to the guys behind RuneScape 3. Read on for details of how to submit your questions for them!

BTS Video: RuneScape’s Story So Far

In today’s Behind the Scenes video, Mod Osborne gives you a crash course in the history of the RuneScape world, leading up to the 6th Age.

Behind the Scenes: June 2013

June brings a real carousel of cracking content – including a new dungeon, new level 90 ranger weaponry and a funky little update we’re calling the Crystal Triskelion.

BTS Video 55: Order of Ascension

This week, Behind the Scenes delves into a dangerous new slayer dungeon for rangers and gets a first look at the Order of Ascension!

BTS Video: NIS Progress

It’s time for a look at the progress of the New Interface System with Mod ThatJim!

BTS Video 54: God Emissaries

This week, Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Osborne to ask about God Emissaries – the awesome lore update coming to RuneScape soon!

BTS: New Website and New Hi-Scores

This week, we catch up with Mod Lee and Mod Glacian on the new website and new high scores coming with RuneScape 3!

BTS Video 53: Harvest Heaven

Mod Moltare takes us through the new plants and produce coming to the Farming skill.

Behind the Scenes Video: RS3 Audio

The orchestral music coming in RuneScape 3 is pretty awesome, but as Mod Lord tells us in today’s Behind the Scenes, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

BTS Video 52: The Nexus

Today, we catch up with Mod Krista for the full scoop on the new Prayer training method: The Nexus!

RuneScape 3 Global Reveal

As excitement for RuneScape 3 builds, Behind the Scenes now comes to you twice a week. In today’s video, RS3 is unveiled to the world!

BTS Video 51: RS3 Orchestral Music

We caught up with Mod Lord for full details of the stunning orchestral music that’s going into RuneScape 3.

Above the Lore: Lore Podcast with Mod Osborne

Following on from the success of Mod Osborne’s RuneRadio interview, we have decided to start a new series of lore podcasts, which will be played out on RuneZone’s RuneRadio every other Thursday!

Behind the Scenes: May 2013

It’s springtime, and RuneScape will soon be blossoming with fresh new content in the merry month of May. There’ll be a scarily fun, social Prayer training method for low-level players; emissaries of the RuneScape gods who want you on their side fo…

BTS Video 50: Instanced GWD & EoC Updates

For our 50th Behind the Scenes Video, we chatted with Mods Chris L and Avatar about the doozy of a combat update we’ve got coming next week!