Minimalistic E17 Linux Distribution `Bodhi Linux` 2.3.0 Available For Download

Bodhi Linux, a minimalistic Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that uses the Enlightenment Desktop (E17) by default, has reached version 2.3.0.The Bodhi Linux 2.3.0 release brings:Linux Kernel 3.8;Enlightenment 0.17.1;Midori 0.4.9;Terminology 0.3.0 (a really nice terminal emulator for E17);eCcess system tool (a tool that lets you change the time and date and manage users / groups) […]

Bodhi Linux 2.2.0 Released With Stable E17 Desktop, non-PAE 32Bit ISO

Bodhi Linux is a minimalistic Linux distribution that uses the Enlightenment Desktop (E17). Based on Ubuntu, Bodhi Linux is a semi-rolling release distribution: it comes with the core Ubuntu LTS packages but it also uses backports for its applications so the users can get the latest app updates.Bodhi Linux 2.2.0: Desktop profile, default themeThe latest […]