Ubuntu: Dell Unveils Alienware Laptop Powered By Canonical’s Linux

Despite Microsoft’s potential $2 billion loan to Dell, the PC giant is introducing new Ubuntu Linux options on its Alienware gaming PCs. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Ubuntu 13.04: Canonical’s Latest Linux – What’s New, What’s Not

Ubuntu 13.04, the latest Linux distribution upgrade from Canonical, arrives April 25. Code-named Raring Ringtail, here’s what to expect from the new Ubuntu release. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Ubuntu: Riding HP Moonshot Into Hyperscale Server Market?

If HP Moonshot servers catch on with customers, Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution could gain upward momentum. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical Ubuntu Basis of National, Open Source OS for China

Canonical, in concert with the Chinese government and local developers, is building an Ubuntu-based, open source operating system for China. China, with a population of some 1.3 billion people, is without doubt the mother lode of operating system markets in terms of number of potential users, with the potential to cascade a dramatic expansion in […]

Oracle VDI Supports Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.04 (But That’s Not All)

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) has extended its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software to support Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04. That’s a reasonable vote of confidence from Oracle toward Microsoft’s latest operating system as well as Canonical’s Linux alternative. But the interesting news for VARs and MSPs involves Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, a systems management platform that can […]

Canonical Targets Mobile Market with Ubuntu Mir

In what appears to be a growing penchant among open source developers for naming things after Soviet spacecraft, Canonical recently announced a new project called Mir. And while it doesn’t actually have much (or anything) to do with outer space, it could have major implications for open source user interfaces throughout the channel–not to mention […]

Open Source ownCloud Gains Key Features with New Release

ownCloud, the open source platform for syncing and sharing data, has gained a slew of new features with the release of the latest version of ownCloud Community Edition. From usability tweaks to security enhancements, the tool is now in a stronger position than ever to compete with rivals such as Dropbox in the very tight […]

Surface Pro, Windows 8 Sales: Why It’s Not 1995 All Over Again

Back around July 2012, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) predicted big things from a new round of products — Windows 8, tablets, Phone 8, Office 365, Office 2013. In fact, Microsoft compared its current product refresh cycle to 1995, when Windows 95 and Office 95 triggered a sales boom. Soon after Windows NT 4.0 took enterprise servers […]

New Ubuntu Spinoff Extends Life of Legacy Hardware

It’s easy to assume, from the stunning rate at which OEMs roll out newer and better versions of PCs, phones, tablets and other popular hardware, that few consumers want to hold on to aging devices. But if a new community-based spinoff of Ubuntu named LXLE is any indication, there are those who are, in fact, […]

Dell, Canonical Partner on Ubuntu for PowerEdge Servers

The biggest headlines Canonical has made recently have involved its endeavor to “converge” Ubuntu across devices by adding support for phones, tablets and TVs. But in a sign that it remains invested in the server realm as well–and that it is continuing to build a closer relationship with Dell (NASDAQ: DELL)–Canonical has also announced a […]

Ubuntu’s Release Cycle and its Impact on the Channel

Daylight savings just began, which means it’s the time of year to start looking forward to the spring release of Ubuntu. But could this year’s version, 13.04, be the last one in the biannual release cycle that Canonical has stalwartly maintained for almost a decade? For the moment, that remains uncertain, but the issue, which […]

Can Canonical Rally Its Community for Ununtu Convergence?

Canonical, and the open source Ubuntu operating system it sponsors, seem to be in the midst of a major watershed moment. In the past the Ubuntu world was a disparate one, but it is now finally converging around all types of devices. Whether that convergence succeeds will have a lot to do with the channel. […]

Can Ubuntu ‘Converge’ Across Phones, TVs, PCs and Tablets?

A year ago, I was about ready to write off Ubuntu as a Linux distribution for end users — and I did for a while, when I switched to Linux Mint. (I’ve since learned to love Ubuntu again.) Today, though, Canonical appears committed to pursuing the consumer market with renewed vigor, targeting not just desktops […]

Canonical to Highlight Ubuntu Cloud, Management Solutions

As the CeBIT upcoming convention in Germany nears, Canonical has announced what it will be showcasing at the event–which, in turn, provides some clues about where the company behind one of the world’s most popular open source operating systems might be concentrating its efforts in coming months. Alas, Ubuntu tablets are not on the list. […]

Dell Expands Ubuntu Developer Laptop to Europe

Linux fans in Europe have reason to celebrate this week with Dell’s announcement that its “Sputnik” XPS 13 laptop powered by Ubuntu, which the company released in the United States in December 2012, is now available on the other side of the ocean as well. As a bonus, Dell has added some hardware upgrades to […]

Are Linux Tablets Still on the Way?

If you’re a Linux user, and if you like tablets, it’s hard to say whether these are the best of times or the worst of times. While some initiatives to put Linux on tablets appear to be making steady progress, other open source projects in this vein have stagnated or disappeared. Read on for an […]

Ubuntu Smartphones From Samsung: Targeting BlackBerry 10 In October?

Canonical’s promise to create an Ubuntu smartphone market will become a reality in October 2013. That’s when the first Ubuntu smartphones will arrive, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said today. Now here’s the big twist: For developers, the smartphone operating system is optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus — perhaps suggesting that Samsung plans to back the […]

DreamObjects Cloud Storage Platform Hits Production

Ceph, the open source distributed file system that is playing an increasingly important role in the world of Big Data despite its young age, took another step into the cloud with the announcement of the general availability of the DreamObjects cloud storage system from DreamHost. The update follows a beta version of the service that […]

Canonical Commits to Regular Updates for Ubuntu Cloud

One of the nice things about Ubuntu, generally speaking, is that its update and release cycles are very predictable and reliable. Ubuntu Cloud Images, however, have long been an exception. But that has now changed with the announcement of updates for the cloud-ready versions of Ubuntu that will follow a more regular pattern — or, […]

Microsoft Potential Dell Investment: Bad for Linux, FOSS?

Amid rumors that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) may invest in Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), a massive question has emerged: If such an investment occurs, will Dell maintain its extremely close relationships with Canonical (Ubuntu), Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), SUSE and other open source providers? Hmmm… Here’s The VAR Guy’s spin. First, a little background. As you may have […]