Linux Developers Promise Better Touch Support

Support for touch-enabled devices traditionally hasn’t been high on the list of Linux kernel developers, who tend to focus their energies on more traditional computing platforms. But if all goes according to plan, future versions of the open source operating system may come with significant touch support built in, according to developers. And if that [...]

Canonical Supplies New Tools for Linux Evangelists

Ubuntu may not quite be a religion, but it has its committed evangelists all the same. And now, Canonical has made their jobs easier with the release of an official “Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit.” Will Ubuntu fans soon be showing up on your doorstep, asking you to convert? Probably not, but the move is an [...]

Dell and Inktank Partner on the Cloud and Big Data

Last week, the open source channel buzzed with news of the Linux-based laptop built by Dell‘s (NASDAQ: DELL) Project Sputnik program. Now, the major story about Dell and open source shifts to Big Data, with an announcement of a new partnership between the hardware manufacturer and Inktank to deliver a cloud solution based on open [...]

Canonical to Expand Online Commercial Features in Ubuntu

Online integration and commercial search results in Ubuntu‘s Unity interface are here to stay–and will grow more comprehensive in the next release of the operating system, according to Canonical. But so, too, will tools for controlling and filtering results. Read on for a preview of developers’ current plans for this novel, if controversial, component of [...]

Free Software Foundation Attacks Ubuntu’s Amazon Search

Just when we thought it was over, the saga surrounding Canonical‘s controversial integration of search features into Ubuntu resurged this week as Richard Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation, denounced the feature as “spyware.” Depending on whether you think Stallman is a messianic visionary or a self-caricaturing embarrassment to the open source community, [...]

MapR and Zarafa Expand Open Source Strategy in Europe

From an ignorant American perspective, the European market may seem like a more natural fit for open source software than the United States. After all, aren’t those countries across the Atlantic populated by liberty-obsessed socialists with a natural affinity for sharing everything? To be sure, this view is hopelessly stereotypical. Nonetheless, Europe did see two [...]

What’s Dell’s Next Open Source Move?

The Ubuntu-powered laptop recently released by Dell’s Project Sputnik has generated a lot of buzz, especially in the open source community. Now, many Linux enthusiasts are hoping to see a continued expansion of Dell’s open source hardware lineup. And according to Project Sputnik lead Barton George, they may not be disappointed. Here’s what he had [...]

Dell Ubuntu Laptop Developer Speaks About Future Plans

Project Sputnik, Dell‘s innovative initiative for building a high-end, open source laptop, launched a week ago with the release of an XPS 13 “Developer Edition” laptop powered by Ubuntu Linux. But Dell’s far from done on this front, according to Barton George, the brain behind the project. In an interview, he explained where Project Sputnik [...]

Avnet and Red Hat Partner On Open-Source Embedded Software

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), one of the biggest names in the open-source channel, is best known for its backroom server products, especially Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But the company underlined its commitment to the other end of the hardware spectrum as well this week with the announcement of a partnership with Avnet Embedded. Read on [...]

Splashtop Remote Desktop Product Now Supports Ubuntu

If you operate solely in the world of proprietary software, it’s easy to think that Microsoft‘s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) emerged as the preeminent remote-access solution a long time ago. But in a sign that the battle for this niche is hardly over–and that cross-platform compatibility is key to winning it–Splashtop, an alternative to RDP, [...]

Dell Ships High-End Ubuntu Laptop for Cloud Developers

The name of Dell’s Project Sputnik may not exactly conjure images of cutting-edge computer technology. But the laptop that the endeavor has launched is certainly no piece of outdated space junk. Targeted at developers and based on Ubuntu Linux, the machine potentially represents a new kind of direction for Dell (NASDAQ: DELL). Will the company, [...]

Post-Thanksgiving Roundup: Counting Open Source Blessings

Beyond the most radically geeky segments of society, few Americans are likely to have thought of software when they counted their blessings this Thanksgiving. For most people, computers are hardly in the same category as food, shelter and loving friends and family. That said, a recent blog post got me thinking about the software projects [...]

Dell Laptop is $70 Cheaper with Ubuntu Linux

More than five years after it began selling PCs with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled in the United States, Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) has compiled a lackluster record in the eyes of many Linux advocates when it comes to promoting open source alternatives to Windows. Yet as a Canonical employee recently pointed out, Dell is now offering a [...]

Intank and SUSE Partner on Big Data Cloud Solution

Inktank, which sells commercial support for the Ceph distributed storage system, has already established some significant partnerships in the open source channel during its brief history. Now it has added SUSE to that list with the announcement of an agreement to provide enterprise Ceph support for SUSE Cloud. Here are the details, and what they [...]

Linux Mint 14 Enhances Open Source Interfaces

In case there’s not enough spice in your holiday season already, the latest and greatest version of Linux Mint has debuted, bringing with it huge interface enhancements, new apps and more. Here’s a look at the most significant updates to what is quite possibly the world’s most popular desktop open source operating system. Based on [...]

Could Ubuntu Power Your Phone?

Ubuntu on smartphones remains a totally theoretical proposition. But that hasn’t stopped Canonical from releasing a video showcasing all the cool things that Ubuntu could do if it did run on phones. Is the company getting ahead of itself, or is this a sign that Ubuntu might finally be poised to make the jump to [...]

GNOME Dev Responds to Criticism of Open Source Interface

One might reasonably assume that the controversy surrounding the design of GNOME 3, which was released well over a year ago, would have abated by now. But in one of the clearest signs that it hasn’t, a leading GNOME developer recently posted a strongly worded tirade against critics of the open source desktop environment — [...]

Open Source Ubuntu OS Makes Strides in Emerging Markets

If you live in Europe or the United States, it might be hard to believe that Linux is still a serious contender on desktop PCs. But it is, at least in emerging markets. That’s according to recent comments from Canonical VP of Sales and Business Development Chris Kenyon, who claimed that Ubuntu will ship on [...]

Linux Mint Forges New Deals with OEMs

The most recent buzz related to desktop Linux OEMs has centered around Canonical. But Linux Mint, the Ubuntu-based distribution that remains fiercely independent of Canonical, has been striking deals of its own with hardware manufacturers to preinstall Mint on their devices. Could there be a commercial future for this outspoken member of the open source [...]

Canonical Debuts GUI for Cloud Service Management

Ubuntu Server may be one of the few enterprise operating systems that still ships without any kind of graphical interface by default, but that doesn’t mean Canonical is adverse to the value of GUIs for server admins. On the contrary, the company recently introduced a new graphical tool for managing Juju, Ubuntu’s server and cloud [...]