Canonical Introduces Transactional Updates with Ubuntu Core, Snappy

A new flavor has joined Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux family in the form of Ubuntu Core. Tailored for the cloud, the open source operating system provides a new way for developers to deploy and update applications through Snappy, a transactional-update platform. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch for Mobile Devices Almost Ready

Canonical still hasn’t finished “converging” Ubuntu Linux across PCs, servers, phones and tablets, but it’s now closer than ever with a new development release of Ubuntu Touch, which partners Meizu and Bq are using to build the open source mobile devices that should appear in the new year. read more Read more at The VAR […]

Adobe Brings Open Source Veteran on Board to Lead Mobile

Adobe has a new lead man for mobile marketing. That’s no surprise. Executives are appointed every day. But here’s the interesting bit: Adobe’s new vice president of Mobile, Matt Asay, is an open source veteran, bringing experience from Canonical, MongoDB and Novell to a company not particularly known for open source investment. Content Classification:  Curated […]

Flockport: LXC Container Virtualization About More than Cloud Apps

Is open source, container-based virtualization destined to be merely an app-delivery platform for the cloud? Flockport, which specializes in orchestrating LXC container deployment, hopes not, and is counting the shortcomings of projects such as Docker and Canonical’s LXD as it touts LXC’s value for simplifying virtualization workloads of all kinds. read more Read more at […]

Details Emerge on UT One Ubuntu Linux Tablet

Details continue to emerge on the UT One, the tablet with an Intel processor that will run on Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system. Here are the latest revelations on what will very possibly be one of the first x86-based mobile devices powered by an open source Linux distribution (yeah, Android is not really a Linux distribution). […]

Canonical Confirms Involvement in Ubuntu Linux Tablet

When news broke a few days ago about development of an Ubuntu Linux-based x86 tablet called the UT One, it seemed like Canonical was not part of the endeavor. But that’s wrong, according to information from the man behind the project, who contacted The VAR Guy this week with more details on the open source […]

Canonical Launches LXD Open Source Virtualization Container

As open source container-based virtualization explodes in popularity, perhaps it was only a matter of time before Canonical announced its own, homegrown virtualization container system to contend with Docker. That’s what the company has now done with the launch of LXD for Ubuntu Linux. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical Certifies Ubuntu Linux Server Images for Google Cloud

Open source vendor Canonical made another investment in the public cloud market with the announcement of certified Ubuntu Linux images for Google Cloud Platform, a move that comes on the heels of its launch last week of a home-grown Ubuntu OpenStack di…

Is an Intel Tablet with Ubuntu Linux OS in the Works?

Lately, almost all of the headlines about Ubuntu Linux and Canonical have involved the cloud. But open source fans dreaming of an Ubuntu-powered Intel x86 tablet may reason for excitement, if reports are accurate that the UT One Linux tablet will ship by this December. Content Classification:  Curated read more Read more at The VAR […]

Canonical Adds Ubuntu OpenStack Distribution for Open Source Cloud Computing

Ubuntu Linux has already enjoyed the distinction of being the most popular platform for hosting OpenStack clouds. But now, Canonical has taken its commitment to OpenStack a step further with the announcement of its own OpenStack distribution.
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Canonical’s Ubuntu 14.10: The Commodity Linux OS?

Utopic Unicorn, the newest version ofCanonical’s Ubuntu Linux operating system, which the company released Oct. 23, contains neither utopian philosophy nor unicorns. In fact, it doesn’t introduce any major new features at all. But it does reflect a major shift on Canonical’s part toward turning Ubuntu into a commodity operating system for servers and the […]

Canonical Offers OpenStack and Ubuntu Cloud Training in Paris

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has added a new offering to its training and education initiatives. This fall, the company is introducing a five-day OpenStack cloud computing training program, which it no doubt hopes will help generate expe…

Open Source GNOME 3 Desktop Environment Wins Back Fans

Is there still a future for GNOME 3, the open source Linux desktop that was once massively popular, yet in recent years has seen its preponderance wane in favor of alternatives such as Xfce and Canonical’s Unity? Recent indicators say yes. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical Rolls Out Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 Updates

Just days after marking the end of life of Ubuntu 13.10, Canonical has released Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, the newest version of its open source Linux operating system for desktops, servers, the cloud and (coming soon, maybe) mobile devices.
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HP and Canonical Document OpenStack Cloud Deployment for Ubuntu

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) signaled its endorsement of Ubuntu Linux as a platform for deploying the OpenStack cloud operating system with the release this week of a new reference architecture, which provides detailed instructions on setting up an OpenStack …

Canonical to End Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Service for Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu One, Canonical’s cloud file-syncing service for Ubuntu Linux, will soon be no more: A few days ago, Canonical CEO Jane Silber announced its discontinuation. And the platform seems to have more mourners than you might think for a Linux-friendly storage service that was not even open source. Content Classification:  Curated read more Read more […]

Canonical Unveils Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Beta 1

A few days ago, Canonical pushed out the first beta edition of Ubuntu Linux version 14.04, the release of the open source operating system that will hit production mode this April. As a long-term support (LTS) release, the new OS will help define the face of Ubuntu for a long time to come. Content Classification:  […]

Canonical: Ubuntu Linux Phones Will Ship In 2014

Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux is coming soon to a smartphone near you—and this time that’s not just a vague promise. The company has revealed when and how Ubuntu phones and tablets will arrive, with the announcement Feb. 19 of a partnership with two international hardware manufacturers to build open source Ubuntu phones. read more Read more […]

Canonical Drops Upstart for systemd in Ubuntu Linux

Lately, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has seemed to do everything it can to make Ubuntu less like other leading open source operating systems.
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Canonical Seeks Even More Independence for Ubuntu Linux

Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux already does many things differently from other leading open source operating systems. And it may soon diverge in yet another respect, with Ubuntu developers in the midst of discussions over replacing Nautilus—the file browser that has long been a core part of many Linux distributions—with something home-grown. read more Read more at […]