Vagrant Development Platform Comes to Ubuntu Cloud

Canonical, which has been reaching out to developers through a variety of channels lately, threw yet another bone in their direction recently with the introduction of Vagrant cloud images. The move also brought Oracle‘s (NASDAQ: ORCL) VirtualBox platform into the lineup of Ubuntu cloud solutions, diversifying the technologies on which Canonical’s cloud strategy relies. Vagrant […]

Ubuntu’s Role in Re-Electing Obama

Canonical likes to brag about Ubuntu‘s presence in places like enterprise desktops and, coming soon, smartphones. This week, however, the company made an even bigger boast by discussing how Ubuntu helped elect a president. On Jan. 21, the day of Barack Obama’s second inauguration as president of the United States, Canonical published an interview with […]

On First Anniversary, ownCloud Boasts Strong Growth

It’s now been a full year since ownCloud, the open source data syncing platform, launched as a commercial entity. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical back then that the company would be able to succeed in a market already inundated with competing products. But ownCloud managed to hold its own and more in 2012, […]

Memo to Linux Devs: Focus on Design, Not Technology

In the open source channel, many developers could stand to focus a bit less on technology itself, and a bit more on making products look and feel smart, intuitive and elegant–especially when it comes to communicating with end users. Most Linux distributions don’t get this right, but Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, shines as […]

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Alternative: Zentyal?

When Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) killed Windows Small Business Server  SBS) in 2012, some partners started seeking alternatives and replacements. Eager to fill the void, Canonical, Zarafa and Zentyal have been promoting an Ubuntu small business server to channel partners — including managed services providers (MSPs). But are Microsoft partners willing to give Linux a look? […]

Canonical Promises Smartphones Based on Ubuntu Linux

The “next-generation cross-platform operating system” is on its way to your phone, and it’s called Ubuntu. At least, that’s what Canonical has revealed in an announcement regarding the new direction of its Linux-based OS, which it believes is poised to take multiplatform computing to the next level. It could well do that–provided the hardware compatibility […]

Canonical to Announce “Next Generation” Cross-Platform Ubuntu?

Canonical claims to be readying an “earth-shattering announcement” on the first day of business in 2013 –January 2, that is. What can we expect next from the company behind the widely popular Ubuntu Linux distribution? Read on for some wild, yet informed, speculation. In a note sent this week to the press, Canonical announced that […]

Five Biggest Open Source Developments in 2012

As trite as countdown lists can be, ending the year just wouldn’t feel right without churning out one of my own. In that spirit, I’ve spent a while reflecting upon the most important developments in the open source world in 2012. If you can stomach another one of these essays on the eve of the […]

Young Mageia Linux Distribution Surges in Popularity

As we prepare to enter a new year, the big names that have dominated the Linux world for the past decade–Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), Canonical/Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE–are unchanged. But they may be joined in 2013 by a newcomer to the open source channel, Mageia Linux, which has been enjoying staggering popularity since its creation barely […]

Shuttleworth: Ubuntu to Focus on Cloud and Mobile in 2013

What does 2013 have in store for Ubuntu users? According to Mark Shuttleworth, who founded the Linux distribution a decade ago, major areas of focus in the year ahead will include mobile computing, the cloud and–last but not least–bringing “the benefits of free software to an audience which would not previously have had the confidence […]

Red Hat Expands Cloud Portfolio with ManageIQ Acquisition

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the open source channel’s largest commercial entity, will be ringing in the new year with a new lineup of cloud computing products–all for the low price of $104 million, which is what the company paid to acquire ManageIQ, a developer of cloud administration and automation solutions. Will a stronger cloud portfolio […]

LibreOffice runs on the Raspberry Pi

The full fledged free office suite is available on the credit card sized single-board computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation Cambridge (UK) and Berlin (Germany), December 17, 2012 – The Raspberry Pi Foundation ( and The Document Foundation ( announce the availability of the full fledged version of LibreOffice ( on the Raspberry Pi, the […]

What Linux Did in the Cloud and the Desktop in 2012

As we noted last week, the Linux Foundation‘s list of major Linux-related accomplishments over the last year centered on advances in embedded and mobile platforms more than on traditional hardware. The Linux Foundation’s summary aside, however, there were plenty of openvsource achievements in other areas that are worth noting before the outgoing years passes us […]

Linux Developers Promise Better Touch Support

Support for touch-enabled devices traditionally hasn’t been high on the list of Linux kernel developers, who tend to focus their energies on more traditional computing platforms. But if all goes according to plan, future versions of the open source operating system may come with significant touch support built in, according to developers. And if that […]

Canonical Supplies New Tools for Linux Evangelists

Ubuntu may not quite be a religion, but it has its committed evangelists all the same. And now, Canonical has made their jobs easier with the release of an official “Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit.” Will Ubuntu fans soon be showing up on your doorstep, asking you to convert? Probably not, but the move is an […]

Dell and Inktank Partner on the Cloud and Big Data

Last week, the open source channel buzzed with news of the Linux-based laptop built by Dell‘s (NASDAQ: DELL) Project Sputnik program. Now, the major story about Dell and open source shifts to Big Data, with an announcement of a new partnership between the hardware manufacturer and Inktank to deliver a cloud solution based on open […]

Canonical to Expand Online Commercial Features in Ubuntu

Online integration and commercial search results in Ubuntu‘s Unity interface are here to stay–and will grow more comprehensive in the next release of the operating system, according to Canonical. But so, too, will tools for controlling and filtering results. Read on for a preview of developers’ current plans for this novel, if controversial, component of […]

Free Software Foundation Attacks Ubuntu’s Amazon Search

Just when we thought it was over, the saga surrounding Canonical‘s controversial integration of search features into Ubuntu resurged this week as Richard Stallman, president of the Free Software Foundation, denounced the feature as “spyware.” Depending on whether you think Stallman is a messianic visionary or a self-caricaturing embarrassment to the open source community, […]

MapR and Zarafa Expand Open Source Strategy in Europe

From an ignorant American perspective, the European market may seem like a more natural fit for open source software than the United States. After all, aren’t those countries across the Atlantic populated by liberty-obsessed socialists with a natural affinity for sharing everything? To be sure, this view is hopelessly stereotypical. Nonetheless, Europe did see two […]

What’s Dell’s Next Open Source Move?

The Ubuntu-powered laptop recently released by Dell’s Project Sputnik has generated a lot of buzz, especially in the open source community. Now, many Linux enthusiasts are hoping to see a continued expansion of Dell’s open source hardware lineup. And according to Project Sputnik lead Barton George, they may not be disappointed. Here’s what he had […]