Canonical Debuts Ubuntu OpenStack Lab for Partners and ISVs

In a bid to make it easier than ever to integrate Ubuntu Linux into the OpenStack open source cloud ecosystem, Canonical has launched the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab with a slew of major channel partners including Cisco, Dell, Intel, IBM and more. That’s the latest news out of the OpenStack Design Summit this week in […]

Ubuntu 13.10: OpenStack Havana Support, Cloud, Server Updates

Canonical is about to debut version 13.10 of Ubuntu Linux, which will pack a slew of new features for OpenStack, VMware vSphere and other cloud platforms when it becomes officially available Oct. 17. Here’s a look at what to expect in the latest and greatest release of Ubuntu, otherwise known as Saucy Salamander. read more […]

Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux 13.10 Brings Few Changes to Desktop

Oct. 17 marks the official release of version 13.10 of Ubuntu Linux, Canonical’s open source operating system for the desktop, server and cloud. And while there may not be quite as much new stuff for desktop users as there has been in previous Ubuntu versions, it’s still worth taking stock of what Canonical has changed. […]

Ubuntu 13.10 Release: Five Requirements for Success

What Caonical’s Linux distribution needs to attract partners, customers When Ubuntu 13.10 launches Oct. 17, Canonical will need to work closely with cloud services providers (CSPs), new software companies, telcos, VARs and PC makers. Here’s why. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu Touch Launch Date: Oct. 17

Will Canonical offerings for PCs, smartphones, tablets catch on?
When Canonical launches Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu Touch on October 17, will ISVs, OEMs and channel partners rally around the new Linux-based offerings?
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Ubuntu 13.10 Launch Date: Can Juju, NoSQL Energize Partners?

Ubuntu 13.10 is set for launch in October 2013. Aside from the feature upgrades, can Canonical use Juju and NoSQL support to energize customer and partner interest.
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Ubuntu Edge Is Dead; Long Live Ubuntu Smartphones?

Ubuntu Edge, the crowdfunded smartphone from Canonical, is dead. The Linux distribution company says the world will still see alternative Ubuntu phones by 2014. But has Canonical lost its mobile credibility?
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Ubuntu 13.10 Release Date, Features: Overshadowed by Ubuntu Edge?

Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge smartphone project grabs headlines. But is the core Ubuntu 13.10 upgrade on track for a successful delivery in Oct. 2013? read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical: Should Shuttleworth Sell Ubuntu Company?

Canonical needs money to fund the Ubuntu Edge smartphone. Crowdfunding isn’t working. Is it time for Founder Mark Shuttleworth to sell Ubuntu to a big technology company? read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical Builds Mobile Carrier Channel Network for Ubuntu Phone

Canonical may be facing an uphill battle in bringing the Ubuntu Edge, its Linux-powered “superphone,” to market. But in a sign of the company’s impressive influence within the mobile ecosystem, it has been quietely building a network of channel partners through its Carrier Advisory Group (CAG), which includes a number of big-name mobile carriers and […]

Android-Ubuntu Edge Superphone: What’s Canonical’s End Game?

Is the Ubuntu Edge, the Linux-powered “superphone” that Canonical hopes to develop through a crowdsourced funding campaign, a dying prospect? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean the project hasn’t already succeeded in significantly advancing Canonical’s goals in the smartphone and mobile-device market. Here’s why. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical Works to Expand Ubuntu Touch Linux Ecosystem

Ubuntu Linux for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices is coming. And its arrival may be sooner rather than later, as Canonical engineers appear intent on redoubling their efforts to make Ubuntu Touch work on a wide profile of hardware, rather than the handful of devices that it currently supports. Here’s a look at the […]

Inktank, Canonical Host Ceph Cloud Storage Training

Ceph, the open source distributed storage system for the cloud and Big Data, is designed to store information remotely.  But Inktank, the company behind the project, hopes to promote the software through a series of hands-on workshops called Ceph Days, which will occur this fall in three international cities.  And Canonical, the vendor for Ubuntu […]

Canonical Hiring to Advance Ubuntu Linux Smartphone, Tablet Plans

Canonical, the company behind the open source Ubuntu Linux OS, set out earlier this year to create a radically new video display platform called Mir that should help it steal a slice of the smartphone and tablet markets.
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Ubuntu Mobile Seeks Smartphone, Telecom, Carrier Partners

Canonical launched an Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) to help shape the Linux-based operating system for touch-enabled smartphone success. Eight big partners are on board. Will more join?
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Shuttleworth: Still Key to Ubuntu Linux, Canonical, Open Source?

Mark Shuttleworth’s official role at Canonical is limited. But he is making a much bigger mark on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical and the open source world as a whole. read more Read more at The VAR Guy

Canonical: OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform Ready for Prime Time

Has OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform, come into its own? Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux–which happens to be the most popular OS for OpenStack deployments–is saying so this week as it touts the rapid maturity of the software. Now, the question becomes: Does the channel agree? read more Read more at The […]

Ubuntu Cloud: Canonical, Inktank Ceph Storage Partnership

Inktank has partnered with Canonical to offer enterprise Ubuntu support for Ceph, the open source distributed storage system for the cloud and Big Data.
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Canonical and Inktank Partner on Ceph Support for Ubuntu Cloud

In a move that shouldn’t be much of a surprise, given the close collaboration between Canonical and Inktank—not to mention Mark Shuttleworth personally—around the open source Ceph storage system for Big Data and the cloud, the two companies on Monday announced a deal to provide full support for Ceph on Ubuntu. Here are the details, […]

Canonical Drives Open Source Innovation with Mir for Ubuntu Linux

If Canonical succeeds in making Ubuntu Linux widespread on phones and tablets, it will revolutionize the role of open-source software in mobile computing. But in a sense, the company has already achieved some remarkably revolutionary feats with Mir, t…