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Microsoft’s Merry-Making MS-DOS Code Caper

Well it’s the end of another March here in the Linux blogosphere, and that can mean only one thing: the arrival of another April Fools’ Day. As if on cue, Microsoft recently made an eminently Fools’ Day-worthy move. “On Tuesday, we dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows,” wrote Roy Levin, managing director for Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

Podcast – Fate of the Gods

A Q&A podcast with the Fate of the Gods team. Listen now on RuneScape’s PodBean page!

RuneRadio – Mod Catfist – 27th March, 16:00 GMT

Mod Catfist answers your questions while playing his favourite Music To Cut Wood To. Tune into RuneRadio at 4pm GMT on Thursday 27th March!

This Weekend’s Featured Live Streams – Lord Kirk and Dardan

After the success of last week’s guest hosts, Lord Kirk and Dardan have their work cut out for them as this week’s featured streamers.

New Players’ Gallery Competition and Battle Winners

See the winners of the Battle competition, and submit your Journey-themed art for the next gallery!

An Indecent Proposal: Microsoft and Red Hat?

Good ideas can arise in virtually countless ways, but sometimes all it takes is someone to ask the simple question, “What if?” That, in fact, is just what happened in an article at GigaOM recently, though it wasn’t until several weeks later that the idea proposed began to pick up steam. What was said idea, you might ask? “Why Microsoft should just pack it in and buy Red Hat.”

Goodbye to a good friend

It’s with great sadness that this month we said goodbye to one of our own. John Bowden (aka Led43) lost his battle with cancer on Saturday 8th March. John was one of life’s good guys. An enthusiastic supporter and contributor, … Continue reading

Podcast -Two of a Kind

Mod Osborne and Mod Raven go head to head in a special quiz podcast.

Watch Streams – Win Prizes!

We’ve got two great guest streams lined up and among the chaos, there are prizes galore for this weekend’s viewers.

Community Chronicle – 20/03/2014

The latest Community Chronicle is live, featuring radio shows, awesome events and videos aplenty!

Decking Out Linux for the Senior Set

Every once in a while here in the Linux blogosphere, a topic will suddenly pop up in multiple separate, unconnected places and take on a life of its own. Perhaps it’s some unseen cosmic force guiding Linux geeks’ conversations in the same direction, or perhaps it’s just Linux Girl’s proclivity for drawing connections. In any case, it happened again earlier this month.

Pollcast & Radio Show!

Tune into our latest pollcast as Mods Jane and Osborne discuss the latest Power to the Player poll, and check into RuneRadio for JMod DJ BohoJoJo’s radio show!

Linux Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

Well it was a wild week here in Linux land, and not just because of the asteroid that came hurtling by Earth at heart-lurching proximity. Pay no attention to the 100-foot-wide ball of rock you might notice streaking through the sky closer than the Moon! *Cough*. Thank goodness for tequila. Linux fans, however, had bigger — or rather, smaller — things to focus on last week. Namely? Bugs.

Community Chronicle – 6/03/2014

This edition of the Community Chronicle brings you music, events, podcasts, videos, and a cake of epic proportions – right from the RuneScape community!

RuneRadio – Mod Mac’s Mega Mix

Join Mod Mac this Thursday at 16:30 GMT on RuneZone’s RuneRadio, as he answers your questions and plays some of his hottest tracks!

When Friends Tell Friends to Use Linux

It’s a natural human tendency to want to share a good thing with the people you care about, and Linux is certainly no exception. It can be downright painful, in fact, for FOSS fans to sit by and watch their friends and loved ones suffer in the clutches of other OSes. Even so, is it always a good idea to recommend Linux? One longtime Linux aficionado and blogger isn’t so sure.

Wiliest Ways to Keep the NSA at Bay

The death of online privacy had already been proclaimed long before Edward Snowden landed in the international spotlight, but if it wasn’t confirmed back then, Snowden’s NSA revelations surely must have extinguished the last vestiges of hope in even the most die-hard optimists. “We’re in a predicament,” said Phil Zimmermann, Pretty Good Privacy creator and cofounder and president of Silent Circle.

Return of the Podcast

RuneScape podcasts are back in style, with a Spring Event Q&A podcast – featuring Mods Moltare and Jane – coming your way on Thursday 27th February!

The Rise of the Ethical Hacktivist

When Saul Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals more than four decades ago, the world was a very different place than it is today. Protests and demonstrations were among the most common tactics for bringing about social change, and they were used on such a broad scale that they helped define the Vietnam War era and counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s.