GameBlast 2014 – Double Drops or Double XP?

Your choice of game benefit over the charity weekend!

The Case of the Missing OS, or Did Apple Eat Pear?

Here in the Linux community, it’s no secret that there are more flavors of our favorite operating system than most of us can keep track of. That doesn’t mean, however, that one can just up and disappear without anyone noticing. Case in point: Pear OS. One day it’s freely available for download, offering a remarkably Mac-like experience that’s nevertheless based on Linux.

Community Chronicle – 23/01/2014

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The Blackphone vs. the NSA

Well Linux bloggers have made it plain from the get-go that privacy is among their top concerns for 2014, and recent events have done nothing to shift that focus. President Obama’s momentous speech proposing NSA reforms wasn’t the only clarion call last week. We also heard from Mozilla, which appealed to security researchers to help keep Firefox source code unadulterated and backdoor-free.

Red Hat and CentOS: A Great Thing or a Gates Thing?

There’s no doubt privacy is a highly pertinent goal for 2014, but partnership and collaboration are nothing to sneeze at, either. That’s why the news out of North Carolina last week was so exciting. “Red Hat and the CentOS Project are joining forces to build a new CentOS,” the press release began, “capable of driving forward development and adoption of next-generation open source technologies.”

Community Chronicle – 09/01/14

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Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid: Dreaming of Privacy in 2014

Well another year has come and gone here in the Linux blogosphere, and what a different world it is as we enter 2014. Certainly most notably, our friends at the NSA have made it clear that any notions of privacy have pretty much gone out the window. Go Tor! Speaking of Windows, XP’s final days are now finally being counted down. Cheers to that!

RuneScape’s 13th Birthday!

RuneScape turns 13 on January 4th!

Results Elections TDF Board of Directors

Cor Nouws posted this today: Dear members, I hereby announce the final results of The Document Foundation’s Board of Directors elections 2013. With the challenging phase having ended without any objection to the preliminary results, the following results are now the final ones. Elected as member are the candidates, in this order: Thorsten Behrens, Eliane […]

A Christmas Message from Mod MMG

Merry Christmas to RuneScape’s community from Mod MMG.

Let’s Play Permissions for Open Source Games With Free Art

Let’s Play (LP) is an uprising form of previewing and experiencing video games.While a review summarizes the experience, a LP allows to look a player over their shoulder and indirectly experience the game from one perspective in its entirety …

15 Days of Christmas

15 days of Yuletide fun, with a tradeable rare reward!

A Community Christmas

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The Document Foundation appoints 15 Certified Developers in 2013

Including hackers certified in 2012, TDF Certified Developers are now 37 Berlin, December 11, 2013 – The Document Foundation (TDF) unveils the list of the Certified Developers appointed in 2013: Noel Grandin (independent), Matúš Kukan (Collabora), Noel Power (SUSE), Muthu Subramanian (Collabora), Miklos Vajna (Collabora), certified in March; Maxime de Roucy (Linagora), Winfried Donkers (independent), […]

New Dungeoneers’ Weekend

Plunge into your first dungeon this weekend!

RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters – Now Available!

Card battling featuring 30 RuneScape legends!

Postbag from the Hedge Returns!

Your letters to Gielinor’s denizens – answered!

Open Source, Closed Doors? FOSS and the Racial Divide

FOSS fans are no strangers to difficult topics, and for proof one need look no further than the ongoing sexism controversy that has been debated so many times in every bar and watering hole of the Linux blogosphere. Recently, however, one came up that’s enjoyed far less prominence — at least since Linux Girl began keeping track lo these many years ago.

TDF Board Elections 2013 Voting

Dear TDF members, It is nearly time to vote for the next Board of Directors! During the past weeks, members have been nominated or nominated themselves, willing to serve at the Board of our Foundation. People working on all aspects of LibreOffice and in all parts of the community. So now the important task for […]

Community Round-Up 05/12

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