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Character Name Clean-Up – The Final Batch

Our final batch of character names is being released tomorrow!

Character Name Clean-Up – The Fifth Batch

The fifth batch of character names is being released!

Character Name Clean-Up – The Fourth Batch

The fourth batch of character names is coming and we’re making it easier!

Character Name Clean-Up – The Third Batch

We’re releasing the third batch of character names and this one’s a big one!

Character Name Clean-Up – Second Batch

The second batch of character names is coming, and we’ve made a few tweaks to improve the process.

Character Name Clean-Up – One-Day Countdown

Here’s your one-day countdown! Tomorrow we’ll be releasing first batch of character names.

Character Name Clean-up

Everyone needs a change once in a while – find out how you can change your character name more often and claim a name from a previously dormant account.

Password Security

Customer Support’s tips for top password security.

Design an Outfit Competition!

See your creation in game with this competition.

Email Maintenance 14/09/13

Email maintenance this Saturday evening.

Community Round-Up 22/08

We have a special Divination themed community round-up for you this week!

Reddit AMAA with Mod Hew & Mod Ana – 21st August 7pm BST

Question about Divination? Join Mod Hew and Ana on Reddit: 21st Aug, 7pm BST.

2013: The Year of the Player

2013: The Year of the Player.

Community Round-Up 15/08

News and events from the RuneScape community.

Dwarf Quest Competition Winners

To be included in the upcoming RuneScape dwarf quest!

Community Round-Up 08/08

News, events and fan art from the RuneScape community!

Reddit AMAA with Mod ThatJim – 7th August 7pm BST

Question about NIS? Join Mod Thatjim on Reddit: 7th Aug, 7pm BST.

Community Round-Up 01/08

News & events from the RuneScape community!

Around the Campfire – Community Management Team

Chat with us – live – from 6pm BST!