Community Round-Up 01/08

News & events from the RuneScape community!

Around the Campfire – Community Management Team

Chat with us – live – from 6pm BST!

Community Round-Up 25/07

Take a time-out from gathering those divine tears and come check out this week’s Community Round-Up!

A Home for the Community on YouTube

Send us your videos to celebrate the launch of the RuneScape Community YouTube Channel and win prizes!

It’s Twitch Time!

Today sees the launch of the official RuneScape Community stream on!

RuneScape Podcast – Special Guests

Feast your ears on another fantastic RuneScape podcast! In this one, JMods found themselves outnumbered by some special guests.

Reddit AMAA with Mod Pips – 24th July 7pm BST

Get your questions ready, as you’ll soon have a chance to fire them at Mod Pips during his live Ask Me (Almost) Anything session on Reddit!

Community Round-Up 18/07

Events, news, videos and artistic creations from around the community! Come and check out this week’s Community Round-Up!

RuneScape Podcast – Through the Portal with CM

Another fantastic and slightly crazy podcast – this time with our Community Management Team!

Community Round-Up 11/07

We’re back with more news, events and creations from around the community in this week’s round-up!

Around the Campfire: New RuneScape Website

Join Mods Lee M, Galcian and MKilley this Wednesday at 5pm BST as they answer your questions about the new website and seasonal hiscores.

Help Design the Dwarf Quest!

Ever wanted your designs to appear in RuneScape? Well, now’s your chance with our Dwarf Quest competitions!

Above the Lore Podcast: Bigging Up the Dwarves

Attention all lore fans and everyone interested in the future of the dwarf storyline – the next Above the Lore podcast is here!

Community Round-Up 04/07 & Players’ Gallery 46 Results

Epic RuneScape machinima, a real-life suit of dragon plate and the winners of the June Players’ Gallery competition. All this and more in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Around the Campfire: Modellers & Animators

Join our modellers and animators this Thursday as they answer your art-related questions.

RuneScape 3: Send Us Your Screenshots!

The launch of RuneScape 3 is imminent and the world needs to know! Upload your best beta screenshots to Facebook and tag RuneScape to show us what you’d like to see in our new trailer.

Community Round-Up 27/06

This week we announce the winners of our RuneScape Journey competition, as well as rounding up some great content from around the community!

Your NIS Design Competition Winner

After sorting through hundreds of your entries we now have a winner of our Your NIS Design Competition!

Around the Campfire: Quests and Lore

Join Mods Osborne, Raven and John A this Thursday as they answer your questions on quests and lore in RuneScape!

Theme Music Competition Results

It’s been a tough decision but we’ve now chosen the eagerly anticipated winner of our RuneScape Music Theme competition!