Community Round-Up 21/03

Your lore questions answered, a stack of events and an Armadyl pony. All this and more in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Dealing with Games of Chance

To address community concern with player-run games of chance we’re making this type of activity against the rules of Runescape.

Community Round-Up 14/03

An epic monster-hunting trip, plenty of confetti and RuneScape from a first-person viewpoint. Find out more in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Around the Campfire with Mod Osborne: Lore

Story, lore, and quests from past, present and future – your questions answered!

Community Round-Up 07/03

Join the community in an epic trek around the entirety of Gielinor and help out Old School RuneScape newbies with your tips!

The War against Bots Continues

We’ve rolled out the next phase of our anti-bot technology BotWatch, and over 20,000 gold farmers have felt the ban hammer!

XP in Old School

As the momentous Old School RuneScape poll comes towards a close, we chat with some of the Old School game’s top players who have already racked up impressive amounts of XP in just a matter of days!

Trading in Old School RuneScape

Trading in Old School RuneScape is a skill in itself –a battle of fingers and “flash1:” – so to help we’ve launched a series of new forums specifically around trading on the old school servers!

The First Weekend of Old School

The first weekend of Old School RuneScape has passed, and we’ve seen some truly epic old-school action.

The Community of 2007

The Old School servers have now been live for two days and 2007 has never been busier!

Old School Community Blog

The Old School servers are live and here in Community Management we’re soaking up the nostalgia as we head back in time to 2007.

Send Us Your Old School Video Diaries

Perhaps you’re a veteran and the nostalgia is flooding back? Maybe you’re a relative newcomer to RuneScape and you’ve been totally blown away by how strange all this Old School malarkey is? Share your thoughts on film!

Community Round-Up 20/02

The Community JMods prove their worth in Clan Wars this week as they take on any willing players.

Community Round-Up 14/02

Love is in the air this week as the RuneScape community visits the newly revamped Slayer Tower and celebrates Valentine’s Day!

Gamer Safety Week: Account Security

This year’s theme for Gamer Safety Week is account security and we’re involved – make sure you know all the safeguards in place to keep all your accounts safe and secure!

42 Players’ Gallery: Edible Creations

Does ‘Don’t play with your food’ sound familiar to you? Forget about this childhood memory for a while because this month we invite you to employ your talents and skills to amaze and amuse us with your delicious creations!

Community Round-Up 06/02

Sinkholes have surfaced in Gielinor and the community parties in this week’s edition of the Community Round-Up…

Community Round-Up 30/01

Demons have invaded Gielinor this week but that hasn’t stopped the fansites partying! Find out more in this week’s Community Round-Up…

Community Round-Up 24/01

Join JMods to take down Hati and Sköll, tune into RuneZone’s brand new radio show and much more in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Community Round-Up 10/01

It’s the first Community Round-Up of 2013 and we’re already starting the New Year off with a bang!