The 5 Ultimate Ways to Drive New Traffic to your Online Store

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Optimize your Performances with CSS Sprites

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PrestaShop v1.4.10 – Refined and Improved

At PrestaShop, we harbor an attitude of growth and positive change. At the same time, we don’t easily forget what brought us here, to this amazing point. Together, with your amazing support and knowledge, we have grown and evolved to … Read more

Better Product Pages, Better Sales

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5 (More) Best Web eCommerce Software for Linux

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v1.3.9b is now available for download!

Download the file here: What’s New in v1.3.9b: – Certain .htaccess directives were causing problems on some server configurations, so have been adjusted. If you want the security protection offered by the removed items, just uncomment them. – Various 3D-Secure Fixes, including proper handling of Maestro cards – BUGSFORUM-1195 – Minimum value of zero […]

Zen Cart v1.3.9a — Officially Released!

v1.3.9a has been released !!! and can be downloaded here What’s New in v1.3.9? Many improvements and bugfixes are included in v1.3.9 since v1.3.8, including the following: PHP 5.3.x compatibility PCI scan improvements to prevent commonly-reported false-positives SSL-detection improvements Session Handling improvements for shared-SSL configurations to deal with IE-specific quirks Session-Handler improvements: closing when done, […]