Dynamic Hooks with the __call() Method

Original article written by Vincent Augagneur-Core Developer Translated to English by Benjamin Utterack-Community Manager When developing a module for PrestaShop that appears in different locations, or hooks, in the back or front office, we use the integrated hook system in PrestaShop to … Read more

Guest Blogger Series: How to Utilize Smarty Cache

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5 Essential Elements to Internationalize your Online Shop

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The 5 Ultimate Ways to Drive New Traffic to your Online Store

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5 Tips from Shopping-Feed.com for Selling on Marketplaces

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5 Easy Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Cart Value

Average Order Value (AOV) is the sum of revenue generated divided by the number of orders taken – it is interchangeable with the term Average Cart Value. Sure, AOV immediately sounds important because it describes the cash flow of your … Read more

The 10 Recommended Steps after Installing Your Online Store

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Guest Blogger Series: PrestaShop SSL – Installation and Troubleshooting

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Design your Customer Funnel for Maximum Conversion

What is a Customer Funnel, also called Conversion Funnel? Put simply, it is a model that illustrates a potential customer’s journey towards the purchase of a product. In Ecommerce, it describes a customer’s experience through homepage visit, adding to cart, … Read more

Track your Achievements with the New Merchant Expertise Module

It brings us an overwhelming joy to see our merchants come from nothing more than a great idea, all the way to a full-fledged international business corporation. Sometimes it is hard for them to fathom just how far they’ve come. … Read more

Interview with Vekia, our Polish Forum Moderator

In this edition we have the pleasure of speaking with Polish native, Milos Myszczuk. He is a forum Moderator vekia and PrestaShop expert. Read on as Milos shares his experiences, history and expertise with this PrestaShop interview. #Could you please … Read more

Better Product Pages, Better Sales

In this day and age, having a great product to sell online is not enough to ensure success. In order to maximize your potential sales, you must have a beautifully crafted product page. You want to make sure that you … Read more

Oh no! Your customers are abandoning their carts! Problem solved, money in your pocket.

Cart abandonment – it sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Well… it is! According to Fireclick, the average rate of customers adding an item to their cart and subsequently leaving it behind is 71.30%. For merchants, that is an extremely … Read more

Make the most of your product images with PrestaShop

In the world of e-commerce, shoppers rarely have the ability to look at – or feel – a product before making a purchasing decision (downloadable products excluded). That’s why product images are so important to the overall success of an … Read more

Top-Four Tips for Increasing the Speed of Your PrestaShop Store

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Poland : a new horizon for e-businesses

Continuing our overview of European e-commerce, today we examine Poland. So what does e-commerce in Poland look like ? Polish e-commerce : the figures Poland is experiencing high growth levels : 24% in 2012, with Internet sales at 4.50 billion … Read more

PrestaShop and Confashion seek to conquer the Polish market

Confashion is the concrete realization of Andrzej Kaluzny’s dream of launching his own brand in the world of e-commerce. The streamlined design of the store was developed by a graphic designer who is also behind the photos and logo. A … Read more

Why the FAQ page is so important in the world of e-commerce

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Adding this page to your e-commerce website has many advantages and no real drawbacks, other than the time it takes to create. For example, a dedicated FAQ page will help address the basic needs … Read more

Return to the real: Are artisans the future of e-commerce?

Handmade goods have become a the latest e-commerce trend — a result of shoppers’ desire for more authentic online consumerism. The rise of the workshop Many workshops for handmade goods have already been established, and more people are getting into … Read more

PrestaShop Presents the Benefits of Private Sales

Private sales: A market full of potential The idea of an online private sale is simple. Generally high-end items are offered to a select group of shoppers at a reduced price. These are typically temporary deals reserved for people who … Read more