Magento and the Fashion World Come Together at Fashion Digital New York

Magento is the lead sponsor of the inaugural Fashion Digital NY conference (October 10, 2012, McGraw Hill Conference Center in Midtown Manhattan).
This conference is a one day thought-leadership conference focused on changing fashion retail through cr…

Don’t Miss a ‘Golden’ Opportunity to Learn From PrestaShop and Jirafe in San Francisco

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Magento Partner Pavilion at eCommerce Expo

Magento is coming to London for our first showing at eCommerce Expo on October 2-3! eCommerce Expo is the largest UK show dedicated to online selling strategy and implementation with over 6,000 attendees from large corporate retailers and online bran…

eBay Inc’s Energy Was Felt Throughout officially ended two weeks ago, but the buzz surrounding the eBay Inc. booth is ongoing. With five eBay companies–Magento, PayPal, eBay Marketplaces, GSI, and–in the same booth, it became the place for merchants, prospects and …

PrestaShop and Jirafe are Hosting an E-Commerce Meetup in Atlanta

Sometimes the work week can be crazy busy. So much so that when Saturday rolls around, all you really want to do is sleep ’til noon before moseying on over to the beach. That’s cool. We get it. But sometimes, … Read more

Introducing the 2012 Mozilla Festival: making, freedom and the web

Join us for three days of inspired making, learning and celebration in London. Today we’re extremely proud to launch the new 2012 Mozilla Festival web site — and invite you to join us November 9-11 in London, UK. “We want … Continue reading

Visit Magento and the eBay Family at E-Commerce Paris

Don’t miss the Magento Team at E-Commerce Paris from September 18th to 20th 2012. E-Commerce Paris 2012 brings the industry together with over 30,000 attendees, 500 exhibitors and hosts, 350 speakers and 18 training sessions. E-Commerce is worth ove…

Wow! Where did the time go? We’re 2!

Back in September 2010, when Mageia was born, we had big dreams for our baby distro.  It’s great to be able to say: our dreams are coming true! What’s happened since our first birthday? We released Mageia 2 and have started … Continue reading

The Adventures of PrestaRocket: Part Four

For a complete recap of PrestaRocket’s Denver adventures, check out Part One, Two and Three of his blog. Part Four: The Final Chapter The Internet is a crazy thing. Ever since saving my good friend Brontosaurus’ life yesterday at The … Read more

The Adventures of PrestaRocket: Part Two

For a complete recap of PrestaRocket’s Denver adventures, check out Part One of his blog. Part Two The Summit is in full swing, and boy have I been busy. Our day started at 9 a.m, and I have been flying … Read more

PrestaShop Presents: The Adventures of PrestaRocket

Part One Hi everyone. I’m PrestaRocket. Last Friday, my family and I hopped on a plane in Miami and flew 1,723 miles to Denver in order to participate in The 2012 Annual Summit. You see, the Summit is boasted … Read more

Learn About Magento’s Industry Partner Program at


Join Magento before the start of on Monday, September 10 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM to meet the Magento Industry Partner team and learn about some very exciting Industry Partner efforts in the works.

Since Magento’s launch in early 2008, the platform has been downloaded more than 4 million times and powers in excess of $25 billion in annual sales from more than 125,000 merchants worldwide. Wow, those are big numbers! And we attribute part of this growth to our Industry Partners, who number more than 120 strong and growing.

On Monday, before the start of, we’d like to take some time to Thank You for all of the merchant value you’ve brought to the Magento platform and share with you some exciting plans we have to ensure you are rewarded with our continued focus on driving visibility and success for our Industry Partners. We will also be looking for your feedback on how we can better our program moving forward.

Please note, space is limited due to the capacity of the venue, Rio Grande Restaurant, in Denver!

Register and reserve your spot today!


Join Magento for a Monday Night Networking Event at is coming up fast, and Magento and the eBay family is ready! The exhibit hall will be buzzing with excitement on the first night of, and we have decided to add to the eCommerce energy by hosting a Networking Event on Monday Night!

Meet Magento Expands to Brazil

After many successful conferences in Germany, Netresearch is expanding Meet Magento to Brazil. The premiere of Meet Magento BR will be on November 8 in the stirring metropolis of São Paulo at the Mercure Grand Hotel Ibirapuera Park. The over 250 atte…

Magento Teams Up With eBay Inc. for

Visit the eBay Family
Magento is heading to Denver for 2012 from September 10th-12th! As always, Magento will be there in full force–with our signature orange couches, of course–and this year, we will be a part of the eBay family booth, wh…

Bargento is Coming to Brazil!

Since 2009, Bargento has been bringing the French Community together, with large events and speakers presenting about the Magento platform and ecosystem. After expanding to Spain, Bargento is now coming to Brazil, bringing together entrepreneurs, me…

Magento is back in Vegas for MAGIC

For all of our fashion merchants, we wanted to let you know that Magento will have representation at MAGIC in Vegas. Whether you already have a store with us or are looking to get started with a store, we’d love to connect. Tweet @Magento with your …

Magento Best Practice Day – Berlin

September 18, 2012

Magento Solution Partner Votum Media along with other leaders in eCommerce including econda, Inxmail, PAYONE, internet24, FACT-Finder and OnMaCon have organized Magento Best Practices Day Berlin.
At this conference Magento Inc., Ma…

Event Organizers Unite!

I’m happy to announce the formation of a new official contributor group within the WordPress project for the organizers of in-person events that promote WordPress. Though there are hundreds of people around the globe organizing WordCamps, WordPress meetups, hackathons, free classes and the like, since their “projects” were all happening locally there was never a [...]

What is DrupalCon?

Those of us getting really excited that it is almost time for DrupalCon again sometimes need to explain to our friends, colleagues, or family members what all the fuss is about.

Explaining DrupalCon

Have you ever had trouble putting it into words? “Yeah, Mom, we sit in rooms together and write code! … Yes, I do that all year … Yes, I talk to these people online all the time … But DrupalCon is incredible because it’s so … y’know, great! I met Dries! I committed a patch with Webchick!”

I was thinking about this recently and started jotting down some of my impressions of what goes on at a DrupalCon. DrupalCon is so big and so busy, no one has the same DrupalCon as anyone else, of course, but here’s a quick DrupalCon primer in the form of a …

DrupalCon A-Z


  • A is for for Drupal Association - The Drupal Association is a non-profit foundation dedicating to supporting and promoting the Drupal project in many ways, including running DrupalCon Munich! Become a member today!
  • All-inclusive – Your ticket to DrupalCon Munich includes lunch, coffee, tea, and all the code you can write! Get yours today! It’s a steal at €475.


  • Beer track – The social side of DrupalCon – with or without beer – is just as important as the sessions, the code that gets written, and the deals that get made – the interpersonal connections that get made at Drupal’s in-person events are what builds our community and holds it together.
  • BoFs – “Birds of a feather flock together.” Not presenting a formal session? Want to find others interested in your niche in the Drupal world? BoFs are spontaneously organized, informal sessions covering any topic that two or more people get together to talk about. Schedule a BoF today or look for the BoF rooms and whiteboards at the DrupalCon venue!
  • Business is a big driver of the DrupalCon. Whether you’re looking for clients, looking for implementation, hosting, or employees, you’ll meet plenty of people at DrupalCon doing, looking for, and happy to help you do business using Drupal. Check out the Drupal CxO event on August 20th too.


  • Code is the technical backbone of Drupal. Drupal itself is mostly written in PHP, but JQuery and other flavors of Javascript, database queries, CSS, HTML, and more all play their part.
  • Code of conduct – The Drupal community lives by two codes of conduct that reflect our positive values both in their creation, wording, and use. Both the Drupal Code of Conduct and the DrupalCon Code of Conduct can be summed up thus:

    • Be considerate
    • Be welcoming
    • Be respectful
    • Be collaborative
    • When we disagree, we consult others
    • When we need it, we ask for help
    • We’re all in this together
  • Coder lounge – 24-hour open hangout for the hard-core developers who can’t get enough … or just can’t get to sleep! Look for it in Munich!
  • Code sprints are mass coding efforts (in this case the day after DrupalCon, August 24th, but they also happen throughout the year at other times and places) where Drupalists who might not get to see each other in person, get together to collaborate in real time and real space. These sprints have produced great code, documentation, and innovations in the past. Come and do your part!
  • Collaboration is the modus operandi of the Drupal community. The more ideas you share, the more code you share, the greater the chance is that someone else will be able to not only use that, but also give it back to you with improvements. We say, “The more you give, the more you get back.”
  • Community – “Come for the software, stay for the community” is an old saying in Drupal. It’s hard to explain how fundamental the community of “Drupalists” – the people using and working on Drupal around the world – is to making Drupal what it is. The power of Drupal’s technology is massively multiplied by a community of people actively helping each other, cooperating, and contributing 24 hours a day, every day. Come meet us in Munich!
  • Competitions – DrupalCon’s have been known to feature fun competitions both on the exhibitors’ floor and elsewhere.
  • Core contributor sprint and training – Got ideas how to make Drupal better? Need to know how to do that? Check out this session and come to the community sprint day on August 24th.
  • Core Conversations where Drupalists actively working and contributing to Drupal core or meet, discuss, and plan the future of Drupal.


  • Decision makers – Selling Drupal services? Buying Drupal services? Looking for help? You’ll find these folks at DrupalCon Munich, and especially at the Drupal CxO event on August 20th and the Exhibit Hall.
  • Developers! Developers! Developers! … are only one (very, very important) part of the Drupal community. The health and growth of the Drupal ecosystem can be measured by the fact that it now also includes designers, businesspeople, marketers, evangelists, visionaries, and more.
  • Discussion – Drupalists are good at this. Bring throat lozenges and plenty of water.
  • Discounts are available for full-time students and employees of non-profit organizations.
  • Drupal is an open source content management system and social publishing platform and it is what we do! Download it today and change the world!
  • Drupal Shops – Choosing Drupal as the technology to realize your vision, do your business, or change the world is a safe choice. There are thousands of Drupal service providers around the world; vendor lock-in is impossible in an open source ecosystem, so you’ll find them all willing and able to do the best they can for you.
  • DrupliconDrupal’s mascot. It’s been open sourced too, so mix it, mash it, have fun with it!


  • eCommerce – Drupal is powering numerous eCommerce portals and shops on the web. At DrupalCon Munich, there are a bunch of sessions related to eCommerce one way or another.
  • Exhibitors area – Come meet friendly Drupal shops and DrupalCon sponsors from all around Europe and the world in the DrupalCon exhibitors area. It features its own area for presentations in and around the world of business in Drupal, the Day Stage.


  • Free and open source is how we roll in Drupal. When you choose a massively successful open source project like Drupal, the four freedoms that define open source software define real value for you: innovation, risk mitigation, cost efficiencies, the power to invest in your own efforts rather than in endless license fees, and more.
  • Fun – Drupal is something Drupalists do with tremendous passion and it is often much more than “just a job” to us. We know how to mix business and pleasure and remain productive … mostly. Come for the code, stay for the fun!


  • Giving back is an integral part of the Drupal ecosystem. Most Drupal businesses do their best to give back to the Drupal project in code, products, sponsorship, and volunteering. Start the /drupalgive page on your website today! More information here.


  • Hallway track – The most important encounters and interactions at DrupalCon don’t necessarily happen in the official sessions. Be friendly, say hello, join the groups in the hallways and lounges of the DrupalCon. You never know who you’ll meet: your next collaborator, boss, employee, or friend.
  • Hiring – Need Drupalists? Need a job? DrupalCon is the place to be!


  • Inclusive – The Drupal community is open and accepting. Come meet us. You’ll like us!
  • Innovation in Drupal is constant, fast and keeps the project on the cutting edge of the web.
  • Inspiration abounds in the heady mix of sharing, learning, and contributing that goes on at DrupalCon.
  • International – DrupalCon is a microcosm of the global Drupal project. People from almost every continent come to DrupalCon! Antarctica is so far sadly underrepresented …


  • JQuery is built into Drupal … and I needed something for “J” …


  • Keynotes – Three of ‘em. And they’ll be good.

    • Dries Buytaert – Drupal’s founder and Project Lead will give us his view of the state of Drupal and where the project is going in his traditional “Driesnote”.
    • Anke Domscheit Berg – German entrepreneur, expert on open government and women’s roles in the economy, business, and management.
    • Fabien Potencier – Project lead of the Symfony2 PHP framework, large parts of which will be integrated into Drupal 8.


  • Long days, long nights – Sessions and keynotes all day, social events, 24 hour coder lounge … who’s got time to sleep at DrupalCon?


  • Media will be at DrupalCon, the news kind. Press kit, media contacts, and social media links can be found here.


  • Network – Make connections, do business, find the people who’ll help you now or tomorrow.
  • New ideas – Plenty of these in the Drupal community!
  • Newbies welcome! Come join us! We’ll welcome you and your skills with open arms. Get up to speed in one of eight, all-day training sessions on August 20th.


  • Open to all – The Drupal project welcomes you with open arms. Come, be yourself, make a difference.
  • Open source software is the future. Drupal is a tool-building tool. Being both the maker and user of your software allows you to build exactly the tools that you need, when you need them.
  • Opportunities abound at DrupalCon, whether you’re looking for a job, developers, ideas, inspiration, opportunities, or friends!


  • Parties – Relax, unwind, meet people. Ask that question you couldn’t get in at someone’s session. DrupalCon’s social activities let you get to know the Drupalists around you. Don’t be shy.
  • People are the key to understanding Drupal. It’s not just software, not some anonymous lines of code; Drupal is a large, diverse, vibrant community of people cooperating to make the best possible software to meet their needs and change the world.
  • Positivity abounds in Drupal. Get caught up in it.


  • Quiet time – If you really need it, you can find a quiet corner or coders lounge to get things done. Just don’t forget to get out among the largest gathering of Drupalists in Europe this year, okay?


  • Respect for everyone. We all contribute. We all have different skills and knowledge. Drupal is what we have built together. Be proud. Be respectful.


  • Security is a major concern on the web and Drupal’s best practices, coding standards, and security team help keep your site and data safe.
  • Service providers – Looking for someone to build your website? Migrate your data? Make your site secure? Make it pretty? Drupal shops will be out in force at DrupalCon. Start looking in the exhibitors’ area, but don’t stop there. They’ll be everywhere!
  • Sessions78 of ‘em in Munich. The meat and potatoes of DrupalCon. Drupal’s best and brightest covering every aspect of the Drupal project from business to design to security to scalability and a whole lot more.
  • Socialize – No really. DrupalCon is much more than the sum of its component sessions. Get out, meet people, talk, write code, have fun! Friendships, respect, and knowing the people behind the code are what make Drupal strong. Do your part in the community, too!
  • Sponsors are what makes this gathering of extraordinary people possible. Thank you all!
  • Support – If you have a question about Drupal, someone at DrupalCon will know the answer. Asking nicely at the right time and place will get you a lot of help in the Drupal community.
  • Symfony2 – Coming to a Drupal core near you soon! Meet the Symfony project lead and learn about next-gen Drupal.



  • U-Bahn (the subway system) is a great way to get around Munich.
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities.
  • UX/UI – Drupal’s front end experts will be out in force! Look out for the Spark Initiative, too!



  • WiFi – The lifeblood of thousands of geeks at DrupalCon. The carrier of the second-to-second action of DrupalCon: patches, commits, tweets, messages …
  • Work, hard work – Drupal is the product of millions of hours of coding, and conversations, and collaboration. If you’ve never experienced DrupalCon before, Munich will be an exhilarating, but exhausting week.


  • Xray view on the future of Drupal.



  • Zzz is for all the sleep you’ll need to catch up on after DrupalCon week.