Firebird 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1 Language Reference updates is now updated

Paul Vinkenoog wrote on Firebird-docs The 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1 LangRef Updates have been “heavily” updated. Taken together, some 200 sections were corrected, extended, added, or whatever. This ought to earn me enough karma to get me through my next 3 lives in relative luxury. I’m now working on the 2.5 LRU, which I hope to […]

Firebird to be included in #Mageia : a new GNU #Linux distribution based on #Mandriva Ashes

Firebird history and Mageia story are related to each other  , here are the Philippe’s kind words A new GNU Linux distribution is born : Mageia, a Mandriva Linux fork. So why speak about this here ? First, Firebird packages need a maintainer and as I am the one in Mandriva, I will do the […]

Firebird 2.5 (final) released

Today the Firebird 2.5 is being released. You can read the press release and most importantly release notes. And sure, you can download it and use/test/deploy. Congratulation to us, the Firebird Project, especially the core team. And also to you, users, I hope you’ll enjoy and like the new Firebird 2.5 version as we (I) do. Note: The MindTheBird campaign team will run […]