Data Dealer, an interesting project to fund!

The the last Kickstarter game project we featured was sadly not successful and with only 11 days to go it doesn’t look too good for Data Dealer either. But this HTML5 and CC-by-SA licensed game project comes with a pretty cool idea and is quite playabl…

Unvanquished summer tournament

Given the often quite small online communities around FOSS games, one has to become creative on how to keep players and attract new ones. Regular tournaments are one of those good ideas, albeit one that is a lot of work organizing.
One of the games that is still struggling to attract a stable player base is Unvanquished, even though the game is based on Tremulous and thus quite well developed game-play wise.

Don’t hide from the Aliens

However for those complaining about it being the “same old” just with fancy graphics, they have implemented an all new resource and base building system, which will be also used in the tournament! To quote them:

Your tactics may need to change to compensate for this, but you can always test out the new gameplay on our development server beforehand, as well as by attending and observing our weekly development games on Saturdays. An explanation of the differences between our gameplay and the classic Tremulous variety will be explained in a helpful guide that we will provide to you shortly. Most notably, camping is no longer a desirable tactic, and map control is the new focus.

They said “no more camping” !”§$%&/!!!

So where can you learn more about this tournament? Well follow the previous link ;) The event will begin in the middle of July, with the first matches held on the weekend of Friday, July 19th through Sunday, July 21st.But if you manage to pass those rounds, you will have to plan for some matches on the following weekend too.
Registration starts on the 1st of July and you will need at least 3 other people on your team. I would naturally suggest a FreeGamer team, however due to my current bad internet connection, it is sadly not possible for me to join. But I hope some of the matches will be recored so that we can cover them here on the blog too :)

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DevCorner: Underapprechiated game engines

In my never ending search for a FOSS game engine that is usable for game modding with out having to reinvent the wheel (nor requiring to be a C++ code master) & having decent tools for content creation (because I am spoiled and think that is a mini…

Lost Sky Tactical J-RPG [PyGame]

Lost Sky is a PyGame-based Tactical J-RPG that runs on Linux, OS X and Windows.To play on a system that has mercurial and pygame installed, run: hg clone lost-sky-project-public/Story\ of…

Xonotic 0.7 released

After an agonizingly long wait, I am happy to report that a new official release of the premier FOSS arena FPS Xonotic is available to the masses.Here is a nice (but slightly older) game-play video for those not having played Xonotic yet:Changes are qu…

DevCorner: Liberate some great Blender game art!

UPDATE: First set of files has been released (license CC0) and on my advise he added some stretch goals: 600$ > 3 game ready Enemies! (models, sfx, animations, effects)650$ > Dynamic optimized lighting system! (rich dynamic lighting with low reso…

Hedgewars 0.9.19 released

Everyone’s favorite clone of worm-warfare, Hedgewars recently got a rather big new release as one of the developers pointed out to us by email.One of the new level themes for Hedgewars 0.9.19The changes are quite extensive, so instead of failing to sum…

WIP “OpenFlashpoint”

Here is another post about a project I found in the far ends of the internet (“here be dragons”), but which seems really promising never the less.But first of all a disclamer by the original creator:The screenshots you are about to see are not yet an e…

Comprehensive lists of open-source game engines for proprietary games

Recently came across these two very comprehensive lists of open-source game engines for proprietary games edit: and various clones and inspired projects:Reddit postOpen Source Game Clones websiteI feel the latter has an a bit misleading title, as none …

Dead Morning, an open-source horror game

Today I bring you news of yet another rather low profile Darkplaces engine game (e.g. the same engine that runs Xonotic), called Dead Morning:As you can see in these other, more game-play oriented videos (1, 2, 3), it seems to be quite heavily influenc…

Rhythos RPG Builder Kickstarter

There seem to be not too many Kickstarter projects that promise open-source results (and I have to admit, incentives are lower if you don’t get a copy of a cool game at a discounted price ;) ), but the Rhythos RPG builder project looks like one very mu…

Play FreeCiv in your browser (HTML5)

FreeCiv is now available as a HTML5 implementation that runs right in your (modern) browser:Load times are quick too, so give it a try. It even supports multiplayer.Tip: Moving units is either done via the arrow keys (preferably the number key-pad ones…

Two times (0.)2.0

(Yes, that is a rather thin common ground to combine these two news in one post ;) ).Anyways, today there is one for the “FreeGamers”, aka those that are looking for more or less playable games:There is a new release (2.0) of StuntRally, and I guess I …

OpenXcom takes a giant leap

Main menuOpenXcom is one of those projects I’ve been following religiously, not only because I’m a huge fan of the X-COM series, but also because it promised to deliver a fully stable and bug free engine port released under a Free Software license.The …

Heroine Dusk, cool in browser retro dungeon crawler

Clint Bellanger, the awesome guy behind the Flare RPG (engine), just landed a surprise hit for the #OneGameaMonth competition(?):Heroine DuskThe fully JavaScript (and thus in Browser game) is called Heroine Dusk, and can be played here as a first demo….

Updates from Rogue Republic, that modern warfare 0 A.D. mod

The really nice looking modern warfare mod for 0 A.D. is steadily improving:Rogue Republic’s Russian buildingsYou can now also check out their blog and facebook page, and to quote one of the main developers:With hope of finding a proficient 0 A.D. code…

Looking to fund working on full-time.

Hey folks!Just a quick note.  I’m looking to fund work on full time (probably via Kickstarter or similar) once my current work project is done, and I’m interested in hearing what people would like me to work on.  If you have a…

WTactics Summer of Cards

WTactics is a beautiful, freely licensed card game which pleasantly surprises for example by having it’s amazing assets under free licenses, not shying away from employing same-sex love themes and now, by inviting game designers to share an apartment in lovely Sweden on WTactics development during July 2013.
People all over the world are hereby welcomed to participate in Summer of Cards 2013 – the first ever real life gathering of the dev. team and all those of you that want to get aboard and contribute to the worlds first truly pro libre customizable card game, our dear WTactics. 1:st to 28:th of July 2013 is when this is going down in Malmö, Sweden, so do some reading in here and scribble us a mail already so we can start planning for wicked goodness. You come and stay as you may.

“A couchsurfing style gamejam” was approved as a possible description of the event.

Your host says hi!

Once this returns positive results, I will be hoping for the first free, open source monastery being found by 2015… :)

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Various follow-ups

First off as a rather fast follow up on the last post:

Otherwise, as previously mentioned, Garage Games has now also released their 2D game framework under the MIT license:

Their 3D game engine also saw some nice updates lately, however sadly their crowd funding push to port Torque3D to Linux fell (not totally unsurprisingly) short of their 30,000$ mark (with about 10,000$ pledged).

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Quick FPS updates

I will keep it short today: Unvanquished Alpha12 released:

New rim-lighting options on alien scum

New releases of Red Eclipse and Alien Arena still pending, but really close ™, not much news from War§ow either except that they are looking for a .deb package manager.

Xonotic’s development seems to have slowed down a bit, but here is a nice road map of what is to come, and some current fragging fun can be seen here.

Oh and the developers of the Octaforge engine estimated that the first release might be this month :)

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