Community Road Trip & Patch Week

Community Road Trip | Patch Week | Solomon’s Store – Extra Action Bars | Streams this Week

Heart of Stone – Elder Gods Quest

Uncover the secrets of the elder gods and track down an old friend gone rogue in Heart of Stone – the first in the new ‘Elder Gods’ quest series.

Treasure Trails Update & Community Tools

Treasure Trails get dusted off and plumped up today, with new trails and better rewards, and we’re bringing you some handy social tools too.

Prifddinas – Lost City of the Elves – Part 2

Part 2 of RuneScape’s biggest update of the year is here. It’s time to meet the final four clans and explore the rest of the Lost City of the Elves.

Patch Week

Since Guthixian Caches came early last week, we’ve dedicated today’s update to patches, fixes and quality-of-life tweaks.

Broken Home & Guthixian Caches

Double content this week – with our first replayable quest and a Divination D&D – and double XP this weekend. That’s a whole lot of RuneScape!

Death’s Door – Halloween Event

Show some ghosts Death’s Door in this year’s Halloween event, and earn ghost-hunting gear as your reward. Play it now in RuneScape!

Ironman & Drop Table Reworks

Hang tough in RuneScape today with Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes, and better drops from beasts and ghosts – as voted for by you.

Smarter Familiars

Smarter familiars, automatic special moves in combat, an improved side-bar and more make this a happy update day for RuneScape summoners.

Bonus XP Swap Shop

Get what you want from your Bonus XP at Vic’s Swap Shop – open for the next 7 days. Swap Bonus XP for lamps, skilling outfits, cosmetic items and more!

Patch Week & Pure Resets

Enjoy a mixed bag of small tweaks and fixes to make your RuneScape life easier, as well as Pure Resets for those looking for focus in their skill training.

Prifddinas – Lost City of the Elves

Prifddinas – Lost City of the Elves – is finally here! From the first Player Power poll, it’s the high-level RuneScape content hub you’ve been waiting for.

Rune Value Improvements

Make vis wax from runes and buff up your auras, challenges and divine location gathering. Easier altar running also means runes are all the more valuable.

Expert Skillcapes

Show off in style with expert skillcapes. Brought to you by the Ninja Team, they’re obtainable after reaching 99 in groups of related RuneScape skills.

Grouping System & Balthazar’s Big Raffle Begins

Get a group for your favourite multiplayer RuneScape content with the all-new Grouping System. In other news, Balthazar’s Big Raffle is now on!

Barbarian Assault Redux

Face the horrifying Penance King and pick up new rewards in our player-pitched rework to Barbarian Assault minigame.

Soul Reaper

Become a Soul Reaper by laying RuneScape’s beefiest bosses to rest, in exchange for aura resets, powerful new jewellery, reduced instance costs and more.

Plague’s End

Plague’s End is a Grandmaster quest ten years in the making. Save Prifddinas from a dark fate and gain access when it opens, plus XP and thieving rewards.

Clan Month – The Beginning

From rewards to improvements, there’s never been a better time to be in a clan!

Araxxor, Twitch Integration and Lobby Update

Araxxor is unleashed! Fight him solo or with a friend for level 90 two-handed weapons – and stream with our integrated Twitch client while you’re at it.