Slayer Helmet and Social Slayer Update

Helm upgrades, plus pets and perks for social slayers!

Hati and Sköll – The Wolf Pack Returns

Fight the wolves for bonus XP and cosmetic rewards.

Power to the Players – New Poll System

Help us shape RuneScape’s future – today!

Player-Owned Ports – The Next Journey

New voyages for the new year.

Up to Snow Good – Christmas 2013

Be naughty or nice at Santa’s Christmas fair!

The Bird and the Beast – World Event 2

Bandos vs Armadyl – to the death!

Harbingers of Tuska

Terrifying level 92 Slayer monsters to test your mettle!

Coinshare, World Map and Tutorial

Three big updates, for players old and new.

Your Community Features

Some of your most-requested social features, now live.

Barrows – Rise of the Six

Go toe-to-toe with Gielinor’s deadliest siblings!

D&D Tracker

Track your favourite timed RuneScape activities.

Lumbridge Rebuildathon

Help to rebuild after the Battle of Lumbridge!

The Well of Goodwill

Share the wealth with the Well of Goodwill.

Well of Goodwill

Share the wealth with the Well of Goodwill.

Sirenic Armour

Epic, craftable power armour for level 90 rangers!

Missing, Presumed Death

Face foulest murder in this new novice RuneScape quest!

Treevolution – High-Level Trees

Two new high-level trees take root in RuneScape today!

Birthright of the Dwarves

The community-voted conclusion of the Red Axe series.

Super September

Get a new challenge every day with Super September.

An Important Message from Mod MMG

Introducing – Bonds!