Royal Rhinos and New Seasonal Hiscores

Help us fight against illegal wildlife trade by adopting a royal rhino with awesome extras. Plus, the new seasonal hiscores are out.

Ancient Combat

Get Second Age on your enemies with Ancient Combat, featuring new abilities, dragon equipment, nihil familiars, new slayer tasks and more.

Bank Updates – Quick Presets and Drag & Drop

Managing your bank’s easier than ever with today’s duo of updates – quick presets, and drag & drop to destroy items.

Mod MMG on RuneScape Micro-Payments

An update from Mod MMG on micro-payments.

Mahjarrat Memories, Circus Improvements and More!

Uncover forgotten lore in the Mahjarrat Memories, and enjoy a big-top-sized batch of improvements to the much-loved Circus D&D.

One of a Kind

Our latest Grandmaster quest is a lore-filled treat for diehard quest fanatics, granting an amazing amulet, XP, and access to the polled celestial dragons!

Combat Beta

The Combat Beta has been updated with new level calculations, adjustments to tank armour, special attacks on more weapons, and PvP changes.

Tweaks Week

We’re adding slots for off-hand equipment in Dungeoneering, answering your feedback and fixing a big batch of bugs, in preparation for a lore-filled March!


Hot off the beta servers comes the all-new Revolution combat mode, ability queuing and a bunch of much-requested combat tweaks.

Heist – New Minigame

Leg it with the loot or lay down the law!

Demon Drop Table Improvements

Better drops from demons, as voted for by you!

Holy Moley – Giant Mole Update

Dig deep and face the new Giant Mole!

Slayer Helmet and Social Slayer Update

Helm upgrades, plus pets and perks for social slayers!

Hati and Sköll – The Wolf Pack Returns

Fight the wolves for bonus XP and cosmetic rewards.

Power to the Players – New Poll System

Help us shape RuneScape’s future – today!

Player-Owned Ports – The Next Journey

New voyages for the new year.

Up to Snow Good – Christmas 2013

Be naughty or nice at Santa’s Christmas fair!

The Bird and the Beast – World Event 2

Bandos vs Armadyl – to the death!

Harbingers of Tuska

Terrifying level 92 Slayer monsters to test your mettle!

Coinshare, World Map and Tutorial

Three big updates, for players old and new.