Missing, Presumed Death

Face foulest murder in this new novice RuneScape quest!

Treevolution – High-Level Trees

Two new high-level trees take root in RuneScape today!

Birthright of the Dwarves

The community-voted conclusion of the Red Axe series.

Super September

Get a new challenge every day with Super September.

An Important Message from Mod MMG

Introducing – Bonds!

Daemonheim Task Set

47 taxing Tasks from Daemonheim’s depths!

Squeal of Fortune: Golden Chinchompa

Feed your golden chinchompa for gold and prizes!

Super September – Day 3

Get a new challenge every day with Super September.

The New Solomon’s General Store

Buy items with your loyalty points.

Super September – Day 2

Get a new challenge every day with Super September.

Super September – Day 1

Get a new challenge every day with Super September.

Squeal of Fortune: Lucky Clover

Three lucky necklaces now on the wheel!

New Interface System Fixes

The new interface system gets some new features.

Divination Skill – Now Live

RuneScape’s new skill is now live!

The Death of Chivalry

The latest RuneScape quest is live and free to play!

Divination Skillcape Poll – Results

Your votes are in – see the Divination skillcape!

The Battle of Lumbridge – One Week In

Mod Moltare gives his take on the Battle of Lumbridge, one week in.

Divination Skillcape Poll

Vote on the colour scheme of the Divination Skillcape and get a first glimpse of the Divination skill icon!

RuneScape 3 First Impressions

RuneScape 3 launched two days ago and it’s been really rewarding for us to see so many players of all types getting involved. In this post I’ll discuss how we’re responding to your comments and feedback, and let you know what we’ve got planned next.

RuneScape 3 Now Live

RuneScape 3 has launched! Play now and experience the next generation of browser MMORPG – including the Battle of Lumbridge, the New Interface System, Seasonal Hiscores, HTML5 Beta Client and more. Join the battle today!