Squeal of Fortune: Lucky Clover

Three lucky necklaces now on the wheel!

New Interface System Fixes

The new interface system gets some new features.

Divination Skill – Now Live

RuneScape’s new skill is now live!

The Death of Chivalry

The latest RuneScape quest is live and free to play!

Divination Skillcape Poll – Results

Your votes are in – see the Divination skillcape!

The Battle of Lumbridge – One Week In

Mod Moltare gives his take on the Battle of Lumbridge, one week in.

Divination Skillcape Poll

Vote on the colour scheme of the Divination Skillcape and get a first glimpse of the Divination skill icon!

RuneScape 3 First Impressions

RuneScape 3 launched two days ago and it’s been really rewarding for us to see so many players of all types getting involved. In this post I’ll discuss how we’re responding to your comments and feedback, and let you know what we’ve got planned next.

RuneScape 3 Now Live

RuneScape 3 has launched! Play now and experience the next generation of browser MMORPG – including the Battle of Lumbridge, the New Interface System, Seasonal Hiscores, HTML5 Beta Client and more. Join the battle today!

Solomon’s General Store: Battle Armour

Represent your faction in the Battle of Lumbridge with eight new sets of Battle Armour.

Open Beta Update

Free players and members can now test drive the RuneScape3 HTML5 Client, and get ready for the New Interface System with the NIS Beta in HTML5 too!

Squeal of Fortune: Heads Will Roll Again!

Five more Slayer masks are heading to the Squeal of Fortune from the 12th of July, and this week is your best chance of picking them up.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Members can now savour our tastiest ever quest – Bringing Home the Bacon – packed with time-honoured RuneScape humour and all the pig flesh you can fit into your face. Save Gielinor’s pig population from gastronomic doom and enjoy some delicious r…

Solomon’s General Store: Adopt a Companion

A new type of pet is now available from Solomon’s General Store.

RuneScape 3 Arrives July 22nd 2013

RuneScape 3 arrives July 22nd 2013! Read on for details of what to expect, and how to prepare.

Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight

Get ready for the fight of your life as you face down the rock-hard new boss Vorago in a 5+ player battle to the death. Survive, and you’ll have the chance to get your hands on level 90 mage gear: seismic weapons and tectonic armour!

Squeal of Fortune: Crown of Seasons

A brand new tradeable rare item – the Crown of Seasons – can be made with items collected in-game and on the Squeal of Fortune between the 28th of June and the 8th of July.

The New Interface System Enters Open Beta

The New Interface System’s now in open beta. All RuneScape players – free and members alike – can now log in and put the NIS through its paces!

RuneFest 2013 – Save the Date!

We’re excited to announce that RuneFest 2013 is on, and it’s happening on the 2nd of November in the south-east United Kingdom!

Solomon’s General Store: Strongarm & Arcane Teleports

Use superior strength and magic to reach your destination with two new teleport animations.