Squeal of Fortune: New Ranged Armour & Weapon

You’ll find all sorts of ranged prizes – including an awesome-looking new armour set and bow – on this week’s Squeal of Fortune.

Order of Ascension

High-level Slayers: pack your best ranged gear and face the myriad magical monstrosities of the Order of Ascension! Tactical combat with valuable drops, challenging boss fights, and the best crossbow in the game are all to be had if you can surviv…

Squeal of Fortune: Exquisite Weapons

15 spectacular-looking new weapons are now up for grabs on Squeal of Fortune.

New Interface System Members’ Beta

The New Interface System has now entered beta phase, and is open to all members!

SGS: Dragon Keepsake Box Weapon Update

The Dragon Keepsake Box now works with weapons and shields. Pick them up – or a discounted pack of 3 or 6 – in Solomon’s Store now!

God Emissaries

There’s a god-shaped storm on the horizon, and the God Emissaries are here looking for your support! Pick up a title and banner showing your allegiance to any of eight godly factions, and perform jobs for some great rewards: XP, banner-based buffs…

Harvest Heaven: High-Level Farming

There’s some fantastic new flora for high-level farmers to grow this week, yielding a bounty of XP and hearty, homegrown produce – including Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak grapes for fortifying your god brew and rest potions!

Squeal of Fortune: Alchemist’s Amulet Returns

Collect amulet fragments and transform them into two new amulets and hefty gold prizes, only on Squeal of Fortune.

Above the Lore Podcast: The Future of Funny

This week’s Above the Lore podcast is entitled The Future of Funny, and features four JMods, plenty of pirates, and more megalomaniacal penguins than you can conceivably cram into a submarine.

New Interface System Alpha Update

We’ve had some amazing feedback in the NIS Alpha’s first few weeks, and today we’ve launched a batch of your most-requested changes. On top of this, the NIS Alpha is now open to every member who registered their interest. Keep the feedback coming!…

Solomon’s General Store: Elements of Death

Finish your PvP victims in style, with earth, water, air and fire-themed death animations, available now from Solomon’s General Store.

The Nexus

It’s time for a deep cleanse! Hold back the horror emerging from Lumbridge Swamp for Prayer XP aplenty in this social training method, aimed at low-level RuneScape members.

SoF: Fiesta de Guerreros & Starfire Weapons

More than a dozen new prizes are up for grabs to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and RuneScape’s Latin American Spanish debut, only on Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget that there’s still more than a week to gather what you need for your starfire or starfury weapons!

Continuation Quest Poll Results

Here are the results of the Quest Line Continuation Poll – the quest that’s made by you!

Instanced God Wars & EoC Updates

Test your mettle on your terms, with new private God Wars Dungeon instances and the option to fight its bosses in a brutal new hard mode! We’ve also given each piece of armour in the game a type – gearing it towards defence, offence or versatility…

Solomon’s General Store: Party Packs

Cake, music, two-player emotes and more – grab your party pack now, only from Solomon’s General Store.

RuneScape Beta Programme: Progress Update

Mod Pips talks about initial launch of the RuneScape Beta Programme and discusses the team’s plans for the next few weeks.

Squeal of Fortune: Starfire & Starfury Weapons

Create your own weapons from the mysterious extraterrestrial materials appearing across Gielinor and on the Squeal of Fortune!

Charm Sprites: Catch Them If You Can!

We’ve updated charm sprites and their habitat, so they’re a much more accessible method of training Hunter and a better source of Summoning charms. Catch enough charm sprites and you’ll also be able to upgrade your Yaktwee stick with some handy Hu…

Squeal of Fortune: New Super Rares

Spin the Squeal of Fortune this weekend and for an increased chance of winning twelve brand new super-rare items!