Ubuntu: LightDM Black Screen When Using SSD Workaround

Some Ubuntu users are reporting LightDM errors when using a SDD: about half the time when starting the computer, LightDM (the default Ubuntu display manager) doesn’t load correctly and only a black screen and a blinking command line cursor shows up. The issue isn’t limited to those who are using a SSD, but it’s a […]

How To Customize GDM 3.6+ Login / Lock Screen (Change Theme, Wallpaper)

GDM3Setup, a tool to tweak the GDM3 login screen / lock screen, has been updated recently to support the latest stable GDM 3.6.GDM3Setup features:Change the GDM3 GNOME Shell / GTK themeChange icon theme, wallpaper, cursor themeEnable/disable automatic loginGNOME Shell: change logo, show date in clock, show seconds in clockGTK: change font, disable user list, disable […]