Colour a Black and White Photo in GIMP

Here’s a quick video (from Ronnie) on how to colourise a black and white (b&w) photo in GIMP.

GIMP: Get Photoshop Like Keyboard Shortcuts, Toolbox Icons And More

To help those who are used to Photoshop, +Martin Owens has created a collection of GIMP 2.8 tweaks that make it more like Adobe Photoshop.The tweaks include Photoshop like toolbox icons, keyboard shortcuts, modified dockable dialogs and even a tweaked background color to match Photoshop.These tweaks were created for GIMP 2.8 so if you use […]

GIMP 2.9 (2.10 Development Builds) Available In New Ubuntu PPA

Thorsten Stettin has created a new PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint users who want to use the latest GIMP 2.9 development builds.There won’t be a GIMP 2.9 stable release – 2.9 is used for development and will result in the next stable GIMP version, 2.10. The major new feature in GIMP 2.10 will be […]

Gimp 2.9.1 version available via PPA, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu Derivatives

Install Gimp 2.9.1 in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Linux Mint 16/15 and Gimp 2.8.6 in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 14/13GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. GIMP works on many operating systems and […]

Krita digital designer alternative of Adobe CS/Gimp, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/other Ubuntu derivatives

Install Krita digital designer in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 15/14/13/Debian/other Ubuntu derivativesKrita is a KDE program for sketching and painting, although it has image processing capabilities, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters. Fields of painting that Krita explicitly supports are concept art, creation of […]

How To Get XCF Thumbnails In Nautilus 3.x [Quick Tip]

Quick tip: You can get XCF thumbnails in Nautilus by using GNOME XCF Thumbnailer. However, the tool needs a fix to work with the latest Nautilus 3.x.XCF (eXperimental Computing Facility) is the native image format used by GIMP image editor.To get XCF thumbnails in Nautilus, firstly install gnome-xcf-thumbnailer. In Ubuntu, use the following command:sudo apt-get […]

Install GIMP 2.8.6 In Ubuntu [PPA]

GIMP 2.8.6 has been released recently, bringing many bug fixes and small enhancements. In this release, the single-window mode has received special attention and some annoyances, like the close button not quitting GIMP or the right docks not keeping their size, have been fixed.Changes in GIMP 2.8.6 (stable):Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to […]

Gimp 2.8.6 Released, Install it in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/13.10 Saucy/Linux Mint 15

Install Gimp 2.8.6 in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Linux Mint 15 and Gimp 2.8.4 in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 14/13/ and related Ubuntu derivatives GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. GIMP works on many […]

GIMP 2.8.4 Released, Install It In Ubuntu

GIMP 2.8.4 has been released yesterday, bringing some important bug fixes. This is the stable GIMP branch and no new features will be added in the 2.8.x releases, only bug fixes.Here are the most important changes in GIMP 2.8.4:Better names for the default filters in save and exportMake tool drawing (esp. the brush outline) much […]

Latest Gimp 2.8.4 for Ubuntu 12.10/13.04/12.04/Linux Mint 14/13 (New Release)

Install Gimp 2.8.4 in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 14/13 GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. GIMP works on many operating systems and it is translated in many languages. It has many capabilities. […]

Install GIMP 2.8.2 In Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

GIMP 2.8.2 has been released a few days ago with lots of bug fixes, but without any new features.Among the changes included in the latest GIMP 2.8.2 are:Mention that the image was exported in the close warning dialogFix the visibility logic of the export/overwrite menu itemsRemove all “Use GEGL” menu items, they only add bugs […]

New set of tools for GIMP

A set of tools and script for GIMP very usefull for dealing with Simutrans images.

GIMP 2.8 released

We are happy to announce immediate availability of GIMP 2.8 — a new stable version of GNU Image Manipulation Program that culminates 3.5 years of exciting work. With this version we are introducing some long-anticipated features such as layer groups, on-canvas text editing, advanced brush dynamics and the much desired optional single-window mode. We also started […]

Final GIMP 2.6 series update arrives

The GIMP development team has released version 2.6.12 of its open source GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) image editing software. The twelfth point update to the 2.6.x branch is a maintenance update that adds no new features and focuses on addressing “a ton” of bugs found in the previous build from October 2010. Read more […]

GIMP 2.7.4 released

Hi, Finally, GIMP 2.7.4 has been released. This is an unstable development version on the way to 2.8, which we hope to release in January. 2.7.4 may, or may not be the last development release before 2.8. Please test it hard to help us find out. For a complete list of changes since 2.7.3 please […]

GIMP Single-Window Mode Almost Ready, Hardware Acceleration Planned

Single-window mode has been a feature requested and planned for GIMP for quite a while. The work has been continuing for so long that many almost forgot its coming. But for those still hoping for this feature, their wait may soon be over. Martin Nordholts, Android engineer and Open Source developer, recently posted that the […]

GIMP 2.8 Is Struggling To Make It Out The Door

GIMP 2.8 has been talked about for more than a year and back in January there was a GIMP 2.8 release schedule by Martin Nordholts that had set the final release for the 27th of December. That date has now passed and, sadly, this major update to this leading open-source graphics program is still not […]

12 Useful GIMP Video Tutorials For Absolute Beginners

We already introduced a beautiful collection of GIMP tutorials before, it’s time for some more. But this time, they are a bunch of GIMP video tutorials and are solely meant for absolute beginners, those who only have the vaguest idea on what GIMP is and what it is capable of. Read and look more at […]

G’MIC: More Than 190 Image Filters And Effects For GIMP

GREYC’s Magic Image Converter (G’MIC) is a image retouching tool which has been made available as a GIMP plugin. G’MIC comes with a large number of pre-defined image filters and effects (more than 190!) and works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. More info and screenshots can be found @ G’MIC homepage. Read more at […]

Pinta – Image Editing Alternative to The GIMP

The GIMP has been a poster child for the open source movement ever since it came out. It has been compared to Photoshop and has often been spoken of as the only worthy open source contender in the graphics editor category. While that statement may or may not be true, it is definitely a rival […]