How To Quickly Get A List Of All Applications Installed On Your UNIX/Linux Machines

How to quickly get list of all applications installed on your UNIX/Linux machines
In this tutorial I’ll try to present how to quickly get the list of all applications installed on UNIX/Linux hosts. The procedure applies to the most popular UNIX/Linux d…

Get Better Linux Desktop Performance And More With pf-kernel

pf-kernel is a custom Linux Kernel that comes with some popular patches not merged into the mainline Kernel, such as:-ck patchset with BFS CPU scheduler: Con Kolivas’ ck1 patchset which includes the BFS scheduler that brings better desktop interactivity and responsiveness;BFQ I/O scheduler : using this patch, the disk should be virtually as responsive as […]

How To Install Ubuntu 12.10 On Non-PAE CPU

Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04 use the PAE Linux Kernel by default for 32bit ISOs and while you could use the mini ISO to install Ubuntu 12.04 on computers that don’t support PAE, that’s not possible in Ubuntu 12.10.Further more, with 12.10, Xubuntu and Lubuntu no longer come with a non-PAE Linux Kernel, so by default, […]

Fix Dell XPS 13 Backlight Brightness Not Adjustable And Trackpad Not Working Properly In Ubuntu 12.04 Or 12.10

Sputnik Kernel PPA is an official Canonical Hardware Enablement Team PPA that provides an updated Linux Kernel which fixes some Dell XPS 13 laptop issues on Ubuntu:Backlight brightness not adjustable by default on Dell XPS 13 laptops: bug #954661 (this fix may also work for other laptops with Intel graphics processor that are having this […]

Reading Files From The Linux Kernel Space (Module/Driver) (Fedora 14)

New tutorial added to HowtoMatrix database. Reading Files From The Linux Kernel Space (Module/Driver) (Fedora 14) Reading Files From The… gets major system upgrades

Earlier this month, the infrastructure received several major system upgrades in the form of new servers for Mirrors1 and Mirrors2 of, as well as an upgraded master back end machine and a second dynamic web infrastructure box. According to a post on the Google Open Source Blog, Chief administrator John “Warthog9” Hawley […]

Stable kernel

The stable kernel update has been released. “It fixes a single bug that a number of users have reported in that their USB devices no longer work properly. Sometimes it causes lost keystrokes, and other times X refuses to boot as it can not communicate properly with some tablet devices.” Read more at

Stable kernel

The 2.4 kernel lives – for a little while longer, at least. Willy Tarreau has just released the update, with a small set of important fixes. This might just be the last update in this series, unless some sort of important fix comes in. “If nothing happens before September 2011, it’s possible that there […]