Infinity Conky for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/Fedora/Other Distributions (New Update)

Install Infinity Conky in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Other Ubuntu based distributions/Fedora/DebianThis conky is most famous among conky lovers. We did some modification in this conky and now it is available for use. This conky works on all environments: Unity, XFCE, Mate, Gnome Classic and also added support by NoobsLab for Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, Unity, Gnome Classic, Mate and others. It […]

Install Conky Hardy in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/Other Ubuntu derivatives

Install Conky Hardy in Ubuntu 12.10/Ubuntu 12.04/Ubuntu 11.10/Any Ubuntu Version/Linux Mint/Fedora/Other Linux Versions Previous NoobsLab shared other conky versions for Linux Desktop. NoobsLab made available this conky gadgets for all environments (Unity, Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, Mate, Gnome Shell and others). This conky version released and last time updated in 2009. It has no name, so I […]

Torn-Paper-Clone conky for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/Any Ubuntu Version

Install Torn-Paper-Clone conky in Ubuntu 12.10/Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/11.04/Any Ubuntu Verion/Any Linux Mint/Fedora/Others Previously NoobsLab shared other Conky widgets for linux desktop to make desktop nice. So today brings torn-paper-clone conky for you, Basically this conky was available for limited environments but NoobsLab provide after modification for all Linux desktops like (Gnome Shell, Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Classic, Mate, […]

Install Basic-conky in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/Fedora/Other

Install Basic-Conky in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/Any Ubuntu Version/Linux Mint/Fedora/Others Distributions (Unity + Gnome Shell + Other Environments) Conky is free widget for Linux, It can display any information whatever you want to show on your desktop. This conky gadget has no name, So NoobsLab just gave name Basic-conky. Basic-Conky was available for some environments but NoobsLab […]