Mageia RC available for last tests

Here it is! This is the last development release before the first stable version of Mageia. Again we are in time, thanks to the hard work of all the community. You can choose and download your favourite edition. This release is mainly about bug fixes and translation updates. Live CDs should be available in the […]

Starting with Mageia: download it!

As promised, the first ISO of Mageia, Alpha 1 (code name Cantine) should be available soon on a mirror near you (or rather, on a mirror on the same planet as you): 32 bits DVD iso and 64 bits DVD iso (live CD will come for next releases). Another piece of good news, we have […]

Firebird to be included in #Mageia : a new GNU #Linux distribution based on #Mandriva Ashes

Firebird history and Mageia story are related to each other  , here are the Philippe’s kind words A new GNU Linux distribution is born : Mageia, a Mandriva Linux fork. So why speak about this here ? First, Firebird packages need a maintainer and as I am the one in Mandriva, I will do the […]