New Magento Connect Staff Picks


Congratulations to our new Magento Connect Staff Picks! Our Staff Picks highlight some of the best extensions in Magento Connect, extensions that are truly helping merchants improve their businesses. Staff Picks are selected from both Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition extensions, and developed by both Magento Industry Partners and our ever-growing community of independent developers. Check them out!


The Cart Closer

We love this novel approach to cart abandonment! Through the tracking of mouse movements, Cart Closer can display special offers to shoppers in real-time, just before they attempt to abandon their cart. No need to wait to capture that potentially lost customer through email. And best of all, you only pay when you get results.



Connecting your customer purchase behavior with your email-marketing tools can blow away your conversions. This extension is easy to use and the staff at EmailDirect is responsive, supportive and always thinking outside the box. Great product + great customer service = great partner for Magento.


Fooman Advanced Promotions

Fooman’s Advanced Promotions extension adds a number of promotions features to Magento platforms, allowing merchants to provide cool new offerings to their customers. Based on their positive reviews, Fooman’s support is top notch and well received across the community. Use this extension to ratchet up interest in your store.


Red Mobile

Responsive design is taking over the world! With shoppers using devices of all sizes to make purchases, merchants need a way to create experiences that adjust accordingly. Enter Red Mobile’s responsive design extension. With this extension, you’ll be able to reach out to mobile customers without breaking your Magento theme. If you’re considering a mobile selling strategy, be sure to check out this extension by Red Mobile.


Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

One of our most popular extensions, Simple Google Shopping allows merchants to easily export their products from Magento solutions into Google Shopping. Wyomind’s ratings and reviews are off the charts, reflecting a great customer experience for Magento merchants. Use this extension to broaden your multi-channel selling strategy.


Click here for more information on how staff picks are chosen and how to improve your extension—and your chances of being considered.


New Staff Picks Selected in Magento Connect


Congratulations to our new Magento Connect Staff Picks! Our Staff Picks highlight some of the best extensions in Magento Connect, extensions that are truly helping merchants improve their businesses. Staff Picks are selected from both Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition extensions, and developed by both Magento Industry Partners and our ever-growing community of independent developers. Check them out!



SimpleRelevance allows you to send highly personalized, targeted email to your customers for better customer engagement and ultimately more revenue for your store.



The Bronto extension helps Magento customers to drive more sales faster by creating highly targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns that convert one-time buyers into repeat customers and motivate them to buy more.


Addshoppers: Social Commerce Platform

AddShoppers helps you leverage social media to make more sales with smarter sharing buttons for eCommerce, social rewards to drive sales, actionable analytics, and way more.


BrightPearl: Commerce Acceleration Platform

BrightPearl is a Commerce Acceleration Platform designed to help you grow your business faster and more profitably by managing inventory, orders, shipping, accounting and CRM in one place.


Olark Live Chat

Olark’s on-page chat lets you answer questions immediately and keep your customers shopping.


How we picked them

Our algorithm for selecting Staff Picks is something of a secret sauce. It’s based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • The extension offers something unique to merchants
  • It drives real value and benefits for merchants
  • Its extension and developer profiles are complete and well thought-out, including detailed benefits, feature functionality and service descriptions, as well as UI screenshots
  • The extension developer provides strong technical support
  • The extension has a good overall rating from the Magento Connect community, plus a good number of individual ratings
  • The extension’s Magento Connect page has strong, regular traffic
  • The extension is available for multiple recent versions of either Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition extensions have few or no Magento Tech Support tickets (Not applicable to Community Edition extensions)

Want to be considered for Staff Picks?

Make sure you can check off as many of the above criteria as you can. Extensions that do not fulfill the criteria are not excluded or ignored, but the more of them you can check off, the better your chances of being selected. More importantly, improving your extension is also good for your business.

The following are easy ways to improve your chances of selection – and they are good for your business:

  • Improve your extension and developer profiles (e.g. focus on benefits and value, not just feature functionality. Sure features are great, but why should a merchant use them? What benefits will they get?)
  • Make sure you are supporting the latest version of either Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition
  • Improve your developer support – customer service is everything!
  • Request reviews. Following up with your customers post-integration can not only help you understand how to improve your product, but it’s also great customer service. So follow up, ask questions, and request reviews!

Again, congratulations to our new Staff Picks! And thank you to all of the Industry Partners and independent developers that have posted extensions. Your extensions are driving real benefits for Magento merchants, enriching Magento solutions and improving the Magento ecosystem. Thank you – and keep up the good work!


Spring Cleaning for Magento Connect: Does Your Extension Meet the New Quality Control Requirements?

As part of our commitment to build the world’s best eCommerce marketplace, we’re introducing new quality control requirements for extensions and cleaning up Magento Connect.

Here’s a look at the criteria (see table below) we used to evaluate extensions for Magento compatibility and popularity. Read our FAQs below to learn more about the clean up process, and how it might affect you as a developer.

The new requirements will make it easier for merchants to find and download up-to-date extensions, and will increase the overall value of the Magento Connect marketplace for both merchants and developers. But “cleaning up” Magento Connect means those extensions that don’t meet the new quality control requirements will be delisted (removed from Magento Connect) on April 3rd.

So what should you do if you feel your extensions might be affected? Nothing yet. You’ll be notified next week if your extension has been delisted. If your extension is delisted on April 3, 2013, you can resubmit your extension once you’ve had a chance to make the required updates.

Delisting Criteria

Extension Type Reason for Delisting Exception Evaluation Time Frame
Magento CE extensions only Extension is not compatible with Magento Community Edition v1.3 or higher N/A Early March 2013
Paid extensions (Magento CE and EE) Paid extension has not had any referral traffic on Magento Connect for 6 consecutive months Paid extensions uploaded on or after 08/01/2012 08/01/2012
Free extensions (Magento CE and EE) Free extension has been downloaded fewer than five times in 6 consecutive months Free extensions uploaded on or after 09/01/2012 09/01/2012


Why is Magento delisting extensions?
We’re delisting extensions based on compatibility with recent versions of Magento, and frequency of download/referral. We believe this will improve the overall quality and discoverability for all extensions in the Magento Connect marketplace.

Which extensions will be delisted?

  1. Extensions that are not compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.3 or higher
  2. Paid extensions (Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition) that haven’t had any referral traffic from the “Get Extension” button on their Magento Connect listing for 6 consecutive months (Exception: Paid extensions uploaded on or after August 1, 2012 will not be affected).
  3. Free extensions (Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition) that have been downloaded fewer than five times in 6 consecutive months (Exception: Free extensions uploaded on or after September 1, 2012 will not be affected).

How many extensions will be delisted?
Approximately 20% of all Magento Connect extensions will be delisted.

Is this a one-time initiative?
Maintaining the high quality of extensions available through the Magento Connect marketplace is extremely important to us. We may undertake similar quality control measures in the future.

Is Magento delisting developers or extensions?
Only extensions will be delisted, not developers. A developer may have multiple extensions and only those extensions that fail to meet the new quality control requirements will be delisted.

Do the new requirements apply to both industry partner and developer extensions?
Yes. All extensions available through Magento Connect will be held to the new requirements.

I’m currently using an extension that has been delisted. Can I continue to use it?
Yes. Delisting an extension from Magento Connect won’t affect customers or their installations.

What happens to my listing on Magento Connect when my extension is delisted?
If your extension is delisted, your listing becomes inactive and will no longer be visible. However, your extension will still appear under My Extensions in your Magento Account.

How can I get my extensions relisted on Magento Connect?
If your extension is delisted, you may resubmit your extension to Magento Connect.

What happens to my Ratings and Reviews if my extension is delisted?
If you choose to resubmit your extension and it is accepted, your ratings and reviews will be reinstated.

04/01/2013 Update: The extensions that meet the delisting criteria will be removed on April 4th, 2013. Owners of the extensions that are impacted will be notified on April 4th, 2013.

04/01/2013 Update: We have received multiple questions around CE version compatibility criteria. Please note that Magento CE extensions should support either 1.3, OR any version higher than that. So if you are supporting a version higher than 1.3, you are fine and your extension won’t be delisted due to version compatibility criteria.


Introducing Ratings & Reviews for the Magento Connect Extension Marketplace

The Magento Connect team is excited to announce our new Ratings & Reviews system! We’re making it easier for developers to use the power of the Magento Community to promote and support their extensions while making it easier for merchants to choose extensions that fit their needs.

The new Ratings & Reviews system will go live on February 19, 2013. Read our FAQ outlining the changes.

Developers: Do you currently offer extension(s) in the Magento Connect extension marketplace, or do you plan to submit an extension soon?

Be sure to read about the new features and follow the recommended actions outlined below:

New Feature Description Recommended Actions
Star Ratings (1-5) Users can leave an Overall Rating, plus additional ratings for:
Developer Support, Functions as Described, and Usefulness.
Depending on your outreach policies, consider asking your customers to rate the extensions they use after the launch date.
Reviews Users who leave ratings can also write detailed reviews to provide additional information that benefits the community.

Reviews will be screened for support questions and inappropriate material. Users may be directed to rewrite reviews, enter their support questions in the Q&A section; or contact the extension developer directly.
Answer all support questions in existing reviews before 02/13/2013, 11:59pm PST.

Valid, existing reviews will remain. However, existing reviews containing support questions will be removed without notification at launch on 02/19/2013.

Please note that the existing reviews system will “go dark” from February 14 – 18 to help us prepare for the launch

Sign up for New Reviews notifications after the launch date.

Review Response Privileges Only the extension owner can respond to a user’s review for his/her extension. Consider clarifying the issues presented in mixed reviews by providing an appropriate response.
Q&A for Support Users can ask support and other questions in the Q&A forum. This separates questions from reviews, so questions may get answered in a structured, timely manner.

Anyone (extension owner or another user) can answer a question.

Sign up for Q&A notifications after the launch date.

Input your most frequently asked questions & answers in the Q&A section to educate new customers.

Multi-Language Support The Magento Connect team can moderate user reviews in 10 languages:


Ask customers to review your extension(s) in any of the languages we support.


Q: What happens to the popularity score?
A: The popularity score will continue to be on the site.

Q: Will the default sort be based on ratings or popularity score?
A: At launch the default sort will be based on popularity score. Once we have a sufficient number of reviews the default sort will be based on ratings.

Q: What happens to our existing reviews?
A: The Magento Connect team will screen existing reviews for support questions and inappropriate content. Those not meeting our requirements will be removed beginning on Feb 19, 2013. Please answer any support questions in your existing reviews before Feb 13, 2013, 11:59pm PST. Reviews written after our launch date will be moderated through our new process.

Q: What happens to new support questions that are posted in reviews?
A: Support questions posted in Reviews will be rejected through our moderation process. If a post is rejected, the user will be notified via the email address he/she provided, and given three options: 1. Re-write the review; 2. Leave question in the Q&A widget on the extension profile; 3. Contact the developer via the support link provided on your extension page.

Q: What is being moderated?
A: We are moderating user reviews for support questions, profanity, inappropriate comments directed at other users or companies, reviews that intentionally direct business away from the developer, competitor references, and meaningless work strings.

Q: Why ask the user to include “other extensions in my store”?
A: It is beneficial for merchants looking for extensions to see what other extensions users have used. Think of it as: “People who bought this also bought this.” This feature is important for merchants who may be concerned about extension combinations working well together. We can’t guarantee how extensions may work together, but this gives merchants more information in making their purchasing decisions. Developers get the advantage of seeing what other extensions merchants may be using along with theirs.

02/22/2013 Update: We are still moderating the old reviews (i.e. the reviews posted before Feb 19, 2013), and they are showing up on the Connect site in a rolling pattern. We plan to complete moderation of all old reviews by 03/04/2013.

02/25/2013 Update: We have received feedback from extension owners requesting old reviews to be displayed on the Connect site sooner than later. We understand how valuable the reviews are in promoting your extensions; hence we have decided to publish all old reviews (pre-Feb 19th) and we will be post-moderating them through March 4th to remove support questions and inappropriate material. Please contact the Connect team for any further queries.


Update: Magento Connect Popularity Scores

We have recently been notified of a company using unscrupulous methods to dramatically increase specific extensions profiles’ Popularity Scores on Magento Connect.  As a result of this inappropriate activity, several of our member’s extension …