Leaked Moto 360 Specs Impress, Price Point Iffy

Specs of the forthcoming Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola appeared briefly on a Best Buy Web page, sparking increased chatter about the device. Concerns about price — the watch was listed at $250 — tempered the usual gasps of delight from geeks. Amazon lists a Samsung Galaxy Gear for $150, a Gear Live for $180, a Gear 2 Neo for $200, a Pebble Steel for $230, and an LG G Black Titan for $233.

Google’s Schmidt Pitches Android to Chinese Devs

Fresh off his trip to North Korea — and right behind Apple CEO Tim Cook’s trip to China — Google chairman Eric Schmidt joined a panel discussion at the “Geek Park” conference in Beijing. Schmidt reportedly reminded the developers in attendance that despite Apple’s popularity in China — the iPhone 5 sold more than 2 million units in one weekend — Android is still the top dog in the Middle Kingdom.

Motorola Goes for Bleeding Edge With New RAZR Line

Motorola has unveiled three new devices in its Razr smartphone line, touting extended battery life and larger screen size as their main selling points. All three will be available from Verizon Wireless later this year. They will come preloaded with various Google services, including the Chrome browser, Google Play, Google Maps, Voice Actions for Android and Google+.

Android Draws Point-and-Shoot Duty With New Nikon S800c

Nikon on Wednesday announced an Android-powered digital point-and-shoot camera, the Coolpix S800c. The device has built-in WiFi and runs Android Gingerbread. It will let users connect to, browse and upload photographs and videos to their social networks. Users will also be able to surf the Web and download apps and games onto the S800c.