Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview And Ubuntu SDK Released, Developers Can Now Flash Ubuntu On Nexus Devices

The Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview has been released. This includes the source code and images for both the phone and tablet interfaces and are aimed at developers so it’s not something you should install for actual every day usage. For now you’ll find that some features are missing, like playing music, no mobile data connection, [...]

Canonical Unveils New Ubuntu Tablet Interface

Canonical has unveiled a new Ubuntu tablet interface today, which shares some of the Ubuntu Phone OS elements, but it also comes with new features such as a “Side Stage” which lets you use phone and tablet apps in the same time.Side Stage – use phone and tablet apps in the same timeSide Stage is [...]

Tick, Tock, Tablet Time [Important Ubuntu Announcement Coming Tomorrow]

Just like more than a month ago, when Ubuntu Phone OS was announced, a countdown is displayed on the Ubuntu.com homepage, and this time it says: “Tick, tock, tablet time!”. So what could this be? An Ubuntu tablet is about to be released? Or more probably an optimized Ubuntu Phone OS for tablets?The announcement will [...]

HP’s Mobile Revival May Include Android

HP is reportedly working on a series of Android devices, the first of which could be a high-end tablet powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor. The move is a sensitive one for HP, which tried to crack the mobile market in 2010 by purchasing Palm for $1.2 billion, but saw that investment go down the drain.

Linux Netbooks: Hiding in Plain Sight

You just think that’s a Chromebook beckoning you with an open source OS, easier upgradeability and fast connections to the cloud. All those qualities could make it a Linux netbook in disguise — or at least what the netbooks of a few years ago promised before they all started selling preloaded with Windows. The key? More manufacturers buying into the flexibility of the Linux kernel in the Chrome OS.

Mozilla Lures Devs to Firefox OS With Shiny New Toys

The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday announced that smartphones running its Firefox OS will be available to developers in February. The preview phones are being produced in collaboration with Geeksphone and Telefonica. The idea is to entice devs to create apps for the Firefox OS. “These devices have not been designed for consumers,” said Mozilla spokesperson Diane Zuniga.

Download AirDroid 2 APK, Now With Remote Camera, Find My Phone Features [Android]

AirDroid 2 – browser interfaceAirDroid is a free Android application that you can use to control your Android device from your desktop, by using a web browser (so it works on any OS). It can be used to transfer files (upload to the phone or download to your desktop), browse images, quickly sens or read [...]

The FOSS Effect on the Mobile OS Landscape in 2013

The year is starting out with what may turn out to be significant changes in the mobile operating system market, with open source software playing a significant role just as it has in enterprise software, virtualization and cloud computing. With fading heavyweights and interesting new challengers, there are changes afoot in the mobile OS market.

Who Wants a uPhone?

Canonical this week announced Ubuntu for smartphones, a version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system aimed mainly at high-end superphones and entry-level basic smartphones. Ubuntu is compatible with a typical Android Board Support Package, said Canonical, which provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu customers.

Ubuntu For Phones Announced Today

The mysterious “so close you can almost touch it” countdown from the ubuntu.com website has just expired, revealing a new operating system for mobile phones: Ubuntu Phone OS.Check out the trailer and Mark Shuttleworth’s presentation of Ubuntu Phone OS videos below:(direct video link)(direct video link)According to The Verge, Ubuntu for phones is built around the [...]

Android Rules the Smartphone World

Android dominates the worldwide smartphone market, running on 75 percent of all smartphones shipped throughout the globe in the third quarter, IDC reported. Samsung continued to hold sway over the Android market, but its market share slipped because of competition from a multitude of smaller vendors. Apple’s iOS came in a poor second, shipping on 26.9 million smartphones in Q3 2012.

It’s Not You, Android – It’s Your Apps

A substantial number of apps available from Google Play had serious flaws in their Secure Sockets Layer implementations and thus were vulnerable to hack attacks, European researchers found. The team downloaded 13,500 popular free apps to study their use of the SSL or Transport Layer Security protocols, with a particular focus on the apps’ vulnerabilities against Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Sandia Labs’ MegaDroid Plays Security War Games

Sandia National Laboratories announced on Tuesday that it has set up a network of 300,000 Android virtual handheld computing devices to study large networks of smartphones. The project, called “MegaDroid,” is expected to result in a software tool that will let other cyber-researchers model similar environments and study the behavior of smartphone networks.

Android OS Updates: Who’s the Decider?

Samsung has rolled out the first official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for its Galaxy S III smartphone. Customers in Poland are reportedly getting the update first. Samsung will apparently roll out the update to customers in other countries later this month. A slew of Android devices that are ready for Jelly Bean are being released before the end of the year.

German Court Ruling Sheds Doubt on Motorola Patents’ Worth

A regional court in Munich has ruled that Google-owned Motorola Mobility infringed an Apple patent related to touchscreen technology. The court placed a preliminary injunction on devices that use the patent-infringing tech, including the Motorola Milestone XT720, the Motorola Defy, the Motorola Atrix and the Motorola Xoom.